Lunar Astrology: Chinese New Year January 31, 2014: Wood Horse Year: Find your lunar zodiac sign!

Welcome to the Chinese New Year! Today is Jan. 31, 2014 and what a powerful day it is! We have just slithered away from the year of the Water snake (2013) into the Year of the Green Wooden Horse! What a ride it's predicted to be this year. You may be wondering what does Chinese astrology have to do with you? And does it actually affect you? The answer is YES. Please allow me to explain the difference between Western Astrology and Chinese astrology, although different culturally, the importance of the cosmic planets (lights) in both cultures does affect us as we know how important our Lunar Goddess: Mother Moon is to our divine being.  

Western astrology concentrates its focus on the energies of the Sun. The  Sun is where we derive our energy, power, spirit, and Ego identification. Chinese astrology focuses on the lunar or Moon phases as a more important and poweful factor in our lives. Therefore their signs are all LUNAR based providing one with a more feminine energy and quality. So, you may be asking where do they provide the masculine energies like the sun? Simply, through the elements! But that is another story.
 While the Western Zodiac is monthly based, the Chinese zodiac is yearly based,  simply put, the year you were born will dictate what sign you fall under! Now there is a way that one can gain an idea of how their lunar sign in the Chinese astrological lineup matches with the Zodiac signs of Western astrology, I happen to find that fascinating as it can show some interesting energy combinations! For instance, I am a Taurus in Tropical astrology and my Chinese Lunar Sign is in the sign of the PIG. The PIG is associated with the energies of SCORPIO in Western astrology. To go a bit further to show how this works  in the Western zodiac Chart (the astrology wheel) TAURUS naturally OPPOSES SCORPIO. Therefore my personality is something of a dichotomy, naturally possessing qualities of both my sun sign and my opposing lunar sign (pig), something we all have access too if we choose to incorporate the energies, however, it's not an easy thing to do, but with this combination I am provided a gift in having them naturally integrated, so I am a Taurus~Scorpio otherwise a (Taurus~Pig) according to both systems! Having had Scorpionic energies heavily in my past lives, this works as a gift and a charm! Your connections may be different or you could have the same thing, whichever case it may be, your Sun~Chinese Lunar combination will add a bit of spice and possibly shake up the blueprint that is all YOU.

You may be wondering how you find your Chinese lunar sign? Chinese lunar signs unlike Western astrology sun signs go by the YEAR you were born. Click the link below to find out what your Chinese Lunar sign is.. just look for your birth YEAR.

Find out here how your Western Sun Sign and Lunar Chinese sign work together! *Keep scrolling until you find your birth month!*

Check out what energy your Chinese Lunar Sign would be in Western astrology! 
*** NOTE*** Keep in mind that these are only correlations of energy from Chinese astrology to Western astrology.  These connections do not indicate your Chinese zodiac sign, the first link will tell you what that is according to the year of your birth!
I was born in 1971 under the energy of the PIG which is EQUIVALENT TO THE  ENERGIES OF THE WESTERN SUN SIGN OF SCORPIO.
****A correction has been made to the Western sun sign of Libra to the Chinese Lunar Sign

Western Sun Signs
Chinese Lunar Signs
Dragon is like Aries
Snake is like Taurus
Horse is like Gemini
Goat is like Cancer
Monkey is like Leo
Rooster is like Virgo
Dog is like Libra
Pig is like Scorpio
Rat is like Sagittarius
Ox is like Capricorn
Tiger is like Aquarius
Rabbit is like Pisces
~Moon HP 2014

Okay now that you've found your basic information let's continue with the importance of this Chinese New Year!
One of the first things that need to be mentioned is that we are currently under a very powerful moon energy right now.  January 30th ushered in not just any New Moon, we've also got Black moon energies and a Super moon! The Chinese New Year is affected by these energies as well.
The year of the Water Snake (2013) seemed to be relatively quiet on a world wide scale. However, I witnessed many clients shedding A LOT of emotional baggage, karma related issues linked to emotional turmoil and shedding old skin only to emerge renewed in some aspect of their lives. It's important to know that as cosmic beings not only are we affected by planetary energies on a personal level, we are also impacted as a much grander scale, this scale has world wide impact.

The Year of the Wooden Horse brings in a different kind of energy for 2014! Lets take a quick look shall we?

First we need to understand that Chinese astrology uses the elements, as nature is a very important aspect of Eastern culture and religions. Therefore the elements are multi layered unlike Western astrology which uses just the elements Air, Water, Earth and Fire.  Chinese astrology uses 5 which are Wood, Metal, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  All of these Signs are connected to the 5 elements and all them associated with any of the 12 lunar signs, come in cycles. For instance, the year of the Wood Horse won't happen again for another 60 years!!!

Okay, lets look at what the Wood Horse will bring in 2014!

"Since 2014 is a Wood Horse, the Wood element is about reaching onwards and upwards, planning ahead. Will our grand plans come into fruition? Be somewhat circumspect when it comes to formulating  your blueprints for the year ahead.Whilst the Wood element may influence you to move forward, the fire in the horse which sits beneath the wood, can burn up some of your intentions and plans. Whilst the wood element may influence you to move forward, the fire in the horse, which sits beneath the wood, can burn up some of your intentions if you are not careful!" Huffington Post 2014

Other possible energy expressions are: 

"With this being the year of the wood horse, and with the wood being very combustible, there will be a lot of scandals, conflicts, explosions and arguments."
AFP says that conflict in the new year could be defined by anything from diplomatic tension to armed engagement, particularly in the first, fourth and seventh lunar months -- February, May and August."   AFP 2014
Heart chakra~Anahata~4th
It is prudent to be mindful that those born under the sign of the Horse year 1966~1978~1990 will feel these energies more intensely no matter what your element is associated with the Horse at birth.  I am sensing that it's vital for all of us to be mindful of the heart chakra center this year. WE all can sense the shifts that are occurring within us and around us. Some of us are looking within for further direction and others are being tossed too and fro without any direction.  As we experience more intrinsic shifting, for all of those who are awakened or awakening to their authentic souls and missions on earth, be ever mindful of your own sacred energies, cleanse often, perform rituals that empower you but also continue to heal you and the earth. We need THE LOVE energies more than ever. When we tap into our own heart center we will find that the flow of cosmic energies will assist others on our planet as well.  Is this an easy vibration to access in such trying times? The honest answer is no. We've got so many distractions with the onslaught of technology, faster communication, more expectations, more sense of "struggle" to maintain economic equilibrium, we find ourselves short circuiting, having very little time for ourselves let alone anything or anyone else. This is why we NEED to make the time to take a moment to breathe deeply and release mindfully!  Reconnect to your sacred self and go within and nurture your HEART CHAKRA. We will find that when we take the time to engage in self love and healing, the whole planet, animal, man/woman, and Gaia (earth) benefits. 
Thank you for your support! Have a bountiful and soul shifting year of the Wood Horse!
~Moon HP


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