Venus & Mars the planets of love and passion are lip locked! Find out what that means for you!

Venus & Mars
Venus the planet of love and relationships is lip locked with the planet of Mars' passion, and assertion for the next few days!

I must say this is an auspicious aspect for flirtation, attraction, positive leader ship and the unifying of feminine and masculine energies, as Venus rules the feminine and Mars rules the masculine.

The formation that these two planets are lip locked in, is called a sextile. Sextiles are advantageous they are about opportunity and cooperation. It's considered an "easy" aspect in astrology and it provides one with an "open door" for opportunity to come knocking.

So, you may be wondering how this can benefit you?  This Venus and Mars aspect can lead to all kinds of positive relating opportunities that can enhance your attraction level, increase your libido, make you desirable by the opposite sex and even uncover a new attraction.  Remember that Venus is receptive energies and Mars are penetrative hence that arrow shooting out of the circle of completeness. Venus waits for Mars to penetrate her, how she goes about making the connection is through her gift of femininity and desirability. This connection cosmically can be one that can feel intense but if handled properly can be used to enhance your position at work, in relationships, in increasing your sexual desire and union. This aspect can also reveal a new attraction to someone unexpectedly or increase it's intensity. Of course WHERE these two planets "fall" in your natal house during this transit creates a bigger picture.

In traditional astrologer this is considered a general interpretation of this combination

"Transit Venus Sextile Mars"

"You can enjoy interacting with other people, especially members of the opposite sex. You tend to be more flirtatious, which is likely to be harmless as they’re often in the same mood. Your communication and connections can be intense and you may strongly push your agenda, keep in mind that you’re also sensitive to the needs of other people and agreements will come easily. Your creative energy is high and you want to express yourself, often through physical action, touch such as performing or working with tools to create art. Lastly, this is a good day to discuss financial deals, as you’re confident about your position and will work hard to convince others while maintaining a friendly and agreeable attitude." ~Moon Priestess personal notes~1999

Venus & Mars can be considered a mystial union. Movie credit: "LadyHawke" 
In esoteric astrology (spiritual astrology or Soul astrology) a general interpretation of this combination:

"When Venus & Mars connects through Sextile"

"When these two powerful energies form union in a sextile embrace you will find Venus offering her higher vibratory energies to Mars to encourage abundance, development and evolution. Mars with it's one pointed focus (the arrow) provides action toward this goal, infusing it with assertion, hunger and passion to get the goal met. Venus is forever enticing him to sky rocket them both higher and higher on the evolutionary rung to gain deeper and greater insights for all of humanity but also as a couple, in union, working as a team. This aspect feels good. It provides pleasure for both Venus and Mars and promises a union that can be both physically (human, earthly) pleasurable and harmonious as well as spiritually satisfying." ~Moon Priestess personal notes 2005~

God& Goddesses that are associated with Venus & Mars:

  • IFA~ Oshun/Chango
  • Roman~ Venus/Aries
  • Egptian~Isis/Osiris
  • Roman~Persephone/Hades

Music that celebrates this aspect: 

1. Sade: No Ordinary Love
2. Sade: Flow


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