Letting go of toxic people in your life ~ New Moon in Libra*sidereal* & Scorpio New Moon Message~ *Tropical* REVISION

Relationships. We all have them, we all engage to some degree with others. The most perplexing seem to be those that involve matters of the heart. The heart does not know whom it will love, all it knows is what it feels, no matter the levels, the degrees, whether it's feasible or logical, it doesn't matter, all that matters is the heart will do what it's going to do. So what do we do when the one that your heart has chosen to love is not an individual that is healthy for us? What does one do when the love that your heart has chosen is toxic, wrapped in their own demons and suspect to bringing nothing but havoc, drama and chaos into your life?
Do we stay and wait to see what fate will bring?  Or do we take a stand, step back, allow our spirits to guide us in finding answers to complicated feelings, perplexing questions and then either stay or move on? 
These are questions I have pondered over with friends, clients and colleagues. When speaking about love on an emotional level, an intimate level, how do we navigate rough waters? All of the answers we've collectively come up were different according to beliefs, personality and experiences, unique to each of us, but we found one belief that kept coming up, presenting itself, "if the relationship is not a healthy one then it's time to let go." So often we have found when working with clients and even on a  personal level we don't know when too let go. 

Relationships are never easy. They aren't supposed to be, they are supposed be filled with joy, sadness, bliss, pleasure and some pain. That's a given, after all we are spiritual beings in a human body, having human experiences. However, what's most important is that we take the time to choose a partner that is energetically matched to our frequency to increase the possibilities of creating a safe and loving space to experience LOVE. Growth, evolution, ascension, these are all the reasons why we engage in relationships, we are brought together to expose shadows, to release negative patterns of behavior, thoughts, we are here to admit them, work on them and eradicate them from our very expression. When we do not provide space in which to LET GO,  until we do we will find ourselves experiencing the same experiences over and over again, like the movie "Ground hog day" until we get it right!  Unfortunately when the heart is involved, when the body has experienced physical connection whether in spirit or in the flesh we have created a bond, a cord that connects two souls and creates a vacuum of dependency. This "dependency" is not a negative, however, if we connect to an energy that is a harmful to our soul growth, to our love nature, it will be.

So, you may be asking what this may look like? After all we find that we learn the best when we actually experience something, not just talk about it. It looks like a mismatch. Energies are not reflected back to you that matches your own expression. If you find yourself giving love unconditionally to another and they distort that reflection by being deceitful, keeping secrets, lying, using you for what you give them, manipulating you, controlling you in any way, whether it be through speech, action, thought etc then this individual is not a positive energetic match. If you give love, joy, happiness, bliss, pleasure, support, are honest, show integrity, share information and your thoughts, dreams, hopes, desires to an individual and they reflect the opposite or smudge the MIRROR, distorting your energies then this is something to WALK AWAY FROM. To engage such a soul will only bring suffering, pain and keep one in a perpetual state of emotional confusion. When this occurs it's time to LET GO.  When we allow ourselves to let go of negative people in our lives we open the door for positive experiences to come our way!

I've seen so many of my clients and even myself at one point in my life, hold onto parasites. I don't mean to be cruel here but you've met them, heard of them in the spiritual communities. Energetic or psychic vampires, they come in many forms and carry with them many faces and it's when we connect to one of these lower energies that we find our spiritual progression in jeopardy. Are they easy to recognize at first? No. They come into your life saying the things we want and often need to hear, feeling positive, uplifting, giving off sporadic spurts of light in order to gain access to your soul energy, your aura, most often than not our bodies. If you are a soul that carries abundant light energies, you will more than likely attract many who are of these energies. Be conscious to not allow them to feed off of you for very long, if you do the harder it will be to release them when you make the connection.  I am not implying that all of the individuals that we don't connect energetically too are psychic or energy vampires, I am speaking about the lower energies that begin to feel dark over time, they weigh you down emotionally, causing you to feel confused, sad, depressed and just utterly drained. Many don't know they carry this wave length of energy, after all they are only doing what they've always done. However, that is why it's imperative that you look for the signs to determine if they are or not and then make the choice to either stay connected or to let go.  I promise you, letting go is the better choice unless they are willing or ready to come to terms with what they are projecting, it has been in my experience, all my life actually, that many never are.

Moving into the light dictates that we leave the darkness behind us. Letting go is an act that denotes self love not self hatred and it allows the positive energy of the cosmos to settle in our very being and move upward and onward.  All of my life I have attracted many dark beings, confused souls we are looking to gain a bit of my souls light. I had at one point become so disgruntled at the sheer numbers of negative entities or shadow walkers on this planet, so much so I literally became a recluse, a hermit. Over the past couple of years I have been receiving powerful messages for me to come out of my cave so speak, begin to teach, share and grow. I will tell you, that choice has not been an easy one, I am still confronted with shadow walkers but have gained the necessary skills in being able to determine who they are and what their agendas are. Most have to do with lower energies connected to survival on this planet, many are seeking others to be a host to energies that feed greed, control, power and sexual deprivation. Don't get me wrong, all are engulfed in FEAR and the fear is what drives them to feed, to continue their negative spiral of spiritual regression.  There are no true intentions of majestic or spiritual union at all, nothing but the fear agenda rules their actions.

