First Quarter Moon Phase: Mercury retrograde~Taurus Moon~Goddess Kali Ma~ Febuary 6, 2014

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon

Different moon phases carry different energy markers. These energy markers provide us with the opportunity to understand why the moon and her energies so powerfully influence us. We are well over 70% water, and the moons gravitational pull affects our emotions, our desires and our ability to align with our intentions. Understanding each phase, as a conjurer will allow you to balance, counteract or join forces with the cosmos and focus your intentions.
The first quarter moon is typically a moon phase that ushers in some sort of chaos. This chaos is not quiet or subtle by any means. More often than not, a few nights of a first quarter moon will awaken any town, or slower moving cities into an eruption of chaos and crisis.
It is not uncommon to hear stories of emergency rooms getting backed up from gunshot victims, shootings, bomb threats, deadly traffic accidents, domestic quarrels that exploded into a murderous rage! No this moon phases energy is not an easy one nor it is “fluffy” it is chaotic and rooted in an energy very much aligned with the Goddess Kali Ma. All of this chaos believe it or not ushers in transformation, and it teaches us to be MINDFUL of what KIND of transformation we both want and need in our lives.  This moon simply put is about us growing up or evolving, moving out of ruts and into new territory to further or growth and development.
It is at this moon phase we decide our futures at the quarter moons. We get “coaxed” into the wheel of change and transformation.   We have the choice of success, fulfillment or failure. It is here when we can see all of the possibilities, as they shake us awake in their push for us to SEE our reality and it is here we find ourselves confronted with our truth. When we are able to take an honest look at what we’ve seed in the new moon phase, we can then see that we’ve been confronted with these choices all along, we just chose to ignore them.
The First quarter Moon offers each of us the opportunity to either dig in and encourage ourselves for forward movement, drawn by the promise of new revelations at the Full Moon. Or we can drown under the weight of our cluttered pasts, finding ourselves at the Full Moon with nothing to show for our efforts.
The First Quarter Moon can provide inspiration like the soul of a child but it can also ignite a child's immaturity. Our insecurities might flare, so can our defenses. Bill Tierney describes a common First Quarter blunder: "Our typical manner of confronting stress patterns here is through the building of protective blockages, barriers, shells, and shields (all involving introspective focus) which in themselves, only further jeopardize our attempts to establish lasting inner security."[4]
We will often talk ourselves out of taking action with this moon phase. We blame someone or something outside of ourselves.  WE resist the future and turn away from opportunities that will help us to grow because it requires we do something different or try something new. Opposition may appear in the outer world, but the greater enemy is often our own inner timidity. Because of this, it draws from so deeply within our psyches, our First Quarter anxiety is elusive and tough to confront.
In truth, few of us choose the First Quarter action that's genuinely required for our development. No matter how much we dare ourselves, try to convince ourselves, the very thing we often choose consciously is often more in the area of our comfort zones than what unfolds as our destiny. I’ve always sensed that this in quarter moon phases: IF it feels easy or comfortable, it's probably not worth taking the first step!

It’s vital that when working with this Moon phase that we cleanse and release what’s holding us back and down from truly growing. This action requires that we look confidently or honestly within, once we can do this, we will find that when conjuring with this moon phase energy, we can reap fantastic results!


Taurus Moon 

Taurus the sign of the bull. Stubborn, earth and reliable. Connected to this months Mercury in retrograde in Pisces is going to shake us all up a bit forcing us to dig down deep within, unearth those things we refuse to get rid of and TRANSFORM, the challenge? Taurus resists CHANGE!  The First quarter Moon in Taurus is bring about consistent chaos. Let's take a look at some key words and information about Moon in Taurus!

  • Earthy and strong-willed. 
  • They feel with their senses
  • Pretty much rooted in their ways 
  • Once they have made a commitment, they're persevering
  •  They tend to go out of their way to avoid "messy" or unpredictable situations, crises, and emotional displays 
  • Taureans may not easily recognize their partner's need for change, growth, or emotional stimulation
  •  A stubborn streak that keeps them rather resistant to change 
  • Uncomfortable with surprises, these natives value stability
Looking at the few key phrases and attributes of this Moon placement you may think this is a bad thing? Truly it's not! This is an exalted position of the Moon. Taurus Moon=exalted. That means it operates at it's highest potential. Keeping emotions from getting to awry this placement almost guarantees stability of emotions, the consistent pursuit of their needs being met and an outlook on life that is comfortable yet practical.

Drum roll please! 

Now we must usher in the Goddess of the moment that is tied to this beautiful Taurean Moon in the Quarter phase:

Hindu Goddess Kali Ma
Hindu Goddess Kali Ma is the Goddess of destruction and rebirth! 
She ushers in a challenge in the Taurus Moon right now as she destroys all things that do not change on their own. Known as the destruction of life that brings about a rebirth this is the cosmic mother force of nature. Taurus is not comfortable with change as we noted above but Kali Ma is going to make sure that SOMETHING about us is changed, whether we like it or not. 

So what "stuff" is Kali Ma looking to change?  The answers can be found in Mercury retrograde in Pisces for the next 3 weeks. All of those things that you haven't been dealing with, hiding, or just refusing to even acknowledge are what's going to come to the surface. It could be one thing or a multitude of things but SOMETHING about our inner selves will be renewed. Pisces, is a gentle sign, resonating with that of the Christ Consciousness and selfless behavior. It's ushers in compassion. But before we can move toward enlightenment we must face the proverbial dark night of the soul, and take a look in the shadows were our own monsters dwell. No, it doesn't sound like fun, but it IS something that needs to be done so we can continue to grow and evolve. Sure, we don't have to embrace Kali Ma and work with her. But as in any choice we make there are ultimately consequences for every action, Kali Ma will demand her skulls if we don't cooperate. There is one key word.


It is better to go down into that dark, shadowy place within our own souls and do the digging with her breathing down our backs, then to turn our backs on her and pretend she does not exist. When we move past our pain, our fears, our indignant attitude to get the job done so we can clear up some space, we find ourselves standing in our own power and coming up to the surface renewed!  RENEWAL is a gift that Pisces can offer us, soothe our souls from the hard work, and allows Taurus to usher in comfort, stability and steadfastness to our lives again when the work is complete. 

Kali Ma's message is get yourself out of this rut, heal you inner wounds to evolve, if you don't, I'll do it for you and when I do it, it will be an experience YOU WILL NEVER FORGET!!! 

Be safe, be mindful and be LOVE


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