A moment of Giving Thanks! 2013

This is a time of year when most are preparing for Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas Dinner's and New Year festivities. Much of our attention is being pulled into commercialism, captialistic ventures, buying gifts, sharing desires and pleasing others in the hopes to get pleased.  I am in no position to judge anyone that enjoys this time of year, and gifts and the hype of it all after all many of us are stuck in our childhood trying to recapture the joys, the innocence the wonder of it all, literally only to fall flat with each year we evolve (at least that's my experience, I am betting it's many of YOURS too).

 What I DO like to celebrate during this time of the year, amist all that hussle and bustle is the foundation of what we attempt to celebrate at this time, every year, family, lovers, spouses, children or even ourselves, just the grace to  JUST GIVING THANKS. 

So, what does it mean to "give thanks?" 

For me…giving thanks encompasses my entire journey from year to year. Traditionally in America, a new year is a new beginning, some people choose to use their birthday's such as myself, that is my new year, it's commerates new energies that will show what has the potential and possibilites to manifest within a given year, showing the good, the bad and the ugly. No matter which is your new year, but during this time of the year, sitting down and taking stock of all the things that you've learned, overcome, enjoyed, grown from, truly does usher in a fresh perspective to all the hustle and bustle you've got going on around you. It tends to slow me down and help me to re-group from what's most important in my life and to my spiritual growth and evolution.

I enjoy my family immensely during this time of the year, we tend to get together to have some fun, unwind and reflect, I create and lead ceremonies that honor our ancestors, those who've passed on recently and to give thanks for them having been in our lives during a time when we knew them. I hold a mini give thanks sharing with each family member, including the children, so that each one of us can share out loud what we are thankful for, each gets a candle with their name on the bottom and a box to keep them in when the light goes out for a keepsake. One year we lit them all and placed them outside on the front porch under a wreath that said: GIVE THANKS.  We usually put out a small dish of food on an alter, candles lit, incense burning, cornucopia in the center to trigger bountifulness in our minds, we are always filled with gratitude. I believe in creating that circle of light with are raising the vibration of our own energies but also feeding ourselves and our spirits for another year.

I don't know about you but this year has been an especially powerful one for me. Many goals were met and some were sought but not completed. I accomplished much in finding more about what direction to go in concerning my spiritual counsel and practice and have gained heightened illumination and clarity from me making it a point in being more conscious this year, about EVERYTHING. I am so thankful for the souls that have come into my space to finish karma, to magnify lessons and particular truths about myself that have gleaned powerful self awareness, healing and love.

 I give thanks to my spirits, guides and ancestors (star family) who've committed to walking with me in this life, on this planet! They have shown their power and their dedication in so many ways this year, saving me from danger, protecting me, and revealing to me opportunities with others and showing me that even in the midst of consciousness some souls are still not ready to make the journey into higher dimensions of self love, awareness or evolution! No matter, in all honest love, I pray they all find their way back to their own individual spark so that they may join the collective ranks of those who are on the path to light and who shall remain there.

 I give thanks for those who've I've loved deeply this year and many that I still do, although many are not in my physical life any longer, they will never be forgotten. I have embraced these lessons of letting go this year, one that has been strife with release, changing directions, and finding new opportunities to evolve. These opportunities have allowed me to see how in many ways I was stuck in a rut on allowing myself to truly flourish, to fly, and to flow. Fear was a major factor I let go of once I recognized its presence in my space. I was given grace in gaining deeper awareness and understanding so that I may move forward in more clarity and self love.

I give thanks for my physical family, whose journey has often times crossed my path and led to adventure and more genuine love and devotion! I am truly beginning to understand the meaning of family, no matter how large or how small, it's truly a gift to have those in your life who truly love and care for you.  To my newly realized spiritual family (star origins) I give thanks for your messages and cosmic support! I truly look forward to working with you more as I gain deeper discipline and guidance this new year!

I give thanks for my health! My continued success in creating the ME that I already AM.  I look forward to more success and healing in that area! I give thanks for my animals, the health of them and my family as we journey on this adventure with one another immersed in love, understanding, commitment and growth.

I need to give thanks for so many of the new friends I've met along the way in 2013. Those who have encouraged me to grow, to love myself and to believe in what it is I have to offer humanity. I thank each and everyone of you for loving me and providing me with words and actions of wisdom, you truly don't know how much you've allowed me to evolve and to claim my birthright! I look forward to those who've stayed in my life and to those who have left.  I wish you the best on your journey and want you to know that I love you!

If you wish take some time to reflect on what you give thanks for in 2013. Release what left you, those who said good-bye, even loved one's who have crossed over from earth's dimension! When we let go of even the most painful experiences we make room for more blessings to enter our reality and growth is felt and nourished. We will NEVER forget our loved ones, from those who are furry to our earth families I ask that they know their time with all of us is respected and loved tremendously, truly they are apart of what makes it worth while to be human!

If you would like to actively release anything or anyone from your life in what is remaining of 2013, the brink of a new year… I encourage you to do a simple ritual.  All it takes is affirmation, a white candle, a small glass of water and a prayer to the cosmos. Release it and let it go and allow space for the new to enter in! To dwell within! 

Thank you to all of my readers & clients! You are such a blessing to me!  I promise more involvement with you in 2014, providing you with what you need for growth, ascension, self enligthenment and self love! See you on the other side!
 Be well!

Love you all with the radiant light of the Moon! 
Moon P.


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