CAUTION!!! Protect yourself from SPIRITUAL HUSTLERS

** This blog is long but due to the information provided I encourage you to read it to the end because I feel it offers information that could save your soul but your dignity and money!!***

 Over the past 10 years there has been a significant increase in the number of "gurus", "teachers", "spiritual psychics" and "readers." Due to the worlds increasing shift in energies we are going through a process of "awakening".  Many people professing to have a gift or want to sell a particular religion, a "path", a particular way of life that will provide you with a proper foundation in your practices be they witch craft, Worship of deities, Religions and much more.  It is imperative that we always seek the truth of our souls to determine whether or not a particular path, individual or organization is for us to become involved with. In doing so we are providing ourselves the opportunity to flourish as our souls chose before incarnating to ignore that gift could lead to unrest, pain and folly.

Please keep in mind as you read this, that many Priests/Priestesses, teachers, gurus, Master's, Mistresses DO have true gifts and do desire from a deep soul level to share what they have to offer to the world, to offer insights, clarity, to provide a sense of purpose, a soul understanding. Like myself I encourage, inspire, uplift and seek to assist humanity in it's ascension, it's evolution, at the same time, tending to my own evolution and spiritual growth that enables me to be a better human being, to truly live life to the fullest and encourage others' to do the same.

However, there are particular individuals that I have met along my own journey that are LESS than honorable in their intentions, who are not authentic and who seek to prey upon others for cash, those who are truly seeking understanding, who resonate with a particular religion or path, they seek to take advantage of this spiritual thirst, this hunger for a connection to something deeper than what they've ever experienced and therefore use the opportunity to line their pockets, to supplement their income and decieve you into feeding their dark energies. Now these individuals can be either male or female, PERSONALLY my encounters have been with males within a particular religion and I have discussed these perils with other women who've sought to engage in this culture who've been used, abused, limited in their growth and then tossed to the side as if their presence, their very gifts were of no consequence. I was told not too long ago by a wise PRIESTESS in this particular religion that I longed to be apart of, that many of these men who are so called "leaders", not just in her tradition, but in others as well, are or WERE con men, that are convicts, many were involved and are in gang related activities and are just shifting their hustle to another arena to stay out of jail or prison or off the streets and unforutantley the "new con"  are alternative religions and spirituality.

Now KEEP IN MIND, to directly reduce the value or worth of an individual because of past choices, mistakes, crimes etc is not being encouraged here. I am of the belief that we need to see the ENTIRE human being, the entire picture behind anyone's choices to make a determination on whether they are truly operating from a negative way of being or  position that requires survival, be it racial, economical or otherwise. I am also of the belief that we all have the opportunity and ability to change and to grow from our past choices no matter where the consequences of past choices have landed us. We can all CHANGE.  HOWEVER the individuals that I am speaking of are not changing, they are only SHIFTING their target and the TARGET ladies is YOU.  I won't discriminate here and assume that men can not be victims of scams, cons, and the like, they can be and I am sure that many have been. However, since I've spoken with primarily women, and I am one, I am only going to refer to women in this blog but for any man who reads this and finds truth and common sense applicable please by all means if it helps use it! PASS IT ON!!

WOMEN are being preyed upon, used as sexual toys, misled and even stripped of their fundamental rights to become apart of, to merge with a particular way of being that truly if we stand back and take a good look, we are the very foundation each of these alternative religions, paths, sects stand on.  The disrespect of the divine feminine is blatant when men have to tell you when, where, what and with whom you are connected, where you stand! I say we need not fall prey to these lies, we need to stand firm and hold our ground and sometimes that even means walking away. I apologize, I digress, as a women's mysteries teacher and a Goddess Keeper, I advocate for women's rites of passage! It's important to speak the truth, it is only then can things begin to heal. The only way it will heal and change, is if WE as WOMEN are supportive of one another in STOPPING the madness.  By stopping the madness we not only stand in our own power, we also realize that becoming apart of something that tries so hard by so many to keep you "in your place" may just be a waste of your time and money. We already hold the key to our own power and to our own spiritual embodiment, we don't need a man or anyone to tell us where and with whom we stand, when intrinsically we already know! Look for the signs, hear the messages, and remember your birth right. When we reclaim our sisterhood, our power, we stand in a place that rises far above any man made initiation, coronation, ritual, blessing, studies could ever provide. So this blog is to unite, offer support and provide some tools to avoid those that seek to destroy you, who seek to take away and strip you of your power, while trying to convince you that they hold the key to you finding it!  You've already GOT IT. You just have to BELIEVE IT and LIVE IT.

Let me be clear! NOT ALL MEN who fall under the umbrella of spirituality, alernative religion, or paths are HUSTLERS! We all have to use the power of DISCERNMENT to figure out who IS and whose NOT. To do so requires time and commitment, powerful listening skills, following your intuition or your "gut" instincts. Women have very strong instincts that have been dulled over the course of our lives due to societal and sometimes family conditioning. Tap back into your core and find the truth, your gut won't lie to you. REMOVE any forms of biases you may possess toward a "so called teacher", even the ones who have all of the charisma, sex appeal, and who can articulate in a manner that suggests they are what they say they are about! Remove it, take a step back, WATCH AND LISTEN.

