The check list to love

Are you making a list and checking it twice every time you meet someone new?

 I've recently encountered some discussions in a metaphysical group I belong to that deals with the idea and concept of creating a list of all the attributes that you would like Mr. Right or Ms. Right to possess. The spiritual concept is alignment, so that you can consciously be aware of what kind of a partner you wish to have and request it from the universe.  Sounds amazing doesn't it? Co creating with the universe to bring us what we want and how we want them?  After all being conscious, having right intentions and using affirmations to many are a way of life, a spiritual habit and one that reaps many rewards to those that have mastered the skill.  I find this to be a very good concept to engage in if  for no more than you outlining what your needs are and not JUST what you want. It also provides an individual with the opportunity to SEE what they are attracted too in another. However, although I am optimistic about the practice of writing and maintaining an on going list, I am often dumb founded when I encounter individuals who feel that everything on the list is what a potential mate should have, and if they do not then they will not engage any further and claim they are "not the ONE."  Now mind you some of these lists can contain AT LEAST over 50 "must haves," most of them not truly things that are needed but what are wanted.

I've asked myself this question many times over the years that I have studied astrological analysis for self healing, what do I NEED? Does it clash with what I want?  Not always an easy question, but if we explore it a bit further we may see that we really do need to focus more on what we need. 

 Frankly what that means is that we are so accustomed to going after, getting, achieving and desiring THINGS that we want, in life, goals that we must reach, that when it comes to relationships, we more often than not do the same thing. Often times most of us are NOT truly in touch with what we need, and when we are not in tune with what we need, we often will fly by the seat of our pants and pull in what we THOUGHT we wanted, until we get it, and then wonder why love is not going well for us and then find ourselves backing up only to reevaluate it all over again.  In astrology when we speak of what we want, we always look at the moon, the sign that it's with and any connections to other planets or angles in a chart, this tells me whether you discovering and actually achieving your needs will be a breeze or a bit choppy.  What we want is often depicted under the symbol of Venus. Venus is toted as the love symbol in society and it often is the only focus she is given, it should be understood that Venus is NOT about love at all but again, about what SHE WANTS, the sign it's in will tell you HOW she wants it and will go about getting it. Now intrinsically what we would like to do, is combine what we NEED the moon, with what we want, Venus so that we can have our cake and eat it too, but in reality that is often not the case. We either end up getting more than the other and often times find out when things go south.  Taking the time to truly focus on what we need, will allow a more clear and concise effort in choosing the right kind of partner for us in the long run. Remember Venus can be just for a "moment", most often we would like her to last a life time.

Okay back to the list!

 Now I am not going to assume that EVERYONE that engages in the "check list phenomenon" is going to fall into this category or NOT be conscious. What I am trying to convey is that we can make all the lists we want, however, are we forgetting the most important element of all?

That we created the divine plan BEFORE we even incarnated, what makes anyone think they can change it now?

I believe as many other meta-physicists, that many souls that inhabit this earth realm made plans with the creator to actually learn a set of lessons, to have certain kinds of experiences and that involves who we choose to fall in love with as well.  This is not a punishment and it more than likely, not all the time, but often, has nothing to do with "bad" karma.  It has everything to do with creating situations that the two (sometimes or more) can learn from, although it may at times bring you feelings that don't feel that good.

Now please understand that I must keep these beliefs and teachings in general due to me not bleeding your eyes out on this blog, but in a nut shell, we already know our goals, lessons, gifts, and purpose before coming here. It is when we merge into the physical body that we loose that soul memory and have to work out way back into consciousness. 

When making choices to love another we often find that in this life pain is not our friend. Most of us work really hard to avoid it but when we do we are robbing our souls the very lessons we need to overcome them, and when we do that we find ourselves and our lives being and/or feeling incomplete. We are often left wondering why love is not working in our favor, I truly believe not because I am "the all seeing eye of Goddess" but because "I've been there done that" by having the blessed opportunity to have observed family, clients, friends and colleagues over the years who've grappled with the same thoughts, feelings, experiences through all that I have obtained wisdom. So my question is  how does making a check list going to determine who it is I actually WILL love throughout my lifetime?? My answer, it won't, a check list can only provide you with what you feel you want in a mate, it's not a "deal" to be made with the universe just because we speak it out loud, yes we can manifest (many not all souls can) but it doesn't mean we have ultimate control over the outcome.

We are all here to learn and all though our lives are not fated, we do have free will, the nature of that free will can and does play itself out very clearly. I can see this so accurately when providing astrological services to many souls who are searching for the "one" and the patterns that are displayed for each soul can provide me with enough information to see what their souls intention is when loving intimately. Those patterns are NEEDED to either be ingrained or released depending on the souls capability to make either choice. It is not up to me to judge what that choice is but to clearly assist the client in UNDERSTANDING what the pattern is, why it is there and offering (if they are ready) any possible soul-unions to the issues involved.

I believe we must always be MINDFUL that although creating love check lists are a good way to identify what it is you NEED and a bit of what you want, we must always be practical and cautious when creating them. Understanding that we may not get everything that is listed and that when we meet that special someone, they may not hit all 50 desires, maybe only 20 but that does not mean they are not meant to be in your life, loving you and you loving them. It just may be an opportunity for you to grow further and to really dig down deep when loving someone who isn't the "man or woman of your DREAMS" but who becomes the man or woman of your heart and soul.


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