Full Moon in Aries & the Libra Sun *Sidreal* November 17, 2013

We've got the full moon in Aries on November 17, 2013 @ 9:31 AM EST 100% Full. 

In a few days we've got a pretty normal cosmic event taking place, the moon will be full in all of her glory in the sign of Aries the Ram.  Of course you all know by now that I am the sidereal astrology Queen.  So, please don't get it confused with the Tropical placement. 

As you know the universe is never static, it is constantly moving, changing, and with it the zodiac signs changing as well, when this happens we receive an influx of energy that can most often influence how we act, what we think and in this situation with the Moon, how we feel.  

We've been getting "hit" by some very strong transiting (planetary movements) in our universe as of late, We've had a Lunar and Solar eclipse, Mercury retrograde (now direct), Neptune has finally gone direct (today), we've got Venus conjunct Pluto which offers us a delicious taste of both beauty and power. Finally, we've got the Moon in Aries. Whew! I am exhausted. I have to be honest, these planetary shifts have influenced me personally encouraging me to look at the bigger picture, the finer details and necessity of healthy forms of communication and the beauty of conscious emotional transformations that bring about continued growth and spiritual development. I feel as though I could sleep for a week or two. Many of you may be feeling the same way.

Although, we have a lot going on or have had a lot going on in our solar system, in this blog I will only be speaking about the Moon. I think it's best to keep it simple so we can sort out what's truly happening on a personal and emotional level.  

Aries is a Fire sign and fire is a very impetuous, spirited, and hot element. In Aries it brings a culmination of emotions that are either passionate, forthright and abundant or it can scorch with flames climbing sky high that engulfs both the person it affects astrologically and the recipient. Aries is a passionate sign, seeking to tackle tasks to increase it's virtue and courage, this means that more often than not, Aries needs to move through fear to get to victory. IN the Moon, Aries is not always an easy sign to work with since the moon is about how we are feeling and our unconscious drives.  Simply put, the Moon in Aries can create touchy feelings, hair trigger tempers, arguments and fights!

On the other hand if the EMOTIONS are tempered and channeled in such a way, those pent up energies of aggression, perceived hurt feelings and the need for movement can be driven in directions that are healthy and viable.  Aries is ruled by the PLANET MARS.
Mars is action ACTION and getting from point A to point B, after all Aries is about seeking and achieving goals, so when coupled with the Moon it FEELS where it needs to go and how to get there. It's about supporting what it is we need to strive for and giving ourselves permission to be passionate about those goals, driven and focused.

You may be wondering where do the arguments and possible quarrel's come into play? When looking at astrology we can never forget the opposite signs. The opposite sign of Aries is Libra and the Sun is still in Libra according to the Sidereal time line. So when looking at our emotions we have to look at what would oppose those emotions and that would be the sign of relationships, mutual union, marriage, partnerships and open enemies. Libra is the sign of beauty, love and us, we, and our. Aries is the sign learning individuation, seeking me, myself and I. When the two of these forces go "head to head" there can be some friction as we find ourselves grappling for a foot hold on what we want EMOTIONALLY and what OTHERS may want WITH US or for the PARTNERSHIP. This is why emotions for a time can become "testy."  If we can maintain balance and FEEL about what's right for ourselves on a individualistic level and then articulate that to Libra in a compassionate way, we can out out with a win/win situation, instead of a win/lose situation. Keep in mind that Libra doesn't like friction, and seeks to be diplomatic, this is a good thing if we are conscious about our feelings during this time.

During the Full Moon Phase (3 days prior the affects will be felt and 3 days after) carefully consider what new goals you are being prompted by Aries to bring into full culmination. The full moon is about being FULL, having already impregnated one's seed and now ready to give birth to many, for this Cosmic Witch however, it's also about being pregnant with the ideas of opportunity and Aries fits right in here, Aries is the idea Sign. Aries seeks to bring fruition or the initiation of ideas, to be played out and directed by others, however, Aries task is to generate them so that they can become a reality. This sign is essentially the life force and when with the moon is fuels by our emotions, to hone in on the very essence, idea, person we need to "get up and get moving" to reach our goals, no matter what they are or to be played out with others.

My desire for you is for you too use this Moon to bring any ideas for yourself into the birthing process. Reveal those truths passionately, be honest with yourself and find a path to move in a focused direction and pursuit of those goals! The Aries full moon will and can assist you in meeting them. Like the ram that has it's eyes off to the sides of the head to pursue that single minded focused, use this energy to charge straight ahead to victory. But be cautious! The moon in Aries can again, bring about quarrels, heated arguments, aggression, anger and also heated reverent passion and sexual union! This zodiac sign is hot and remember it burns both ways.


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