Accessing the Sacred heart on Valentine Day's Leo Full Moon~ A CALL TO HEAL FOR ALL WOMEN

Mary Magdalene's sacred rose aflame with sacred love's passion

I've tapped into the energies of this Valentine's Day, a full moon in the sign of Leo the Lion, willful, strong willed and filled with the energies of the Divine masculine, encouraging the limitless supply of the child within, creativity, loving the romantic self, assisting us in taking center stage. However, as an astrologer it's difficult to not look at the entire astrological picture on Valentine's Day. We've got some pretty intense connections to mama moon.

Valentine's Day has been created touted by the media and consumer industry for many years to promote the IDEA and COMMERCIALISM of LOVE.  It's been shoved in our faces, year after year to the point where we think it's a must that we receive something on this day, whether your relationship, marriage, self love has positive attributes or not. Chocolates, teddy bears, cards, roses, Valentine's Day sexual romps, diamonds are just some of the images that are conjured by popular culture. Lo and behold the man (or partner) that does not engage in this societal commercial ritual! There is almost always hell to pay. Although I find nothing wrong in showing gratitude for the one you love, I do not believe that just ONE day of the year should be used to glorify or show appreciation for the one you cherish, after all we are to show you acts of love, in my opinion on a daily basis.

During this FULL MOON IN LEO, many will find themselves feeling confused, faking their feelings, saying inappropriate things, stumbling over the "right" words to say and all in all going through the motions this Valentine's Day.  Mercury is still retrograde and in the opposing sign of Aquarius.  we are still feeling the inner call to go within and look at how mindsets, mental patterns and intellect, raising the vibration, radically and without rest, without retreat, rebelliously it's about evolving and sharing with all of humanity, in turn raising their vibration as well.

This Valentine's Day will be one of deep healing and a desire if one is conscious to connect with the sacred heart. To heal, To Release, To claim what we NEED cradled deep within the womb of the Divine Feminine.  WAKE UP!  We are being given the opportunity to increase our love capacity but going within to heal the 'inner child' and to finally make peace with any wrongs done to us when we were vulnerable as children.

 The sacred divine of the feminine is rising at this time. She's calling all who are led to carry the spark of the divine feminine within them, as priestesses, goddesses, we are called to increase our work here on earth. If you haven't noticed yet, there is a severe imbalance between the masculine and feminine natures on this planet and she is ready to return her portion of energies to bring balance into this world.  THE SACRED HEART, (we all have one).  If one were to explore the chakra, we would discover that there are actually more than just a mere 7. We possess exponential power that shows balance within brings balance without.

The sacred heart would be located right above the heart chakra. This heart once accessed allows us to tap directly into the divine feminine aspect.

This chakra is also called the 'HIGHER HEART CHAKRA' which posses the color Jade.  Mary Magdalene is the archetype for the sacred divine feminine, as she represents the divine feminine in relation to Jesus who is the divine masculine, this is interesting simply because the zodiac sign of LEO is with this full moon and that is THE MASCULINE ENERGY! Jesus after all is considered the SUN (SON) of God. Therefore it should be pointed out that BALANCE is another theme of this full moon energy.  

You may be asking balance of what? 
To Increase the vibration in our relationships in our unions. This will bring balance in our Sacred Heart,  but before we can access this gift, we need to remove the blockages we've been too stubborn to let go of and to HEAL. 

Jesus & Mary Magdalene
To briefly continue with this major theme on Valentine's Day, Mary Magdalene & Jesus embodied and manifested the archetypes of the divine masculine and divine feminine, brought together in a sacred marriage.  The sacred marriage is a process that occurs in the subconscious mind as well as in the collective unconsciousness of humanity. Here being represented by the planets the SUN AND THE MOON.  This is the Eastern Philosophy of the yin/yang, dark/light, heart/head, and ego/soul. This energy is also expressed in the Tarot deck as the lovers card.

Relationships are important with this energetic union! Again before we move on, THIS IS A FULL MOON ENERGY infused with masculine and feminine energies. Let's take a brief look at what the zodiac sign of Leo would like like when in the full Moon.

Sekhmet the Lion Goddess of Ancient Egypt
Here the Queen is wrapped in the energy of the Sun, the King. Here she is majestic, powerful and dynamic. She expresses herself with a fierceness that shakes the very foundations of those she "performs" for.  She has a knack for pulling you close and then pushing you away, often accessing the energies of both the sun and the full moon.  She needs your adoration and admiration like the air she breathes. She sits upon her throne dictating orders for you to follow and does not waver in her gaze as she confirms that she is the one that is in control. Warm, cold, Powerful, humble, she tries her best to rule from her heart (sacred heart theme) and not her head but often finds herself unable to compromise her ability to rule her kingdom.  Although, unyielding in her rulership, she is often loved for the joy, entertainment, bliss and innocent child like abandonment she provides to those  who dwell within her court. Within this Queen holds the power of both the divine masculine and divine feminine. Sit back when she roars, and stroke her when she is in need of validation. 

Leo Full  Moon

Soul growth and evolution on a deep personal level, that will permeate to all of society. As we give other women courage to heal themselves, woman by woman, heart to heart through our own grace, is the theme.  I will briefly outline the challenges of this Valentine's Day Full Moon due to the powerful planetary aspects (connections) that are showing up. These issues are roaring to be healed and resolved so that the inner child of all women can be healed, seek grace and dance the dance of the innocent child with wild abandonment once again.  The sacred mother is here to support each of you in your desire to heal and move beyond the pain you've endured and held within for so long. Our relationships with ourselves and with those we choose to love depend on it!!

What kinds of issues? 

  • Healing the innocent inner child from:
  • sexual abuse 
  • making peace with perpetrators of these atrocities & those who may or may not have  known, if they did, and didn't speak up about the abuse
  • making peace within one's self
  • creating a sacred web of support for the women in our lives who have been victims of abuse 
  • Typically the abuser can be male or female due to the SUN & MOON playing significant roles

Saying a healing affirmation or meditation while holding the rose quartz the crystal of the sacred heart! It will assist you in your healing!  Here are 10 affirmations from the health of all higher consciousness Louis Hays.

 Here are 10 affirmations to help you heal your heart now:
1. Love guides all my relationships.
2. All things are unfolding as they are supposed to.
3. When I bring myself to grief, It is healing
4. In my sadness, I love myself.
5. I will feel my grief but not wallow in it.
6. I honor the love more than the loss.
7. I can find happiness in any situation.
8. I love life, and life loves me.
9. I have lived and loved.
10. I am healed.

Moon Priestess encourages each and everyone of you to seek assistance from a professional if you feel you need some help in sorting all of your feelings out during this time. 
There is nothing wrong with seeking help! 
More women are diagnosed with mental illness and emotional breakdown's in the world than men. It's time we take a stand in our own power to heal ourselves!
 I support you!


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