Great Mother's Slumber: shifts and inner transformation:Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

The splendor of Autumn if finally upon us. For those who live on the East Coast like I do, the colors have burst forth it seems like over night. Radiant, Powerful, Vibrant and beautiful to the eye, intrinsically we also are feeling our Great Mother's decent into her slumber, we always called it the "deep sleep." As a Shaman, I have always heard my Grandmother repeat things such as this. She learned much from my Great Grand Mother who was always teaching her the turning of the earth and the many changes and meanings that came with the emergence of each season. Native American energies run rampant and deep through my veins in such times. It reminds me of the importance of family, my tribe, the bonding and cultural unity. My sense has always been that whether or not you have Native blood running through your veins we are ALL CONNECTED on the web of life and when Great Mother begins her descent into her sleep we are all affected.

The fall is such a wondrous time. A time of endings. Summer has provided many of us with a resurgence of excitement, goal setting, radiance, warmth and light! We've been on the move, active, seeking to complete things, experience things, all with the blessings of the Sun. Now that the Sun shifted position for many of us in the US, it's time for us to dig into a reassessment of those things we either engaged in during the summer or desired to achieve. Many times with the coming of fall we can literally see what we've accomplished and decide whether or not, any of it was fruitful? Did what we seek bare good fruit? Is it something I can store away, use it again, experience more of it?  As with the ending of Summer and the approaching fall, there are also many things that have transformed away, regressed, or just died away. Great Mother is asking each of us to ASSESS what we've gained and what we lost, but most importantly what needs to "die away" and prepare for TRANSFORMATION.

This requires deep contemplation as we slow down, prepare for the cold, turn our faces toward greyer skies and seek refuge, to also go into a deep sleep. On October 18, 2013 began our Eclipse phase. Most of you know I teach the Sidereal format in astrology, therefore the Full Moon that we've just experienced was in Aquarius, but most will feel it was in Aries. Choose which works best for you. However, With the full Moon in Aquarius we are collectively seeing much progressive and innovative change happening.  On a more personal experience, we must also keep in mind that Aquarius can bring about stubborn interactions, make us feel burdened in personal and emotional situations seem to be met with indifference and much resistance. Change for this moon is not easy and most often will not be engaged in due to the willfulness of the energy being expressed. The moon is always about emotions, our fears and things that need to be uncovered. Remember that the light of the Moon brings illumination to what needs to be SEEN. In Aquarius, change needs to be seen, integrating the old (tradition) with what's new( reformation and innovation) in other words the things, ideas, people, shifts we used to covet are no longer available to us. We are here to merge, to grow and to seek those things that provide us with what we NEED, which is also another powerful moon characteristic. Aquarius is a sign that brings flashes of insight, like lightening, it's quick and does not stay in one perspective long, this is only due to it's need to get it's level of genius at work. Not one for emotional displays, Aquarius can seem cold, distant, aloof and unreachable. The goal which it seeks is not unity, companionship with anyone or with any one thing, it's goal is the collective, it's the group that it seeks to reform and when in a full moon, it's level commitment is to itself and itself only.

Understanding all that guides in spirit in this walk we call life crucial to gaining clarity, vision and focus. Planetary alignments and the natural rhythms of nature all work in unison with our consciousness to make our journey's meaningful, carry deep meaning and to offer us healing, like guide posts, we can see where we must go and what we must learn. The challenge is always seeing what is actually there instead of re-creating a picture of what we want to see.

The Fire of life that we seek as the temperature drops in the fall is our inner spirit guide. It provides us with warmth, cooked food and light. Fire can represent personal transformation, it consumes things and it can also bring forth life. Fire is spirited and often times hard to control unless we are observant. When fire enters into our life, we seek guidance from the dark, heat, food, and shelter. Fire is passion. Many don't know it but more babies are made during the fall/winter months than any other season, this is due to our need for warmth, closeness and true bonding to take place. Fire is a necessity for all life to be sparked.

With the fall comes the darkness. The dark is a direct polarity of light and is often depicted as something to fear, to not want to delve into. However, from a spiritual perspective, darkness is necessary for creation. The womb is lit by the spark of light when a baby is conceived, the womb is dark, warm, and is pulsating with life and teaming with nutrients. Dark often precedes light and this coincides to the gestation of a child, preparing for development and birth. Let us not forget on the other end of this spectrum death (darkness) also precedes resurrection (a new birth).

The Autumn season as much to teach us. Much to hide if we are not mindful and much to resurrect in time. It is imperative that we take a deeper look into the heart of ourselves, to make sure we are illuminating the truth and not the false truth we've created. With the summer, we can find ourselves creating false perceptions due to the intensity of the sun which warms our hearts. The Autumn provides us with the gift of truth and a fruitful harvest of all that is flourishing within.

So, you may be asking what does the Full moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius have to do with this auspicious time?  Plenty! The lunar eclipse will last for about 6 months! That means many of us as a collective will be experiences resistance, stubbornness, defiance, anger, restlessness and disappointment from others and maybe others will experience this with you. It all depends on where Aquarius falls in your own personal birth chart.  However, since the Moon carries the signature of emotions, our needs, what's hidden we may have a challenging time figuring it all out. Aquarius is a truth seeker, dynamic in it's expression it carries the scepter of truth and will not back down once it's been expressed. The Aquarius full moon because of this obstinate truth is also about letting go, shifting from the personal to the impersonal, it's about ALL, not you. Aquarius is screaming on a personal level, NO MORE DRAMA! No more side shows, no more audience, no more false applause, no more narcissism. It's about dying and being reborn from self, the individual, to the collective. Sounds like a fall theme to me. 

Is letting things, people, thoughts, patterns, illusions ever easy? No! But is it necessary for us to move forward? Yes. I am not going to sugar coat anything, we've had some very powerful planetary energies hit all of us in 2013, it's not showing any signs of slowing down. It seems as though the entire universe is creating a "big bang" for a collective and a personal shift among all of us, for others, depending on your spiritual stance, this shift could prove to be quite intense and emotionally upsetting. Try your best not to fight it but to merge into it and always, always take care of yourself as best you can. 

For many, this summer had you walking a path with friends, lovers full of laughter, full of hope, light and most of all opportunity. This fall, October 2013 is calling to watch those we thought we would carry into 2014 fall away like the leaves that die off of the trees, that litter our paths with beauty for a moment in time, but now must die and be reborn to something else. Looking down that path, that road, we may find ourselves walking it alone, but never be wary, because right behind you, to the side of you, are your guides, your spirits, your ancestors and those that love you, that will carry you and see you through to the other side. 

Happy Fall! Rays of illumination and light. Persephone calls. ~Moon


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