Snake Wisdom~Offering reverence

In many cultures the "name of the snake" spans many different titles. To the East they are considered the Dragon, in the West the Snake, to the North Serpent and to the South, Naga. No matter what they are called, the Snake has held a very strong and powerful point of symbolism in multiple cultures and one that denotes both masculine and feminine energies, holding both the duality of the solar power of the sun and the lunar power of the moon, fire and water. This brings the gift of balance within the upper and lower worlds of Shadow and Light wisdom (thought/air), spirit (fire), emotions (water), death (earth). Many do not know it but the snake is a creature of the "underworld", only present on the earth for about 6 months out of the year only to retreat for the other 6 to hibernate.

For me, it's been a journey when coming to understand the power, medicine and  symbolism of this animal that is both culturally revered and feared.  As a child I often dreamt of snakes, different species at different times of my life, I was always waking up screaming covered in sweat, my mom would storm into the room, attempting to comfort me as I  still felt the snake's memories coiled around me. Many years later, as an adult, I underwent a Shamanic training, sought out my Native bloodlines, and dug deep into my spiritual journey, by seeking self awareness, self love and most of all self healing.  During a medicine woman's journeying with me, it did not come as a shock that this animal is my power totem, I have to admit just in case you think I WANTED THE SNAKE, I didn't,  I wanted the wolf, he never showed up in the journey, but is one of my favorite animals in nature, has provided me it's medicine at one point in my life, but alas not my POWER. The connection that I have with the snake is so omnipresent that no matter how many other animals provide me with medicine throughout a lifetime, the snake is one that will remain with me in not only in this lifetime but as a conscious force in other worlds too. Yes, that would be true for any power animal that is yours, they walk with you for many lifetimes, you become it and it becomes apart of you. In western culture, it is believed that we are a separate entities from anything and anyone else, in Native culture, it is believed and embraced that we are all ONE, intertwined in a matrix of energies that make each of us connected by Great spirit. I accept this as well. 

It's taken many years but I have come to understand it's medicine, it's message, it's language, most often given to me in dreams, vision quests, and by reminders with me finding skin that has been shed by a snake, I have accepted it's presence in my life. No longer do I wake up screaming in sweats, I welcome the message as different species of snakes come to me and provide me with their power and wisdom not only for my own healing but also for the healing of others. Now when I am confronted with it's message/medicine, I take a stand, heed it and listen.

I carry the medicine stick of the Snake Priestess. In every tradition, no matter what cultural spiritual/religious tradition it is, the Snake always shows up as my power source. Not only does the snake make it's presence known through other traditions, It shows up in astrology, tarot, sacred runes, tea leaves and psychic readings. Truly the snake is making it's presence known.

You may be wondering if I actually LOVE snakes? The answer is NO. I would never go out in the forest and pick one up, I get all cold and clammy when I see one on T.V., pictures and movies. Why? I am not sure, I know the fear I have is not rooted in my connection to my spiritual snakes but I am afraid none the less.  I think it has more to do with upbringing than anything, I was taught to fear them, thus loosing my ability to connect with them on the earth plane. Does this natural reaction lessen the power of my power animal? The answer is NO. It does not, it does not hurt to gain an understanding of your power animal, the different species (some may only have only one) and it's natural habitat, but me not handling them or being in fear of them in natural life does not diminish it's power or connection to me, after all we are speaking about consciousnesses and the energies that are intrinsically connected to them.

To provide an example of the connection of a power animal, I want to share one of many situations where their medicine has saved me. One night I was not well, I had been battling a virus that I had caught from my students, I was running a fever for two days (like I am now sorta, fighting bad allergies that feel like a cold at the moment), I dreamt I was running from a Anaconda. This snake kept following me around in a pond of water, covered in lily pads. When I would turn around to run and get on dry land, the Anaconda would slam it's head into my back, sending me flying through the air only to land softly in the water. We played this fearful game several times, with me screaming of course, trying to get away, each time I looked up and back, it's head was reared back, starring at me with nothing but wisdom and a sense of calm, I would turn to run and WHAM!  In what seemed like forever, I suddenly jack knifed awake to a room of family members staring at me, with the light on, and another asking me to wake up, when I did I coughed up a huge portion (sorry for the gross part here) of phelm out of my lungs. AS it turns out I had been hacking violently in intervals, arching my back each time the snake hit my back and finally the last hit brought it up and out. I healed fast after that, had no more issues with coughing at night while getting well. Now I didn't make this connection until years later when I was consciously open to the messages and energies around me, but because I have a very good memory, tons of epiphanies and I journal, I was able to go back and make many connections.  

For a deeper act of respect I later got a tattoo of double snakes coiled around the chakra to pay homage to the kundalini rising within my own body, but also as a reminder that I am a healer of myself and others. I have a natural gift of bringing balance to others. The double symbolism of the snake was first created by the ancient Egyptians NOT Greeks who stole it's meaning and medicine during the Cleopatra era, however, snake people hold massive healing powers that assists others on spiritual, psychological, emotional and psychic levels. Therefore in their personal lives it's extremely important for snake people to be careful who they intimately engage with. Their power can extend to their partners and if not careful can have the energy "sucked" out of them or offer much sensuality, healing and transformation to their partners. So partners be aware of this, when involved with a Snake person, we have no choice but to continuously grow and transform and that goes for you TOO. Fun Fact: Although Vampires are thought to be connected to the bat, in some cultures it's actually connected to the snake. There are plenty of people who are what's called "Psychic vampires"... beware!!!

