Finding courage on the path of affirmative communication

As a Priestess and spiritual counselor I feel it is my duty to live what ever it is I teach my clients unless it is a personal journey that they must face alone. I receive messages from my guides, their guides and relay that information to assist them in reaching their highest potential or to simply answer questions that need to be answered. On this path of relaying information, wisdom and spiritual insights I have found that one of the most profound skills that many are fearful in using is affirmative communication or sharing. Affirmations are words, thoughts, actions, experiences that affirms or clarifies something to or for an individual, with this affirming we can begin to accept and realize a truth or an insight that can propel us up the ladder of spiritual evolution. Without it, we are left to be be stuck, like gerbils on a wheel that spins round and round but goes no where.  Let me dig a big deeper toward the light.

So, what is it that causes others to not use affirming words or actions while communicating with others? What makes it so hard to have a discussion with another, without harm, malice or deceitful intent? Is it the fear of the loss of power, control or being wrong? If that is the case then EGO is in the way of truth.   In fact it is nothing but EGO that keeps anyone from truly communicating in a fashion that denotes that two people can have a discussion that if full of honesty, compassion, truth and love. No, not the "romantic" kind of love but love on a universal and divine level.

Personally I have always found that being honest about who we are creates a loving space for affirming communication with another. In understanding self we can therefore gently correct or agree with anothers perceptions of who we are or our personal expression. Leaving space for compassion, and not judgement allows one to freely explore the realm of possibilities with another and provides an opportunity from which to grow. The soil then becomes fertile with seeds that have been planted for further communication to occur between the two people that have created the safe space. Affirming communication provides trust in action.

There is a popular saying that "Actions speak louder than words." I am a firm believe that they in fact do. Words can be an action taken of themselves, after all it takes energy for us to think and then the power to speak them, that's an action, however, without affirmation they are only still just words. Action taken when words are spoken carry the most power, they are then being proven, to prove something takes heart, courage, we then begin to walk outside the false realm of fear and being to live a life of affirmation and integrity.

Love is the ultimate healer in all things. Communication for me is one of the paths of that healing. Communication for me is one of the paths of ultimate love and sacrifice. Having open, honest and heartfelt connecting is LOVE. 

When we speak about the FEAR of having affirming communication I am led to believe that for many souls having that kind of talk, or interaction with another leads to feelings of vulnerability, exposure, or some kind of personal pain. What kind of pain one may ask? The pain of being caught in lies, the pain of being caught in settling for the fact that one has not been living or speaking their truth, the pain of being discovered not only by others but also by themselves! The FEAR of affirming via an interaction can cause many to not explore the depths of their own souls while communicating with another.  This can and will cause spiritual stagnation. When we encounter spiritual stagnation we then take the risk of spiritual regression. Fear is has no control and no power of any one, it is only a mechanism of distraction and separation from one another and from the divine.

The cosmic & inner path to evolution

When we hide from ourselves we can not truly live. When we deny others access to who we truly are, we are robbing ourselves from living an authentic life of divine love and expression. Being silent when words need to be spoken, talking at others instead of speaking WITH others, denying other's access to your heart chakra or your thoughts are in barriers to self love and universal love and nothing but FEAR.
It is in my own opinion that if one does not engage in affirming communication one is not in a position to teach others, to provide wisdom or to assist anyone in navigating the paths of their own evolution. Now be mindful that I am not speaking of PERFECTION. What I am speaking of is INTEGRITY. I truly believe that any soul who is called to engage another, whether it be a client, a friend, a family member, a "stranger" on the street, a lover will be delighted to engage with you sensing that affirming communication is occurring. No malice,  no lying, no misunderstandings left unraveled, no mystery, just clear, open, honest discussion. However, lets flip the other side of the coin, it is when others begin to pull away, no longer wishing or desiring to engage, when silence becomes the norm, then that is a very clear indication affirming communication has not taken place, the foundations of trust have begun to crumble and the loss of respect, trust and integrity has begun. Is it salvageable?  It could be, but that is all determined by one's desire to grow and to face the fear of exposure head on. If we do not do this, we will be stuck on the wheel of karma until we do.

Closure. When communicating it is crucial that we meet another's perspective with compassion and humility, if we do not, then we take a very real risk of pushing other's away, missing the intended message, alienating someone and at worst loosing someone that could have been a blessing to us. Most often I have found that the best relationships are the ones that can engage in affirming talk.
When speaking with clients, friends, potential lovers, etc. I have found that speaking my own truth, by using affirming communication I have empowered myself tremendously and on multiple levels, I have seen things about myself that I was subconsciously projecting and corrected them, I have affirmed who I am when other's got it twisted or misunderstood, I have allowed my voice to get stronger as I utilize my throat chakra, this all speaks to healing with love, even if it is self love. However, I could have never achieved any of that, if I hadn't been willing to take a risk in hearing a truth that I didn't want to hear or sharing something that I felt would make me look weak.  Keep in mind that if one makes a choice to be silent then there are two things that could be occurring:  Either an individual was not honest and is afraid of exposure; or they are living in the realm of FEAR and not standing on their own power to move through that fear with courage. In both situations love and much healing light needs to be created and sent out to assist those that have difficulty in affirming communication, even if they are no longer in our lives. 

My prayer~
Light a candle to the universe to request that you affirm your communication with anyone that you speak
Light a candle for someone with whom you engage that has difficulty in affirming their own truth via honest speech, request that they gently be allowed to make a transition to honest and open communication
Light a candle for the world as it's foundation and structure is built upon lies, manipulation, control and fear tactics.
Light a candle to give thanks that your petitions were heard
Light a candle for LOVE

It is my wish and desire that you receive nothing but light into your aura, that you are cleansed of any form of communication that does not serve your highest good, as a soul, as a human being or as a spiritual being. I wish that you move forward in courage to speak your truth and to allow only those who speak and seek the truth to communicate with you on a heart and soul level. For those that communicate from a dark and deceitful place, my prayer is that they are readily exposed and removed from your presence. Allow only love and light to remain! 



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