 I've interviewed and spoken with over 45 women thus far and the stories although unique to each one, are all apart of the same tapestry of deceit and pain. Use good judgment and seek counsel if you need too. It's all about self care, self love and the proper use of the power of SELF. Below are some tools that I've provided to you to give you some pointers on how to PROTECT yourself when you are seeking to become apart of an organization, religion or a particular path that is headed by a particular individual that you must FOLLOW and OBEY because they claim to hold the key you need to pass through the door. Those who carry that label of:  TEACHER, PRIEST, GOD, KING, SERVANT, SHAMAN, MINISTER, REVEREND, GUIDE, ETC. should be held in high reverence, honor, respect and admiration HOWEVER with that being said, they should also walk the walk or the path that they claim to teach, if they are not forthcoming with the information you need to explore, to learn, to feel, to experience then they are in fact NOT what they claim to be. If their lives do not reflect that which they claim to teach, they are NOT in fact who they claim to be. Character, integrity, honesty and lving what it is we provide as a tool for others shows a true teacher.

  1. Always request background checks and/or viable references: When you check references and get a background check you know that more than likely they are on the up and up. If someone requests a background check of you and does not comply with one of their own, I would not go any further.
  2. If someone claims to be ORDAINED in ANY PATH OR RELIGION ask to kindly see copies, look at dates, signatures. I know that not all traditions are the same so the required papers may be different but they should have SOMETHING to show you they have obtained proper training to be leading you. If you are entering an alternative religion check for lineage, in other words they should put you in touch with who initiated them, trained them without hesitation, in fact most should have them still in their lives, after all we don't ever stop learning! This upholds integrity! If someone is a proud and welcomed member of the community they should be more than happy to discuss with you who is their teacher and provide the necessary documentation.
  3. Ask to speak with others who have been taught by them, or who may be apart of their group, organization, coven, house, ministry that way you can begin to create connections and develop friendships with others who hold the same desire as you do, to learn! This also provides validation. If you are not encouraged to contact others who can attest to the character of an individual again I would err on the side of caution! 
    Con man holding a women telling her all kinds of lies to keep her in his grasp!
  4. Prior too contacting anyone it always best too try to learn as much as you can about the traditions, procedures etc of the religion/spiritual path you're joining that way you'll know if you are receiving accurate information
  5. Find someone you trust with whom you can ask Questions to what you don't know or understand, also have someone who IS knowledgeable and who has your best interests at heart, that way you can ask questions from someone who does not have any connection to the individual or organization you are seeking to become apart of this equals HONEST answers.
  6.  Don't give out your personal address to anyone that is NOT willing to provide theirs!! Either use a P.O. Box or an address you know you will be safe to receive mail this way you are protecting yourself! I've heard stories from women about someone showing up on their door step or receiving threatening mail when they've either questioned or decided to leave a disingenuous individual.
  7. By no means can we ever control the heart strings ladies, and I am not telling you not to "fall in love" with a Priest or minister or leader or teacher that is in the role of power, lets face it, most women love a man whose about what he says he is and shows some type of leader ship qualities. However, again, until that role has been proven as one walked with integrity I encourage you to NOT become emotionally involved with these men! Do not have SEX with these men and do not engage in flirtatious behavior with these men, they see it as an avenue to increase their hustle!  If one begins to speak about matters other than what you are SUPPOSED to be discussing….. BE WARNED, if the topic of sexual contact, even if spoken in a manner that is not directly related to YOU, BE WARNED, if he speaks about OTHER WOMEN  he's had sex with that were to be apart of what you are seeking to become apart of, USE UTMOST CAUTION! These men should not be engaging anyone unless he plans on making you his GIRLFRIEND or WIFE! Others should be contacted in certain traditions to find out if the two of you are well matched, and then another confirmation is needed to confirm the relatioship, but all is sought with respect, love and PROTOCOL, not just by what HE says.  Many men have gained access to the pleasure of women's bodies, MANY women's bodies during the process of becoming apart of an organization. You are QUEENS act like one or he won't treat you like one. If however the two of you openly discuss what your desires are for one another then by all means proceed, that way it's been laid out on the table and there are no mistakes to be made by any sexual behaviors expressed or experienced. Again, engage at your own risk, it will change the entire dynamic of your relationship, ask yourself is it worth it?