Again, I didn't know the Double snake had spiritual meaning either until I found this one day........

The meaning of Duality of the snake:
  • Connection between primal forces
  • Integration of opposites
  • Advanced communication (often gifted writers and speakers)
  • Joining together on a divine level
  • Making whole what was once fragmented and doing so in a magical, organic way.
  • Natural alchemists
  • Talented at deciphering patterns and getting to the root of it's existence
Allow me to look at this a bit deeper concerning this dual snake imagery, Let's look at the language of science. Observe the formation of DNA and how it forms a perfect, serpentine double helix.

This prompts us to consider how the energetic mind is connected to the entire cosmos, and how it so effortlessly makes graceful connections between the basic building blocks of data with the manifestations of the natural world.
Without a doubt, the snake is a unifying force embodying infinite messages to those who are energetically available to perceive them. Alchemists understood this, and thus incorporated the philosophy of snakes in their grimoires, their practices, and even into their daily lives. History is full of examples and references toward the symbolism of the snake.

So, you may be wondering why I am going on about this anyway? Other than to educate those who may not be familiar with power animals/totems, I hope that this personal blog will wet your appetite to learn more about and to discover your own power totem, to learn it's medicine and how it works FOR you and WITH you but more importantly it is to bring reverence and respect to a species that has provided me with so much knowledge, wisdom and power. I am not speaking about power that this world defines as such, I am speaking from a power that is created from within, at our KORE. It's that personal power that we all possess and often misuse or misdirect. In order for us to understand our KORE we have to first understand the nature of the message and it's "language" when providing it. So, on this day, I offer the knowledge of the snake to YOU, so that you may fully understand it's medicine.  There is a wonderful book & author by the name of: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to gain greater and deeper access into their own power animals or other animals that may come to them to bring medicine.

***This blog was inspired by a vision/dream I had on 9/20/13. *** Snake species: Python
You may be asking for those who study, follow or practice astrology, does the symbolism and power of the snake totem extend to the Western zodiac sign of Scorpio or the Eastern sign of the Pig in Chinese astrology, whose energies are equivalent to Scorpio?

The answer is yes and no.  How does this work? Remember when I shared with you how no matter the culture or the divination tool the snake is present in my life??? Well to give a brief example: I am a Triple Scorpio Rising (Scorpio in reference to the zodiac is actually in ancient times a snake, not a Scorpion, hence the sign of Ophiuchus, which falls into part of the Scorpio-Sagittarius constellation), in Chinese astrology I am.. guess what?! Yep, the Pig AND the planet Mars (Mars is the planetary ruler of BOTH ARIES MY SUN SIGN and SCORPIO.. oops another MARS contact outside of Scorpio, lets not forget that PLUTO rules Scorpio too and makes a connection to my Mars in my chart.) makes the most connections/contacts in my astrological chart. That means I have deep connections to archetypes such as KORE & PERESPONE, the Queen of the underworld. *Kore being her younger aspect*. So for ME, yes.. the snake shows up everywhere. However, for someone else it may not be as strong. That is NOT to say that because the symbolism of the snake in your chart, your dreams or your life makes this animal your POWER ANIMAL or what I like to call your: SOUL ANIMAL. Recall that I shared that this energy follows you into each incarnation and is basically with you always in your consciousness. So, It's crucial that even if you have these connections with Scorpio and the Chinese pig etc. that you find a Priestess who can journey with you or for you to confirm that the snake is in fact your power totem. Please keep in mind that Sun sign Scorpios, and Scorpio moons can have similar gifts as the power totem but may not have access to them as deeply or as easily due to having to remove karma first, and have another animal as their power totem.
Below are brief descriptions of the power of the Snake and those who carry it. BE FREE~BE ONE.
Belly Dancing is an art form of the sensuality of the snake

  • Rebirth
  • Patience
  • Fertility
  • Eternity
  • Balance
  • Cunning
  • Intuition/psychic
  • Awareness for self and others
  • Healing of self and others
  • Intellect
  • sensuality
  • eroticism
  • Protection of self and others
  • Solemnity
  • Rejuvenation
  • Transformation of self and others
  • Occult (hidden) Knowledge
  • Male/Female, yin~yang~ Duality
  • Cycles of change: death (shedding the old) re-birth (gaining the new)
  • Masculine power of assertion
  • Feminine power of receptivity
  • Psychology 

***Note***One should always keep in mind that the snake is a powerful totem that can "SEE" into the minds and the intentions of others. Highly empathic & sensitive (psychically and emotionally) it automatically connects with others aura's, souls and subconsciousness. Does this make the one who has this totem telepathic? Damn near, the closer we get to you, the easier it is to read you.  Snake people can literally, read you by using all of the 5 senses and many times knows what you're feeling or even about to say before you do, we can predict what actions you will take before YOU do it and sit back and watch it play itself out. It would truly be a good idea to never lie to a Snake person, to attempt to deceive them in any way or to even misuse them. I have watched different outcomes play themselves out over and over again in peoples lives concerning the treatment of me and  other snake people and it's not always had a happy ending for the "other." Keep in mind that the snake also can initiate and bring full fold anothers KARMA. Keep in mind that the KARMA will be whatever YOU brought to the table. If it was a love relationship, finances, friendship, family, etc. you will experience the KARMA in that situation!  Please understand that if you mistreat a snake person, you will have consequences to pay. Sorry, sounds other worldly or like some hocus pocus, please I would rather it NOT be, but unfortunately, it's very, very real. Just because a snake person does not say anything, does not mean we don't already KNOW!!! Be open and HONEST. Always.


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