In the time  that I have truly opened up to my intuition, my powers have increased exponentially.  I have therefore used my gifts to actually engage those that carry these vibrations on different levels, never giving anything but LOVE. I have even been attracted to some, desiring to pull them out of the darkness into the light by just being LIGHT! Some have accepted the call and have become friends but many have not. However, for those who choose not to "get it", I am often taken away from them by my guides and therefore being the obedient soul that I am I have learned to let go rather quickly. One day I am here, the next I no longer exist. You see, it always boils down to a choice. A choice for me to either stay and be miserable, used and mistreated, or for me to go, forever ascending toward the light. I now without hesitation choose the light! Therefore I share this bit of wisdom with you, NEVER feel bad or allow anyone to say that letting go and ending relationships is a negative thing! If you find the interactions toxic then you have a right to LET GO and if need be starting new relationships with those that can positively recharge your battery so that you can continue to be the beings of light you were sent here to be! Beings of LIGHT.  That is what I AM. For many who read my blogs you are as well. I know many of you!  Letting go is an act of SELF LOVE. Love yourself and detach from toxic people. Live joy, happiness, peace, bliss, pleasure. We are spiritual beings in a human body but we are also here to enjoy earth! Do so with consciousness, do not let anothers ignorance and choice to stay in the shadows strip you of your power! 

Libra New Moon Message: Sidereal Zodiac
 ** Disclaimer of growth and spiritual development** Most who have followed my blogs already know that I tend to use the Sidereal Zodiac more so than the Tropical. I tend to sense that the sidereal zodiac plays a more definitive role in displaying how we navigate from a personality level in any given life time. However, after much research and innately being about balance in the expression of energies I am coming to realize that BOTH zodiacs may be of use to us, revealing a more complete and complex picture of who we are! Now that is not to say that if your sun sign is in Scorpio that you are not in fact truly a Libra, what I am discovering through the use of astronomy, and the concept of decans that although you may be a Libra (sidereal) you may have some influence from Scorpio at the time of your birth! But more on that in another blog. Thank you for your patience as I continue to grow and provide you with information and insights that bring forth your light! 
Speaking strictly from a Sidereal POV concerning this new moon we have the theme of RELATIONSHIPS.  Libra is all about how we connect to others in our environment. This connection is more than likely linked to matters of the heart since the Planet Venus rules this sign of the scales. BALANCE is key to forming any union that will last and allow us the time necessary to grow. In the new moon Libra is allowing each of us to turn to our own cognitive understanding of what meaning we give to the relationships that we create in our lives. Mindfulness is the seed that is being planted. New beginnings in relationships, letting go in Scorpio and allowing new space to be formed so that we can receive all that we need, and we can with all humility allow those that are no longer being served by the expression of our energy gain theirs from another relationship. It's about seeding honest, conscious union. Forming a union that is progressing from the initial impact of forming a relationship to solidifying the BOND in Scorpio, and in order to solidify a healthy bond, to create that balance that Libra is so famous for, we often find ourselves LETTING GO OF THE OLD and ushering in the NEW. Plant seeds of relationship mindfulness, what are you contributing that aids in the growth and development of the union and is your partner truly receptive to what you are sharing, providing, giving, or learning? Is it time to rebuild or is it time to let go and allow the seeds of change, to heal and transform how we engage in relationships?  When we allow ourselves to truly delve deeper than our selfish wants, desires and expressions, (lower vibrations of Scorpio) and understand them, we can thus usher in authentic relating patterns that serve both who claim to be love, give love and are love.  Libra is about working as a team, Scorpio is about solidifying that team into a formidable unit that ensures survival on deep levels of expression. Libra new Moon is asking you to seed INTEGRITY and deep bonding, consciously.

Scorpio New Moon Message: Tropical zodiac

The new moon is about beginnings. All things that need to be seeded in order to grow. This new moon is offering us the opportunity to get rid of those things, people and experiences that no longer serve us. What are we letting go of? The words written in this blog are profound during this phase. Many are holding onto to toxic relationships out of fear. Pluto the God of the under world, one of the planets that rules Scorpio is the king of fear. He takes you down into dark spaces and leaves you there shivering in the cold. Don't allow the darkness to cloud your judgement, or your soul as you are a being of light! What Pluto won't show you is that if we walk a bit further in the darkness, as we let go of our fears or anything that is toxic, that does not serve us, just around that bend is a sliver of light leading us back to the surface! Keep moving, keep shedding, keep letting go and you will find that your heart, your soul will regain it's own inner power, its own control and begin to feel light again, releasing depression, sadness, sexual repression or lewd and controlling expression.  This new moon is asking you to plant seeds of self love, self empowerment, self control, self power so that you can allow your soul to be accessed by positive souls, positive people, experience loving positive expressions. Keep in mind that Scorpio rules other people's money. More often than not you may encounter an individual who will literally steal money from right under your nose. You may offer if freely, misguided by a contract, deceived by some agreement, this new moon is Scorpio is asking that you be mindful of whom you share/give your money too. Make sure they are held accountable for whatever exchanges take place so that you are not deceived. The polar opposite of Scorpio is Taurus: YOUR MONEY. You have a right to control YOUR MONEY, this is a time of CONSCIOUS spending and not FRIVOLOUS GIVING.

My wish for you~

Is that you plant seeds filled with your own light, power, control and spiritual healing. Heal any past and current hurts. Plant seeds of forgiveness and conscious understanding. Plant seeds that will release your sorrow, depression or emotional deception or confusion. Plant seeds of clarity and death and rebirth. When the full moon comes, be ready to be reborn into the light, giving yourself permission to LET GO of all that no longer or does not serve you or your highest good! I wish you well on your journey.


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