  8. Depending on the organization, alternative religion or group when doing spiritual rituals or initiations it is more than likely feasible and NEEDED for any man to have women who are working with him duringYOUR initiation or rituals. It is never appropriate in my opinion and from what I've learned from Priests or Priestesses for any thing as powerful and as intimate as a ritual or initiation to be done by just ONE individual, especially when that individual is of the opposite sex. Not only will they need assistance but your privacy should be respected and protected. Men who are the only ones privy to intimate parts of yourself are prone to make choices that do not support either of you. It is ALWAYS productive, safe and respectful for a minister, priest, shaman, Master to have the women work with women on certain things and vice versa. I know that may seem archaic in 2013 and on the brink of the dawning of 2014, but let's be honest RAPE still exists in our culture, in the world and it keeps everyone HONEST and for many women COMFORTABLE, to be able to work with other women in certain circumstances. IF YOU ARE working with someone who does not offer that service and you will be finding yourself vulnerable during a ritual or an initiation I would NOT proceed! I would make a request that someone be present such as a family member or trusted friend if they do not have a woman whose apart of that organization yet due to them just starting out for example then a relative or friend should keep everyone honest. Again, if this is rejected, I would not go forward.
  9. It is IMPERATIVE that you stay IN CONTROL OVER YOUR MONEY!!  When doing any kind of huge payment or exchange of funds it is always imperative that you get it all written out by the individual you will be working with, a contract of sorts, explicitly working out the details and signed, dated and if applicable notarized by the both of you!  Think about it, your money is hard earned, you don't know this individual yet and you are not sure you can trust them. Let's face it, some of these initiations, rituals, joining fees, books, cleanings etc cost a lot of money, some cost anywhere between $3,000-$5,000, you want to protect your investment. If you do find yourself being allowed to make some sort of payment plan, get it in writing and I encourage you not to trust anyone that even remotely suggests that a certain amount is  non refundable! Especially if it's going to be months prior to any rituals or ceremonies being held! I do think it's feasible for a deposit to be given by you to the one you'll be working with, that does ensure that YOU are serious to make the commitment to what it is you are seeking to learn from them. However, I do not recommend sending money over the Internet to someone over an extended period of time that is not near you. I would agree to a deposit and to you disciplining yourself to set aside your own funds per month or bi weekly to meet the cost that is agreed upon!  This kind of agreement, contract and understanding keeps all who are involved honest and safe and gives you a feeling of safety and control. All too often money is asked to be exchanged to quickly in my opinion. This process can be used in a court of law since both parties agreed to it's content. It is of my belief that developing a relationship built on trust and mutual understanding and respect should be the very first priority.
  10. Be Leary of anyone that offers you an option to learn information about a particular tradition, religion, sect, or an area of study and what they offer you can basically be found over the Internet or in a book. I would also be concerned if someone does not encourage you to read some valid books to learn more and to allow you the opportunity to ask quesitons. If you are paying funds you want to learn the "nitty gritty", you want to know the things that are not made available to the public. Also, if a plan is offered, a time line discussed and you agree to the period of time and fee and then ALL OF A SUDDEN they come to you and indicate that you need to increase your time, money and in place of that you will get to be apart of, intiaited, taken to a higher level and MORE MONEY IS REQUESTED and it's an exuberant amount BE WARNED! You decide how fast or slow you wish to go, how much you will pay and you have the right to request confirmation from someone else to make sure it's legit. Again we are making sure you are not being hustled.
  11. Last but never the least or the last make sure that you involve yourself with individuals who can verify that they are apart of a community that you wish to belong too. I would not seek to be initiated under anyone who is not liked, respected, or even validated in any religion, spiritual path, or spiritual sect! Again, you want to get not only your money's worth but also your soul's worth and to connect to a rogue who has no strong standing within a community is asking for disappointment and trouble. If no one knows the name of your teacher, or respects them, I would BE WARNED! You may not be getting accurate information, nor can you assimilate that information into the larger communuty with others who may have been taught by someone who is known or at least legit and seeking to gain entrance into some sort of community connection or focus. In my opinion one does not need to be IN a community, but at least to have come from one where their position, authority, knowledge can be verified. If not you won't be accepted in many alternative religions and some covens! In my opinion, If I am going to be paying thousands of dollars to become apart of something, I am going to do it with legitimacy, not hiding in the dark, having to constantly prove my value. 

It takes a conscious woman to change herself and the world! We can do this by building support, even online!

This blog was in no way intended to bash anyone, their religion, their choices. This blog was created to offer insights and support for those who need it, who may not have others to talk too or a means to understanding what to look for. I deliberately did not  mention any specific religion or path out of respect to those who asked me not too. If you want to share your story or if you have any suggestions on what one can do to protect themselves from becoming a con's prey then by all means either post it here or email me with your comments, questions and concerns and I will update the blog! 
I may be in the process of creating an online community support space for women to come together to heal after being mistreated by con's in alternative religions etc. a sacred space where a list may be provided listing individuals with whom many have worked with and whom the community needs to avoid. It has not be decided as of yet how we shall proceed but this is a very good start. If any of you would like to see a women's support and safety group started please email me and someone will be in contact with you shortly.  Please put in the subject heading CAUTION!! Protection from Spiritual Hustlers!
contact email is:


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