So you want to conjure on January 30, 2014? Here's how to celebrate our New~Black~Super~MOON *Tropical*

New Moon shrouded in mystery (fog)
Manifesting during the moon phases gives it the infusion of the divine feminine essence from mother moon's many faces. However, doing magical work or manifestation during an auspicious occurrence such as the one we've got happening on January 30, 2014 and we have a cauldron teeming with possibilities, new beginnings and opportunities that can only super charge our goals for self healing, cosmic awakening and illuminated consciousness that will and can impact the entire world! If you haven't read it yet, please check out my blog about the energies the cosmos has conjured for all of humanity here------->

After you've read the blog explaining what we've got in store for January 30th,  you can begin to if led to think about what it is you want to conjure, thereby setting a course of action that leads to the full moon of fullness and abundance.  Please keep in mind that although I will be providing some tools for you to get started with if deciding to do magical work in the next 2 days, please always be aware that YOU seek to harm NONE. Be mindful of the words you use, the energy you infuse them with and be CLEAR what you want your outcome to be/look like. Make sure if your work includes others that you have their PERMISSION and or contribution, that way you are not crossing any boundaries in terms of soul contracts and/or personal will.  Lastly, the work you perform is your own, it has your own style, energy and infusion, I ask that you always be mindful of your environment, whose within that environment and who can be affected. This blog is only for the skeletal structure providing a small list of necessary tools & applications for conjuring (manifestation) and nothing more:

**  Disclaimer: Moon Priestess nor Moon Child's Spiritual Temple®2014 will NOT be held accountable or responsible for any actions, decisions and practices that any individual upon reading this blog personally chooses to act out. All individuals are held completely responsible for their own actions and therefore need to be mindful of the potential outcomes of those actions.

Many women of all cultures have done conjuring during the moon phases, each one signifying a specific desired outcome. Creating a work of magic is a lot like creating a work of art, it takes skill, discipline, focus and the passion to see something into fruition. Whether that fruition is increased desire, a lover, a new job, a bountiful harvest, to heal an illness or to assist others in their own self development, conjuring has been a way of life for many women, of all races, within all ancient cultures.  In our current culture there is a powerful resurgence of the Divine Feminine, more and more women are embracing their natural roots and heritage of conjuring, magic work, divination. Truly this is our birth rite that connects each of us intrinsically and intuitively to our own inner mechanization's as women. By practicing this ancient art we are also becoming re-counted to earth, Gaia and all of her inhabitants. This is a time ripe with possibilities for each of us to step back into our natural robes, cloaks, and headdresses, to be the direct conduit of the divine feminine we are meant to be.

Daughter's of the Moon & those who work magic are often in tune with the movement of Mother Moon, I call her "mother" simply because her energies have followed me, nurtured me, and taught me through many life times about the sacred divine feminine, so much so that any tradition that I choose to learn about, she is the one leading me down its path. Therefore I became in magical circles know as Goddess Moon, an honor I hold dearly to this very day. 
Forgive me, I digress, the moons many faces or phases has a direct link to what KIND of INTENTION we should be setting. In other words, each moon phase has a magical energy that is associated with it and can directly affect the intention and the outcome. Paying attention to the phases and what each of them represents is key to a positive and beneficial outcome. Specifically let's focus on this New Moon (among other moon charged energies) we've got happening on January 30th! This is a NEW MOON and with a new moon we want to SEED ideas, desires, intentions and focus ON them coming into fruition during the FULL MOON phase. It is when Mother Moon is full with "child (seed)" that we see all that we've worked for (in subsequent moon phases prior to the full moon) come into "birthing."   So, let me briefly outline what the New Moon brings: Remember the new moon is a "dark moon" meaning that like the seeds that get planted in the earth where it is often cold, dank and dark,  full of uncertainties. Here is where faith and trust dwell are seeded.

New Moon:

  • New beginnings
  • Rebirth
  • A time of planting
  • Growing
  • Seeding
Okay, now we've got the foundation to our desired focus! Now you have to begin to think about what it is you may be called to SEED. We can do that either with a personal focus but to make things a bit easier it's always a great idea to look at the ZODIAC sign associated with each moon phase. Make sure you check out how long this Zodiac sign will be connected to each phase so you can actually support the phases with more intention and focus using meditation (one example) during this time.  Our New Moon on the 30th is in the Sign of Aquarius and with any new moon we know that the Sun will be conjunct it! Aquarius and it's co ruler Uranus (this is the energy for this particular moon phase, the ancient other ruler of Uranus is Saturn) is the Star right now. So, what do these energies bring to our New Moon?

Universal love and cosmic consciousness! Now you may think that's pretty vague and it does sound like it, but if you understand the properties of both Aquarius and Uranus, it really isn't just about personal evolution, it's more about raising our vibration and universal consciousness, earth at this very moment has increased its frequency and that frequency is affected by every living being on this planet, including you and I.  Uranus and Aquarius is requesting that souls who are awakening begin to step outside of the SELF and move more toward group awareness and cosmic consciousness which is represented by the nature of MOTHER MOON. The collective UNCONSCIOUS is what she represents, with the great awakener and cosmic rebel of breaking down old structures Aquarius, this is the CALL for us to move in the direction of connecting on higher vibrations with our most intrinsic hearts but also with one another!

 I would also love to share that this could also be the CALL for the awakening of the DIVINE FEMININE, actually increasing our SACRED HEART energies so we can continue to move in alignment and go deeper into the process of connecting the DIVINE FEMININE WITH THE DIVINE MASCULINE.  Oh yeah! 

 So, I ask you, what is prodding, pushing, encouraging you in your life to let go of? Have you felt or feel as though something is waiting to be reborn inside of your soul? Is there an inner calling that requires you stop following what you've always been told and to seek new ways of being that allows your intuition, your mind to grow and to become more progressive? Are you being called to "think outside of the box"?  
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this moon phases is speaking to YOU.  

