The power of your YONI *NSFW/NSFC* The power of YOU!

The word yoni  is the Sanskrit word for vagina – but it also has a much deeper meaning.  Yoni is source or creation – it is the divine passage, womb or sacred temple.  Hindus believe the yoni is an abstract representation of the creative force that moves through the entire universe.  The yoni IS the creative power of nature and represents the goddess Shakti - divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as ‘The Great Divine Mother.’  On the earthly plane, Shakti (energy) actively manifests through female creativity and fertility.

What I find fascinating is that the Hindu culture has long celebrated the goddess and holds great admiration for the powerful and exotic nature of the feminine.  Often Hindu statues and images do not hide the female body, but instead celebrate it, and include the body (and all of it’s ‘parts’) as a natural facet of art.  A sacred ritual dating back 1,000's of years is still practiced today, creates an alter in many homes and temples to worship the yoni as the source and seat of all creation and life.  

Women's bodies are still held to critical standards, many women are under the illusion that the paternalistic culture truly admires them for their minds and their acumen in the board room, at the office and running successful businesses, while this may be true for SOME men, it's not true for many. Many men harbor resentment for women being so powerful and so successful because it's a direct reminder of the natural order of things. We are nurturers yes, but also highly intuitive, creative, productive, multi-thinking and multi-tasking, and given the opportunity can master virtually any skill for survival and necessity. United States slavery is one prime example of that feat.  Many world cultures embellished standards toward women lead us to have shame around our bodies – and particularly around the yoni itself, thinking it unattractive, dirty and even unholy! The truth of the matter is the yoni or vulva was revered in many major world civilizations for it's power, mystery and pleasure.  In many parts of the world, especially in America, our mainstream art is censored and it seems anytime a vagina is featured, it is in a vulgar or suggestive light, in fact anytime the word vagina is mentioned, it creates nothing but controversy! Why?  I mean EVERY human being has to pass through one to live! 

My sense of humor! Can't help it! I am an Aries sun! :)-

The West has created whole industries and media empires not to celebrate the sacred center of the feminine, but to exploit sex for men. And add to that the problem of manufactured products and services from scented douches, v-dazzled jewels, and creative waxing patterns…all commercial efforts created under the guise of making this area more “appealing” — as if it wasn’t good enough in its organic form. Thus brainwashing not only millions of men but women as well! WE owe it to our daughters to live powerful through our vulva's! Not to allow the media or men to perpetuate their ignorance that is only based off of lies!  For years society has cast a complex and devious campaign on how women should view and express their sexuality, in particularly, their vagina's. We’ve allowed society to give our vagina's a foreign voice or for that matter, NO VOICE AT ALL.  Instead of embracing it as magnificent, sacred creation, we are unsure of it – or even ashamed of it.  One way to understand this very sad phenomenon is the percentage of women who do not orgasm during sexual intercourse! 

  • It's well over 70%! Why are women not talking to their sex partners about their needs in the bedroom? 
  • Why are over 75% of women who engage in sexual intercourse faking it, going through the motions and playing the role of a porn "chick" because they think it's "sexy"?? 
  • Why are over 65% of women, not even familiar with how her clitoris works? Not knowing what kinds of touch her clitoris needs or outer lips needs to have in order to feel good and to reach orgasm?! 
  • Why are over 55% of women not making REAL noises when engaging in sexual activity, taking the sound track off of porn and using that to make the men believe the sex feels good?! Okay, maybe I should stop here!?  My point is that it's time we as women, get in touch with our REAL bodies and our real VOICES! This has got to change. Not only that but men need to realize that it takes so much more for women to be aroused than 4 seconds of foreplay and that he can be apart of the solution if he's willing to grow up and take the bull by the horns, relearn his approach and mindset to sexual encounters.

Due to all of these societal and truly world ills we need to recognize that just as we store tension in our shoulders and backs, we store emotional imprints in the lower regions of our body and we also store negative energy within our entire body. This storing of negative energy is not intentional, many of us will try and find love through our vagina's because we are taught that we will gain attention if we share it, that we will be desired, if we engage it, however, reality will show us that this is in fact not love but only lust. Society holds no boundaries in allowing us to engage our LUST factor and call it something else. Many very intelligent and even spiritual individuals become victim to this pattern over and over again, until they choose to become conscious of their patterns. What I need to impress upon you is that our bodies either through illness, stress, sickness and discomfort will show us if we are harboring negative energy. This negative energy can be from past encounters, childhood abuse, rape, abuse of any kind and also a true lack of  not knowing who you are. When seek validation outside of ourselves we most often will find ourselves engaging in behaviors that do not serve us or our life's essence.  Again; it's imperative that we know that any negative, painful, or uncomfortable experiences you may have had towards your vagina is stored in the genital tissue.  This impedes our ability to fully experience confidence, pleasure in general, and creativity thus, many women are struggling to embody feminine qualities because we don’t have role models or a healthy point of reference.  It's time that we stand up and take an active part in our own healing so that we can assist our daughters and other women, our sistars, in their own healing to tip the balance of power. This power is not about the worlds power, but our own truth, our inner power. We need to BE those role models for the youth and for all of humanity. 

Yoni prayer mudra!

It truly believe as a sacred priestess that it is time for western women especially but for ALL women to connect themselves to an empowering feminine path of the Goddess, one that celebrates our femininity and the yoni, and the sacred power of creation that it holds.  

This journey is not about bashing men or society but by focusing our energies on celebrating and rejoicing in the fact that we are SACRED BEINGS! 

When we can do this, it is then, when we come into that knowingness, and are free of all forms of shame, we are more free to be bold, to fulfill our missions and to be part of the healing force for all of the planet, to receive and give pleasure beyond measure and to model the energy of our birth rite, the sacred sexual priestess and reclaim our TEMPLE. We need to reclaim our birth right as sacred beings! It's time to step into the temple and live as our ancestors did in the holy days of old! 

"Within the Yoni is the origin of the worlds, the Gods and all living beings."~ Vedas

Within the Yoni is the origin of the worlds, the Gods and all living beings. – Vedas


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