We have a full Moon In Cancer January 16, 2014 *Tropical* Sun in Capricorn~Nuturing the Community~Building the Collective Goddess

*Full Moon will be 100% full on January 16, 2014 @ 4:52AM GMT 
**In zodiac sign of Cancer until January 23, 2014; Capricorn Sun
***symbolic is power & Clarity; Fullness of the divine feminine energies
 The Divine Feminine is a powerful force that is seeking to take her rightful place at the throne of life, creation and evolution. The moon is almost to the culmination of full and swollen pregnancy, a state of being in a woman's life, whether through actual impregnation, creativity or self awareness signals a birth, an essence of clarity and power. Belly swollen body forever changed by the growth, development of what the mother has seeded. When the full moon comes around we look forward to giving birth to our creation, the essence of ourselves swimming in the primordial waters of our creative aspect. This particular full moon is aligned perfectly with the cosmos and earth energies. This full moon is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer in astrological interpretation is ruled by our celestial moon! This pairing is a match made in heaven, right where Goddesses Shekinah, Yemaya and Sophia reside.

Cancer is an emotional, nurturing, giving, sensitive and deeply family/clan oriented it seeks to unify all that feeds us. Our hungers, desires, our unconscious urges are defined and held court by the Queen of the Moon. Cancer is very protective of all that it holds dear. It seeks to create a safe space, a retreat that will allow all emotions to flow freely like the tides of the seas it rules. Cancer deeply senses that when each member of the clan/community can achieve an authentic expression of truth via the emotions, it has created a safe space of sharing, processing and healing.  When this nurturing desire is not balanced with the realm of Cancer's emotions, havoc can ensue, creating tidal waves and roaring seas! Cancer will not feel safe and will resort to clinging behaviors, passive aggressive tendencies and will scuttle and hide, no longer willing to share what it feels or how it feels until that safe space has been entered again. Thus is the way of the crab as it seeks to build, work within the clan to ensure that the clan survives, that it is nurtured. The moon if it were a dynamic humanistic energy, would display qualities of looking up on the earth as her children. One that seeks to protect those that she loves via protection and by creating security. The Neutrinos of the moon as it rains down upon the earth projects such energies upon the collective unconsciousness.

What creates this nurturing presence? With Cancer and the Moon being a very nurturing sign, when thinking about the energies of this Moon I was called too write about the clan/community, the feminine community. The time is RIPE and PREGNANT for women to come into a community a clans hip of old. Our ancestors not too many generations lost have felt this union, this nurturing womb of maternal and feminine support. Within our current state of BE-ing in this world, many of us do not have the circles of old that sustain, support, heal, teach and inspire growth. I believe within the deepest, most sacred part of myself that women can benefit greatly from building and sustaining clans/networks/communities that support our authenticity. No longer are we to be tossed to and fro by the turbulent sea, our emotions never truly connecting with one another because we are seeking to calm the storms from within.

Too many generations of  women engage in disrespect, misuse, abuse, sexual dysfunction, emotional abuse, disconnection, psychological separation, anger, believing we are better than our sisters because we have different skin color, we have degrees, we don't have degrees, we are too large, too small, too sexual, not sexual enough, we have created a clan of children, we do not have any children, we are married, we are not married, we are married to men with children, we had children without the help of a man… the list of separatism goes on and on.. but once we realize these are only illusions to continue to suppress the DIVINE FEMININE from rising to her rightful place on the throne this world, our lives will be rocked like the waves of the sea! Forging new grounds, new perspectives, building and not destroying our daughters, sitting, each of us on our collective thrones, in power, in our fullness! Our sons will benefit, our lovers, our husbands, our lives, our health!

Orisha Yemaya Queen of Creation

Too many of us are dis-connected to our inner, most sacred feelings as women. We are driven to wear
so many hats in a whirlwind of confusion and to be everything to so many people that we often do not take the time, to seek still waters and to go within. Within we find our truth. We find peace, joy, bliss and self awareness that lifts us to another rung on the proverbial latter of evolution. When we take the time to RE-connect to our primordial core, there within we find FULLNESS! The more we engage the more we find LOVE. The more we connect with our Mother Goddess Moon we find pleasure in the many goddess' of divine given talents, we find bliss in shape shifting just like the phases of the Moon, realizing it's our birth right. Not a curse, we will then remember that We are all creation.

Glyph for Capricorn
Building divine feminine clans/communities takes work, healing and a willingness to be vulnerable. Earths energies are now in Capricorn asking us to build, to work hard, to set goals and to diligently keep moving up the mountain toward the gift of success and excellence. The magical thing about Capricorn is that whatever it builds, it lasts, its for the greater good, not for individualistic gain. Although this energy can certainly reap the rewards of a job well done, it seeks to build structures that last, that creates the haven of safety and security that Cancer is seeking. While the mother of all creation seeks to find emotional, nurturing sustenance, Capricorn can provide a space to make that happen, allowing for the feeling of security to blossom, heal and consume any sense of fear and limitations.  It takes hard work to readjust our ways of BE-ing, but with determination we can truly create the clan we desire.

We are the divine matrix of all forms of life. The divine feminine supports our desires for nurturing, healing and moving toward support, unconditional love of one another. Capricorn recognizes that in order to get back to our natural state of being we have to work on ourselves, to nurture who we are, to support ourselves in our own growth and becoming our authentic selves. When we do this, we become pregnant with creativity, love, bliss, joy and ecstasy, ready to burst through the womb and be reborn!
Our time of being born is at hand. Right now we are in the womb of incubation, of healing, of creating who we naturally are. 

Are you ready to be re-born?
Are you doing the inner work in preparation of your birth?

~Moon Priestess


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