Should we be having multiple sex partners? (before marriage?) A deeper look at the Sacred Feminine

Astarte *Oshun* in ancient times; H. Priestess of Sacred sexual union and arts

Sex before marriage! I know you're thinking this could be a RELIGIOUS topic, but truly if you've been following my blogs for some time now, you'll know that this is not the case. Purely looking at the sacred nature of our bodies is what matters most to me as I enjoy enlightening and empowering others! It gives me permission to do the same for myself! 

I am sure it has not escaped many of us who have lived long enough to see that most of the world is under patriarchal rule or paternalistic ruler ship. It has caused much dis-ease within our world as well as within the roles women and men inherently  play to keep the balance. Yes! I did say "inherently", this means that each of us, no matter how we are wired, are given a code that our souls must follow in order for us to again, maintain and sustain relationships that are in balance.  Now in this blog I am not going to touch upon other gender identification or non heterosexual union, I DO believe they do have a place in this discussion but for now I am going to stick to heterosexual encounters because those are the ones that seem to be having so much turmoil as of late. 

We are in the midst of a very powerful paradigm shift, it's happening and being experienced all over the world. Women are stepping into, re-discovering their divine power and energetic expression. Men are on the other hand at odds with the newly developing "rebellion", and many are afraid as they do not know what to do as women are stepping up and many are stepping out of relationships and any kind of traditional roles that may have come with them. *that's another blog* I have found as an intuitive reader for many that these roles are highly skewed by societies as they seek or have sought to degrade and misplace the "role" of women and our "place" within relationships.

Let's keep in mind that the POWER of the divine feminine has been with us since the dawning of mankind. Once it was noticed and was soften misunderstood and feared (it still is even to this day) that women can bleed every month and not die, and create life within our own bodies such as the universe does, we've been honored. In earlier times we were worshiped and the Divine feminine was a source of power, balance, nurturing, and peace. Men on the other hand, did not like that this power came to the woman so easily, what he wanted to consider to be the weaker species, what he didn't want to face was that we are in fact the bearers of life, that we carry the right to have sex with whom WE chose and not the other way around, we do carry the DNA code for all of humanity and he is the tool that allows that creation to spark, therefore we embody the God given right of honor and respect. 

Since the dawn of the patriarchal take over, the world has seen an abundance of war, murder, dirty politics, health care has become a business, people are going hungry, with children being the largest population, animals are being mistreated and women are still being abused, raped, murdered all over the world in record numbers. It's sad to know all of this is happening, even to experience a taste of it in your own back yard, but it is. Women's roles have become less and less feminine with the focus on women becoming more and more masculine. Women are no longer allowing men to be men, men are not being trained properly by elders nor going through "rites of passage" to know what it LOOKS LIKE to be a man, how to be a father, how to be a provider, how to be a good lover, to know what it  means to commit to the right woman and women are no longer being educated or shown how to be a "woman", no rites of passage, no education on sexual expression, mothering etc. We are in fact lost. More and more men are attempting to turn loose women into Queens and wives and women are attracted to thugs, thinking he's an alpha male who will BE that provider her DNA is seeking! 

Lastly,  more and more women are graduating from college in record numbers, many going back getting 2 or 3 degrees. Women are running corporations, starting successful businesses and taking care of homes, even some are opting out on getting married or having a man at all, but will use him to make babies with, raising them alone and just as a tool for sexual release and if you're lucky, pleasure.  Let me share that while there is nothing wrong with women getting educated and running good business, this has diminished the male counterpart due to a lag in graduating men, most men are NOT in fact graduating from college or working viable jobs and rising to their rightful positions as leaders or Kings. Those who even desire to get themselves in a position to be MEN and being the head of his household will have to work extra, emphasis on EXTRA hard to even catch the eye of a woman who may be interested in him, or not. Again most often than not many are coming together "hooking up" off of lust fumes and calling it "integrity", without consciously looking at the bigger picture.  For many it's a  "war zone" out here and that is due to us loosing focus and our natural rhythm that the creator provided to us.

