The BLACK MOON~NEW MOON in Aquarius~January 30, 2014 *tropical* Sacred balance~illumination~evolution

Seems as though January 2014 has started out with a cosmic BANG! On the first day of the New Year we had a new moon, the first in over 16 years! Now to cap off the month of Capricorn/Aquarian energies, we've got another new moon in the sign of Aquarius and yes our Tropical sun still resides in Aquarius until Feb. 18th!  When there are two new moons in one month, which doesn't happen all too often, the second new moon is referred to as a BLACK MOON.  Lastly, as if that wasn't enough, we've got our first super moon of the year, all of this happening on the same day! So, with that being said we can certainly look forward to some cosmic gift giving and major opportunities for collective and individual growth to occur!

New Moon's as you all know if you've been following my blog is all about New beginnings, it ushers in opportunities for us to plant some seeds that we energetically cultivate until the full moon, it's like growing something for your soul, let me share that you can also literally plant by the moon but in the season of winter, that's not possible, so today we're speaking about SOUL SEED PLANTING/AWAKENING. 

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine
 From my perspective (and that can be many),  we are being given an opportunity to realize our collective connection to the divine, to the all, the one, prime creator, Christ, God, Buddha etc. How do we FEEL (MOON) about that realization and how does it allow us to IDENTIFY (SUN) with that illumination?  The masculine divine (SUN) along with the feminine divine (MOON) are joined as one (10th house). Jesus & Mary Magdalene are perfect examples of carriers for this energetic expression! This is the gift and realization of COSMIC BALANCE between the energies of the Divine Masculine/Feminine are in each of us. GOD & Goddess in unison, as it naturally should be and will be again.

Uranus the planet of genius and cosmic insights is connecting it's energies with both the Sun and Moon in Aquarius! No shock that Uranus is one of the planetary rulers of Aquarius. Uranus, bringer of the light, collective illumination through societal change, progressive, intuitive and instigating, this energy is all about creating new structures where old ones have outlived their use. In the Sign of Aries (ruler Mars) we've got the warrior energies being activated with this New/Black Moon on the 30th! The divine feminine and masculine are being activated within each of us. These energies are available to each of us in our DNA. Many are still laying dormant as we struggle against societal programming that no longer serves our purpose, our lives, our bodies, our reason for living. Earth/Gaia is being initiated into a higher vibration, her shifts and changes ultimately affect who we are as beings, if we do not align with this galactic "calling" to shift and change as well, we will suffer as a collective unit and as individuals. Infrastructures built by the "Masters" eons ago are beginning to crumble! Limitations of the Mind, Body and Soul are beginning to be felt, recognized, rejected and healed. As a collective unconscious force it is our rite of passage to increase our own awareness, initiate our own healing, so that we can raise our own vibration, to assist the earth but also one another in global change, vibrating to a new frequency. Because we are being activated by the cosmic forces, it is our opportunity to assist, by initiating activity for ourselves and one another! It's time to move!

Lastly, although the Planet Mercury is not connecting to either the Sun or the Moon and Uranus it is important to note simply because Mercury rules our thoughts and intellect. It's also in the sign of Aquarius right now at a degree that is quite powerful for these planetary configurations. If we need to tie into anything intellectual we use Mercury for the task, the planet of reason, intellect, communication and travel. In Aquarius we see a fine tuned way of thinking, cosmic messages and insights being dropped down unto us like manna from heaven. The stars are aligning this month to encourage it's children to activate, to heal, to move, to share information from the stars, our homes, and to live that truth, to fell that truth to finally begin to identify with that truth. We are not alone! We are here to assist the planet in its own evolution, as we also evolve. Mercury in Aquarius is making contact with Planet Neptune. Watery, diffuse, boundary less and ethereal in energy, this is the ultimate pairing of cosmic thought in action, spiritual insights aligned, star families tuned into the same frequency picking up similar messages and communicating them in our own ways, but truly it's all saying the same thing:


So, what exactly can we SEED now? AWARENESS, CONSCIOUSNESS, BELIEF that the messages you receive about who you ARE, are in fact real.  How to take action? BEGIN to find a practice of spiritual study that resonates with you. Something that naturally facilitates growth and illumination. Begin the practice of daily meditation, nothing complicated but everything cleansing and healing both to the body and the spirit.

If you are already in touch and in tune with your inner light, you can begin to feel a need for some kind of change. This change may be to take your spiritual practice and awareness to a higher vibration. You may find yourself seeking new schools of thought and practice or adding something new to an existing practice or philosophy. The key is to understand that our vibration is being tweaked at this time for GROWTH AND AWARENESS.  Learning new concepts in spirituality or religion that can be applied to individual soul growth, that will ultimately affect all of humanity. On Jan. 30th this is being supported by the cosmos and is providing each of us encouragement. 

Now how does this astrologically impact YOU?! WHERE EVER you have Aquarius in your chart, either by planet, house, cusp or asteroid will show what will be activated to change, to shift and to grow, what will be brought into divine balance and what area of your life will support that shift, change and balance of divine energies.

~I offer you love & illumination~ contact me for a reading~
Moon ~Galactic High Priestess Initiate

***note the astrology chart that was provided by has expired*** I will be using actual charts as a point of reference in future blogs but for now the above noted planetary configurations will have to suffice w/o the visiual aid. Please accept my apologies.~ Moon


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