Energies that support the New Moon

  • Zodiac Sign of Aquarius
  • Planet Uranus
  • Light~The Sun (Divine Masculine)

Priestess of conjure in he sacred space
Tools for the ritual

Every ritual needs a set of tools. These tools can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Something that is derivative of  Goddess power is to simply relax in her natural state of being, simply put, she could be partially or completely naked under the light of the Moon performing a ritual or unless you happen to live in a climate that is cold, like myself during these winter months, wearing a warm cloak over your natural skin can be an option or doing the ritual inside where it's warm! Seriously, clothes can be an important part of ritual so choose what's comfortable, natural and functional. Below is a small list of items you can use for a ritual, you may desire to add or subtract any item of your free will, remember that all conjure is personal, therefore make it your own. 

  • Moonstone, rose quartz, clear quartz crystals (represent elementals of earth)
  • Alter
  • Candles with appropriate color for zodiac sign (represents the elementals of fire)
  • Incense for clearing sacred space and to invoke elementals of air
  • A container of water to represent the elementals of water
  • A 5 pointed star to represent all directions North, South, East, West and YOU (spirit) as well as a direct representation of all 4 elements
  • A written intention, spell or conjure request
 **This is SIMPLE, I have always gotten the biggest and most potent results in keeping my work simple, however, you can do as you wish, add or subtract as necessary. 

Laying the Ground Work 

What is always important in doing any kind of conjuring or magic seeding is clearing, grounding and then "working." I'll briefly outline what they are.

Before you begin your ritual you want to make sure you've done a proper cleansing of the space. This will assist you by keeping all communication that is to take place CLEAR when performing the ritual. You don't want psychic baggage or other peoples thoughts, emotions etc cluttering your space.  This also means that it's also advantageous for you to cleanse your own body of debris that we all pick up by being around others and objects that hold energy. Doing a proper cleanse either with incense, a coconut, or even a visualization using lets saying the water while taking a shower can work wonders. Cleansing your robe, cloak, clothes is also a good idea, we want everything on the same vibration! 

Create your doorway! By using the index finger on our power hand you are opening up a portal, this portal is the space in which you will do your sacred work and is not to be stepped out of until you are finished and ready to close the door. This keeps any thing energetically that does not belong out of that space. It's like a container that is holding your intention and energy. Literally create a door way with your finger and ask that it be so! I usually create a circular doorway, although a rectangle has 4 points and that is a direct reflection of the 4 directions.  The circle for me is a sign of continuation, a flow of energy.  Remember it is always your choice. 

Now that you are all cleansed along with your space you can begin to set up your alter or if you are in a space that you can, create your alter on the ground or floor. Putting all of the elements in their correct spaces, along with the candles (white for directions) and then if you like a blue/Electric sliver blue one for Aquarius in the middle.  The water, incense goes where the elements are.

Now you've got consecrated ground. When you begin, always ask for protection from the elemental's and the directions, your higher self and your guides. Light your candles as you do this, disrobe or stay clothed and begin your intention out loud.

How you state your intention

Goddess dance 
Personally how you set your intention is your own. I often find that reading, saying my intention out loud 3x grounds it. With each time recited feeling the surge of Mother Moon and the Divine feminine coursing through me. By the time I reach the 3 vocalization, my voice has fully opened and has the tone of divine power and feminine grace. I have been told you can't even recognize my voice at this point. For those who may want to take that into some kind of "possession theory", it's not that at all, it's me moving with the energies of my divine feminine nature. My Mercury is in Aries, think Amazon, Queen Warrior Goddess energies, there is nothing soft about it.  Next what I like to do is dance or sing the space. Of course you have to be mindful of the space you have and definitely of the candles you have lit. Don't dance near flames if your garments can reach em. I usually have music and will let my body flow with the energies that are present, this can take many forms, as I allow my body to transform under the light or dark of the Moon. Singing can release and raise the energy, just like dancing. I do not have a particular song, usually my minds eye will fix upon a phrase, a word and then my mouth opens to music and I just sing it, over and over and over until my body tells me it's time to settle down and go into what I call "ritual meditation."   This meditation is quiet time spent in the sacred space you've created for you and all that is. It's a time to truly ground in the energies of intent that you've just created and allow them to become apart of your higher consciousness. When we do this, we increase the intentions vibration but also by embodying it, we carry it within us during each phase, in this case it begins with the new moon.

Lastly, is closing the sacred space! I simply turn to the directions and give thanks (you can't tell them to leave or to come, you should always be respectful) I give thanks to the elemental's (be respectful of them too, they can be challenging to work with) and then to the stars (including my mother moon) and the energies of the cosmos, my guides and star family, my earthly ancestors and to my higher self.  Whewe!! That' a lot but that's how I like to do it. You can create your own.
If you can allow the candles to burn themselves out that is best. However, if you have to blow them out, give thanks before you do and move in a clock wise direction, sealing the power within the space. Before you step out of it,  create a door way that shuts the "door" with the tip of your index finger on your power hand and back out!

Whew! Now at this time, since I am usually feeling quite intense and vibrating at a higher frequency, I like to eat and commune. I usually prepare fruit salad and drink green tea. I also prepare mini moon cakes (gluten free) that are delicious and represent my grounding! You can either do this or other things to ground, the list is exaustive.

My intention is that this guide helped you!

Remember you can take this basic blueprint and use it for any moon ritual, again, just know which phase you're working with to seed a proper intention and your off and away!

I wish you all who desire to do any work this Jan. 30th the best of intentions that will not only assist you in your own development but also assist all of humanity in our growth and evolution as well!
Love you~


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