So, what has this got to do with the blog? I am so glad you asked! A lot! We are going to be taking a look at how having multiple sex partners before marriage can actually do women more harm than good. I know, I know, you more than likely are getting a bit frazzled by that comment since we are actually in 2013 are we not? But again the SCIENCE of how our bodies work beckons for us to pay attention, in a different way. I am here to offer you knowledge and a different perspective on how our bodies should be viewed in my opinion as a sacred temple. Why? Because it is!  Ladies we have to look at the Science first! Yep! Science. We have within us the capability to birth a nation! We have the power and the gift to make life! We ARE CREATION. We are the Goddess! Science dictates, that it takes 7 years for a woman's body to actually KILL off any remnants of a man's DNA. Yep that is right 7 years! Now multiply that by the number of men you've been with over the past 10 years and depending on your numbers you've got a tribe laying in your body right now! Sorry, I hate to bring this up but it's truth.  I encourage all of you to do your own research!  If you have any questions about this please jump in my inbox, I am more than happy to discuss it with you!

Society would have us believe that women who devoted their lives to the Goddess are sacred WHORES!! In fact we were no thing of the kind! We were powerful Priestesses who healed, divined and ruled Nations and Kingdoms as Goddesses! Be the Goddess not the image of the patriarchal whore!

When we are living in our bodies powerfully we can feel or sense those that we should or need to be initiating sexual intimacy with. What happens is when we listen to our "friends" or societies definition of what that looks like.  We have to discern the reality that just because you feel a "heat" or sexual attraction to someone does not mean we need to engage them with our bodies. *still love me?!* Now that I've dropped the bomb on the science of our bodies and how we  hold onto male DNA for a period of time, we also need to look at the spiritual aspects of this. AS natural receivers, containers for energy we have to be conscious about WHO we allow to lay within us.  His energy is being energized by our sexual desire and union. During this energetic exchange we are creating a heat and friction that stamps not only him but us as well.  Psychically we are creating a portal with each thrust and each individual we have sex with and if we create too many, how can we be focused on just one?  Eventually what  happens is that we pull the one we are engaging with into those portals, and loose the essence of the union. If you've ever had an experience where you've been with one man, and laid with another and your man "senses a change or an energy in you" that was not present before, well that is what that is! He senses your portal has been tampered with the energy he CREATED with you as been tainted.  It's the same thing when you've laid with men or multiple men before him, he begins to sense the presence of others and your lack of being PRESENT when he's making love to you. This for many men causes conflict, especially those men who are intuitively sensitive!!!
 Now I am not saying that this is not a twisted notion. It IS. Again, do not think I am ignoring the problematic perpetuation and hypocrisy of many men in the world, who feel as though it's "okay" for them to lay with as many woman as they want and the woman he falls in love with has to either be a virgin or damn near one. It's not okay either. HOWEVER, you as a woman have the POWER to control whom and what enters your sacred, and it's not realistic! But because YOU are Gaia herself and  remember YOU have the power of creation, I am focusing on us!!  Preserve, respect, uphold and honor that power, so that when you meet the one you desire to truly be with, he can have all of you instead of just pieces of you!

Okay so how do we heal this Moon? Ooh you still love me?! I am honored! :)- Let me share that with you!  Healing from patterns that our not our own, as in taking on masculine energies is not an easy task, but one that our elders provided to us intrinsically!  WE start by first being mindful. Being conscious helps us to align with our true power as living and breathing Goddesses! WE create community that supports and sustains this energy so that we can continue to learn, support, create and heal one another in finding and expressing our essence. Find a safe community! WE also can begin in cleaning out our own closets and in order to do this we must realistically and lovingly look at ourselves. Tap into deeper waters of intuition and inner knowing. All too often when women become out of sync with their bodies and desires is due to some kind of abuse we've sustained, some kind of misrepresentation of the feminine and masculine energies in our homes or families when we were growing up, we then just follow what we've either been taught or allowed to learn on our own! It's time to take our power back and realize that we have what it takes within to re-create our own sexual expression.   Keep in mind again, I am not saying at all that women should not have more than one male sexual partner in her lifetimte!!  That would just not be realistic, especically with the ever changing dynamics that are happening on a grand scale of late, women are either settling for being "loose" or rising to the call of the Goddess of higher feminine energies as many evolve!! What I AM saying is that as Goddesses we need to be extra discerning, careful and picky when it comes to allowing just anyone to take pleasure in our form! That not only empowers your body but your soul as well.

Lastly, let's keep in mind that if one seeks either a sacred union, marriage or long term commitment the rules of engagement are the same! We want clarity when sharing our souls with another.

Here is another POV on playing the field before marriage!


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