The Capricorn Expression~Decemeber 22-January 19 *Tropical*

Capricorn the Sea Goat
With only 9 More days left of true Capricorn energy I thought it would be a good idea to blog about this very noble and steadfast sign.
Capricorn is indeed one of the most  noble of characters I've every had the opportunity to study! With a clear conscious, a hard focus of ambition and determination to die for, this sign is truly built for nothing but success!  Capricorn can truly teach all of us how to create a plan, stick too it and work hard at achieving it. When we do this we are almost guaranteed to reap the rewards and accolades of someone at the top of the mountain whose waiting to lift us on up! After all there is room to be either King and Queen of the hill, even if in childhood the rules were a bit different, Capricorn is more than willing to share with the wealth if they are promised their fare share.

So what's to know about Capricorn? 
The essential things that you need to know is that Capricorn's are:

  • One of the Earth Signs: When I say an earth sign that means that the energy expressed by this sign is like a MOUNTAIN. Something immovable and natural to it's environment. Being unmovable allows Capricorn to stick to what it's goals are and to show consistency, determination and integrity when taking on anything from a new job assignment, babysitting or running an errand for a loved one who may be shut in.
  • Cardinal energy: This energetic expression is FOCUSED. It doesn't loose sight of it's goals very often. It keeps its eye on the prize and methodically, sometimes stubbornly pushes up and on ward until the goal is met. Not bad when you want to get to the top of that mountain huh?
  • Mythology: Many don't know this but Capricorn is actually the sign of the SEA GOAT. So, what's a Sea Goat anyway? In our sky there are constellations, Capricorn is known as a half goat and half fish, giving it duality. In the sky the Capricorn constellation is located in an area of the sky called the Sea or the water, which consists of a couple of water related signs such as Pisces and although Aquarius is an Air sign, its name association and glyph is called the "Water Bearer".  Because of the duality of Capricorn it can be argued that it rules BOTH earth and water because of the sea goat association. What do you think?

Capricorn the Sea Goat
The planet that rules Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn the father or mother of karma, limitations and restrictions and wisdom. Saturn is here for us to face our demons so we can achieve self mastery. All obstacles to this goal must be dealt with, embodied, healed and therefore shifted into a higher octave. When this energetic shift takes place, our eyes are opened to a new way of being, of reconciling negative behaviors, and allowing love and light to enter within. Saturn's goal is to teach us, when the student is ready, we then shall become the teacher! When coupled with Capricorn Saturn provides and honest and consistent look at our inner drives and struggles. When we seek to reach self mastery in whatever sign your Saturn is in, you are finding yourself in the dark night of your soul. Capricorn certainly knows all about that, having to work harder than some of the other signs in order to achieve success, it will keep going until it has sometimes alienated itself, become tunnel visioned in achieving its desires and methodical in its approach. When the lessons are learned and the path cleared to the mountain top the Goat will take pride (the good kind) in making it to the finish line when others have fallen in defeat back down the mountain only to be seen wallowing in pain. 

So, you know a Capricorn and you think you may have feelings that go deeper than mere friends. You want to know is it safe to give your heart to a Capricorn, I mean with all of this talk about success, tenacity, observation, determination and mountain climbing, is there any room for love? My answer is absolutely there is! HOWEVER, be sure you really want the Capricorn you are after, they take love seriously and are not to be trifled with. Capricorns in love is a difficult thing to recognize at first unless the individual has something else in their chart that shows enthusiasm, a display of outward courage and passion to romance you unencumbered. Don't get me wrong, it's not that Capricorn doesn't have passion, they do, but it's more like a cool and slow burn, smoldering, until at the right moment, BAM! it's released in an avalanche of passion, desire and expression! Don't be fooled, it's there but because Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn  and therefore it's a bit reserved at first and wishes to make sure that when it becomes vulnerable, it won't be used, misued, hurt or denied its passions. Capricorn with all of that will and stubborn drive is a sign of security and safety. It wants to know you are serious about your feelings for them and that you will stick around once they show you their inner most tender parts! If this is ever betrayed, you WILL feel the wrath of this goat! Capricorns can become stubborn, argumentative, tunnel visioned and seek revenge through all things called DENIAL. That's right, they won't give you anything you want until you apologize and that could mean groveling on some days, and admitting they were right in the first place. Don't fret they eventually soften back up, but you may have to spend a few sexless nights until they recover from the hurt. After all this sign is more sensitive than they let on.

If you are a Capricorn give me a shout on the blog or if you know someone who is, share your thoughts!

I wish you abundant blessings of love, light and astrological dreams.
~Moon Priestess


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