January 20-Feb 18 ~*Tropical* SUN is in the zodiac sign of AQUARIUS: The journey of the Water Bearer

We've got a new sun sign entering the cosmos today, January 20th! It's the sign that holds a lot of confusion for those who are not familiar with astrology. Although called the "Water Bearer", Aquarius is actually an AIR SIGN.  

I'll share a bit more of that later on. I want to get into the energy expression of an Aquarius, after all they are the bringers of a new dawn, a new age of thought, expression and innovation.

Aquarius is a sign that is fixed in nature, usually has a high expression of intellect and whose ideas, thoughts and often times experiences are "off the beaten path."  Aquarian energy is here to shake things up and show society at large another way to advance ourselves through the use of technology, innovations and the intellect. Not one to stand still for old outdated societal norms or practices, Aquarians tend to experience life in a full array of experiences that keep them on the fringes of society! They like it that way.  Breaking the rules of outdated thinking and prehistoric concepts that keep man and woman kind locked in behaviors, mindsets and rules that create a sheer lack of creative living, limited experiences and unnecessary guilt trips!  When you think of an Aquarius, think of an individual that plays by their own rules, who has the whole of humanity and friends as the beacon of their play and pleasure, and who think and act outside of the box! Aquarians don't do it to perplex you (well sometimes they do) they do it to prove to you that creating a safe space to make the necessary changes for growth and development is to step outside of what others, including society expects of you. If you don't, you'll whither and die without ever truly having ever lived!

Stubborn, strong willed, broad minded, highly intelligent, futuristic thinking and very friend oriented Aquarius is here to show us how to get out of a rut and to prove to us that making waves is always a good thing!  Aquarius' are here to make us all think! Think! and then think again!  After all it's all about living life to the fullest and instigating change!

Because of it's non linear approach to life, Aquarius' are more often than not get pegged as being "outrageous", "eclectic", "weird", "odd" and "nerdy".  This is actually what makes them so damn fun! Aquarius is the sign that tends to have more friends in life than marriages, relationships, or lovers. Simply put, it's not that Aquarius is against having marriages or lovers, it's just that they tend to prefer unbinding commitments that friendships carry, friends tend to be a bit more relaxed and often not bound by a host of expectations and responsibilities.  Aquarius can in fact be in a marriage and in a loving relationship, however, you may find if you look closely enough there is something about the relationship that is a bit "odd" or "off" as society would label it, in fact it may just be different. Aquarius in love and commitment can in fact express themselves in a manner that allows freedom and space more often and in unique ways than relationships that follow the traditional societal norm.

Aquarius Glyph
I think it's important to note that in astrology Aquarius has TWO planetary rulers.  Please allow me to explain. If you are finding that no two Aquarius' you know act alike, this is more than likely why!
In astrology every zodiac sign has a planet that "governs it" or "rules" it. This planet in fact provides support for the energy that is expressed through the sign! Now some signs have TWO planets that "rule" them, thus providing two very distinct and different expressions. I will briefly share how this works using the sign of Aquarius because it has two!

If you are an Aquarian whose ruling planet (traditional rulership) is Saturn the Lord (or Goddess depending on how deeply you can do the research and let YOUR intellect explore the concept that most of the planets were originally named and fashioned after FEMININE archetypes your on the right path to Aquarian energy) KARMA and TIME. 

Aquarian Saturn's are very strong willed, stubborn, opinionated and love to prove you wrong. These are the master debaters and they typically have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things. You can find these Aquarians engaged in heated debates with colleagues or friends over political topics, social reform, policies and the use of the latest technologies and how they either harm or help humanity.  Once their minds are made up they more than likely will not be changed! Solid, stoic and very rooted in their opinions they will often be sticklers of keeping time, or being on time and following the rules! Yes, a bit odd to say it but it's true. The rules however are made to be broken if there's a good explanation as to WHY they SHOULD be broken, otherwise, it's sticking to the tried and true.

Uranus glyph
Aqaurian's that are ruled by planet (modern rulership) Uranus you are a different kind of ride! Open minded, rebellious, known to be zany you'll try anything at least once! Having a variety of friends and relationships with people from all kinds of backgrounds you prefer to stand out from the crowd! Not because you are vain in any way, but because you don't like the idea of being in the box with everyone else. This Aquarius is not a known to follow anyones crowd! They do however help to organize them and see that they are setting new trends and providing enough shock value while doing it that you will never forget it! Displaying an unusual talent in "forward" thinking, these Aquarians seem to have fallen straight from the stars as they tend to look, feel, act and sense far off planets and galaxies that they are still in tune with.  If you look at the glyph or symbol for Uranus, it even looks like a space ship!  These Aquarian's can be scientific minded but also spiritually attuned to our cosmos and will often be attracted to things and places not of this world. Not one to settle down too long, they seek relationships that can spice up their existence and show them that there is more to life than a 9 to 5, a white picket fence, the 3 bedroom and 2kids and the dog. These Aquarians want excitement and variety.

No matter which planet is your sun sign rulership you are no doubt one of the most interesting signs in our zodiac!  *To find out which planet rules your sun sign contact me at my website to set up a reading! www.moonsdivinetemple.com

The Water Bearer

I have and always will be an astrologer who not only uses her psychic intuition to read a chart but also to use the science of the actual stars as my guide! I believe it is imperative that we learn and look at the stars in order to understand how we are apart of the cosmic whole! When understanding these elements, we can begin to piece together the puzzle which is ourselves, and thus begin to unravel not only our universal mysteries but the mysteries of one another.

Within our sky lay certain points that create our constellations. Aquarius is situated right next to the constellation Pisces, in fact, (depicted in this picture as a man, but again, open your third eye Uranus) the right foot of the water bearer is in the ocean of Pisces. What does this mean? The element of Air is concerned with all manners of intellect, in Aquarius it's an elevated state of intellect that denotes that Aquarians have the gift of "knowing things without ever having studied them or learned them". This is because of their minds being connected to the cosmos. Most often you can have a discussion with an Aquarius and all of a sudden they have the answer, you ask them where did they get it from, or how did they know and they'll tell you, "I don't know, it just came to me or it just popped in my head." 
This is the power and gift they possess. The scientific mind is always pondering and searching for answers, this is Aquarius.

 This provides Aquarius with the power they need to tap into the collective consciousness of the universe thus allowing them to create, transform and to inspire innovative approaches to all of man/woman kind! 

Now when we look at that foot dipping into the ocean of Pisces we've got something short of miraculous and amazing going on! Not only does Aquarius have access to the intellect on a collective level, it's also able to tap into the entire collective unconsciousness through Pisces. Look at it like this… Piscses is the element of water. Water is emotional, intuitive, compassionate and very much about the "the all", the divine spark within each and every soul. Each drop of water that makes up the ocean is Pisces, an individual but also apart of the whole of humanity.

Aquarians are gifted with the task to pour down intellect and cosmic insights from the stars above, thereby awarding humanity with the tools necessary to instigate, educate and inspire necessary change in order to make the world both a humane and place that is constantly evolving! ~Moon Priestess

Aquarius I am wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  With love, blessings and joy!

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Love and radiant beams of light
~Moon P


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