Accepting love with GRACE

It's is never an ironic coincidence when the messages I receive from the spirit realm resonate so powerfully with what many souls I encounter on a daily basis are going through.  Over the past  month or so I have been receiving emails and phone calls from friends and clients having the discussion on the ever so popular topic of love and relationships.  While I don't presume to act like I have all the answers, I must say I have been blessed with some pretty strong insights and wisdom over the years. As an astrologer and spiritual counselor, many of these insights have been linked to many roads that spawn from messages from the spirit realm, what I observe and have encountered and have actually experienced myself, so today, it is with a blessed heart that I offer this blog to you. 

This blog is not going to be about the "light" of  love. This blog is about standing still or moving forward in the area of love in all forms of expression. Let me share with you that there are many souls experiencing transitions right now, the pain of releasing these relationships are far too exasperating at the moment.  Many men and women have given themselves to deeply loving someone that were or are in no way ready to receive love due to past traumas and who are intrinsically denying them true love in return, struggles, drama, rejection, denial is what they are experiencing and instead of walking away, they are still engaging,  staying in a fight for another soul they are surely never to win.  Connected to this expression, there are others who are being put into these very peoples lives, subconsciously offering them healing, self acknowledgement and validation, seeking to love the very ones who are doing the giving but not receiving, and getting very little if anything in return for their efforts. Standing lost in the field of hope and longing, these souls are seeking to find a safe space to remain in love but to detach from their love interests current dilemma. It's a dance right now of consciousness, upheaval and the revelation of personal truth, it's time we speak about it clearly, plainly and with power, after all we incarnated for this, let's learn the lesson and either engage in and bask in real romantic love or sublimate it into a different kind of love and expression.

Yes, soul mate relationships are coming to an end and now many twin flame relationships are being formed, we must remember that no ever said that forming those relationships would be a cake walk, after all they are made of something, some kind of energy that is entirely different than what any of us have previously been accustomed too. It would be like trying on a pair of new shoes, they look good but it may take a while to break em in. The old ones however feel quite nice as we have become used to the way they fit, and because they feel so good, we don't think about how much we've become accustomed to them, even when they start to look old and tattered from the abuse we've given them due to over wearing them.  The relationships we choose often times resemble old shoes. We believe that we've made different choices in love, by choosing someone new, only to find that we in fact we have not,  the same issues, pain, feelings, experiences are being felt and the red flags that tell us this person is all wrong keep slapping us in the face, yet we continue to push on. We don't stop to look down at the path we are walking, the signs on the side of the road that are giving us the opportunity to make different choices, or see that our shoes are literally falling apart. We then begin to find ourselves in the pattern of thinking that love is never going to happen for us, that somehow we don't deserve it and that it will never happen to us, but yet the very reason why it can't is because we are stuck experiencing the same things, over and over again, only just with different people. It's like a nightmare of the movie Groundhog day! Repeating the same patterns over and over, over, and over, over again, until we make a DIFFERENT choice.

When we allow ourselves to stay stuck in emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship patterns we are in fact robbing ourselves of true joy and abundant love. We in fact are allowing others to suck what gifts, love, joy, happiness, passion right out of us, leaving us hollow and feeling rejected and energetically interrupted.. We often do not realize while we are basking in rays of pain and confusion that spirit has placed someone or something right in front of us to cling too, to receive real love from, to heal with and to move on with.  Now I am not saying the word "cling" as a co-dependent but rather as an anchor to something very real and needed. Easier said than done.

