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Love yourself through self care!

Self nurturing and care during the holiday season is crucial for all who happen to find themselves being caught up in the commercialism and pressure to buy, entertain and indulge our senses.  However, as a woman who wears many hats, one of them being a High Priestess who govens all women's mysteries, I feel it is ever more detrimental for women to be mindful of the need for self care and self nurturing during this hectic time of the year. Women in general provide so much sustenance to many and often don't consciously take the time to relieve the pressure, the tension or stress, which when left unchecked can conceive, eventually give birth to many monsters that eventually will have to come out of the closet and create all kinds of unwanted havoc in our lives.

 Life is ever changing all year round but its presence is made more intense during the transition of seasons from late summer to fall to winter.  The sun disappears, the winds begin to blow and there is a chill that hits …

Full Moon in Aries & the Libra Sun *Sidreal* November 17, 2013

We've got the full moon in Aries on November 17, 2013 @ 9:31 AM EST 100% Full. 

In a few days we've got a pretty normal cosmic event taking place, the moon will be full in all of her glory in the sign of Aries the Ram.  Of course you all know by now that I am the sidereal astrology Queen.  So, please don't get it confused with the Tropical placement. 
As you know the universe is never static, it is constantly moving, changing, and with it the zodiac signs changing as well, when this happens we receive an influx of energy that can most often influence how we act, what we think and in this situation with the Moon, how we feel.
We've been getting "hit" by some very strong transiting (planetary movements) in our universe as of late, We've had a Lunar and Solar eclipse, Mercury retrograde (now direct), Neptune has finally gone direct (today), we've got Venus conjunct Pluto which offers us a delicious taste of both beauty and power. Finally, we've got …