Patterns.  We create them by choosing the same behaviors, by making the same choices. In the areas of love if we continue to choose the same energetic patterns that are present within people, we often ourselves denying the very thing we claim we desire, which is true understanding and real love. When we deny ourselves real love, we begin to be blinded in not being able to accept real love. When in negative relationship patterns we are often fighting so hard for others that we don't take the time out fight for ourselves!! Or to see the love we can accept from others in our lives. We build a second skin that is impenetrable. We give, give, give, give, give, give, give and give again, until we become numb to receiving it from those who wish to provide us with a blessing or blessings.  WE hang onto the soul that is hurting us and wait with baited breath for them to wake up and bloom with the love we've been showering them with only to find that they may in fact like being a wilted flower. Spirit or the creator, which ever you see fit to label the energies as, often provide us with balm, healing, support and yes, love, even in the midst of our own chaos. This love can come from anyone. It may be a stranger, a friend, a family member etc. But this love is provided to us as a gift to offer us a different sensation, a different perspective about who we are and what it is we bring to the table, in our own internal lives and with others. The expression of this love for me is not as important as the ACT of the love offered. It can come in any form and it often provides us with the ability to be shown that we are in fact a gift ourselves to anyone who is willing to engage us in a healthy manner. To deny this form of love, is to deny oneself the opportunity for celebration, for a different perspective and to send a message that one could believe that they are intrinsically not worthy of receiving love, only giving it. When any of us take that stance, we are denying the power, the energy, spirit, God, etc. the very right to have made us in the first place. Who are we to deny the love which spirit has provided to us, are we that arrogant? Ego driven? Are we in that much pain? Could we be blinded by our own desire to "reform" the one which denies us, coveting pain, misery and self destruction? I don't know, could be. However, when a gift is provided to us from a person or opportunity of love, it challenges us to acknowledge that love out of respect, and reverence, not only to the person providing it but to spirit, the creator, the one that seeks to love you and heal your wounds. When we do not we are creating another set of spiritual issues we may not wish to encounter thus continuing the cycle of pain and self denial.
At this time I am truly wishing that all of those individuals who are experiencing love challenges right now truly receive the gift of healing, self love and self awareness that they need to make their choices to either stay with the abuse they are living with by another and live in that energy or to  become empowered by saying "No more" and walking away.  My soul goes out to all of you simply because "I've been there and done that", and no, these kinds of situations are never truly easy to resolve and no they certainly don't FEEL GOOD.  Letting go for many will take some serious time and extended reflection as they heal, so for anyone on the "healthy love" side of the equation, I wouldn't carry the illusion of jumping right into a love bond with these folks. They need plenty of time to close this chapter before they begin another one, if they are willing to begin another one. This all depends on how they choose to heal. We must understand that before we can engage in a healthy, loving, caring, mutually sustaining relationship with them, that there was something else that was needed to be learned before they can ever be allowed move onto a REAL love.  Again, many people will sell you the BS that soul mate or Twin flame relationships are supposed to be easy, come easily, and stay easy, THAT IS NOT TRUE.  One partner can be ready before the other one is ready and that is a fact, not a myth.  I digress, moving on is a choice or accepting the pain that is dished out by a soul who is not your vibration but only holds the spark of potential, who is self focused, making decisions to hurt you repeatedly without any true desire of full-filling a healthy, loving relationship is one as well. I say no more excuses, only reality. Either you love yourself enough, or you don't.

Lastly, just as realizing and accepting love from other avenues to aid you in your healing is a choice let us not forget that we are supported on levels seen and unseen in this world, and when opportunity strikes for us to heal, to grow and to become evolved, it is imperative for ourselves and others that we accept the opportunity with humility. If those that you are loving, or love are not willingly to do their own inner work to evolve and truly bask in the light that is you, keep in mind that it's imperative that you also have a choice in letting the love go. I am not saying to walk away, or to leave, some have told me that is in fact what they HAVE to do for their own sanity, however, one can choose to be true friends and allow spirit to provide you and this individual love but just in a different capacity.  There is nothing wrong with that. Does it shift your spiritual and soul goals with this individual?  YES!  Was that the plan before incarnation, probably not, but we are given FREE WILL.  If you don't complete it this lifetime, you will just be back in another to complete it, IF you choose too, again, there may be a caveat where you may not need to do so any longer because you've done the work needed for YOU to evolve.  So what does that mean for those who are healed, open and conscious about the love they need and deserve to both GIVE AND RECEIVE THIS LIFETIME?  

 Wait for the creator to send you ANOTHER love that you deserve, provide a clear path to your soul heart so that you can meet this romantic love and soul. This is not selfish, this is being offered a gift for "a good job well done", by sticking to your goals, and being consciously aware of what is unfolding before you, in no soul union does the creator expect for souls to painfully go through or hang onto a negative experience, to become a martyr or a saint when an individual is clearly not on YOUR vibrational pattern, and more than likely never will be.  Again, it all boils down to choice.
What do YOU choose???


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