Personal power

 "Personal Power"
 it's a phrase that has taken over the "new age" community as it seeks to assist others in understanding how we are truly in a time that has accelerated our opportunities for so much inner growth and development. We are no longer "asleep", only going through the motions, only relying on what we are given by the media, the news, our local and world wide governments, we are in a space and time of great awakening and it's happening on a global scale. What we tend to loose sight of is that this great awakening could not happen without each and every soul doing her or his part at continued self awareness, healing and spiritual development. There are circumstances in life that can deplete our gift of personal power reservoirs and cause them to diminish over time below are some of my personal experiences and thoughts on this silent but deadly occurrence.

Experiences in life: When looking at the small components of the term personal power, I often find that there are a number of elements that go into living a life fueled by this elixir.  I have experienced and do have personal experience with stepping into my own personal power on multiple levels, and this has been a process that has taken several steps over a period of years. So often the trials and tribulations we experience in life can diminish our power, how we see ourselves, how we interact with others, and how we feel about who we are. Trials over a long period of time can cause us to run out of gas. We all know that experiences are fueled by the choices we make. Therefore it's crucial to understand where you want to go!   I have found it beneficial when accessing personal power that knowing what it is I need and where it is I need to go to get to the next level of experience helps me in making better choices. Although not 100% fool proof, being aware of what your goals are, both small and great,  makes a big difference when driving down the highway and back roads of life. This may mean moving beyond your fear. Fear is a false perception, but it's feeling is real none the less. The media keeps us in perpetual states of fear if we succumb to it, moving outside of that fear allows one to access parts of themselves that will propel them into higher states of self respect, awareness and consciousness.

Relationships: Relationships are tricky business. Love is energy and when we invest in an energetic exchange we become tangled in anothers vibration and web of love of denial and expression! We all have different kinds of relationships, whether we are relating to co-workers, parents, children, extended family, lovers, spouses, the list goes on and on. However, when it comes to using personal power this is truly and area where we tend to subconsciously compromise what are needs truly are. Personal power in this aspect is about consciously living and acting out your personal power in ways where you are most likely to be judged. Romantically, the risk is much higher because you are constant contact with your other and they have full and complete access to every aspect of your being, all on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level of development.  It is essential that you truly digger deeper beneath the surface to access your true self expression.  Who are you? What do you need? What motivates you? What brings you joy?  What are your passions? What are your fears?  I can't say it enough, again what you need is truly important to outline here. If we don't know what our true needs are, how can we expect others too? Here is a process of what I call: "Peeling back the layers" of YOU. Finding your authentic self can allow your true voice to be heard, and for you to live authentically, no explanations, no apologies. Doing so not only increases your frequency on the planet but it leads you down a road of self respect and hopefully inner happiness.

Releasing & Embracing:  Personal Power does not come without us recognizing what no longer serves us, what is it we need to release, let go of, no longer cling too. It's so easy to get caught up in patterns. Patterns are what makes us feel comfortable because it allows us to see what is coming next! So often we make life choices that perpetuate a pattern, love, work, family, etc.  Truth of the matter is that many of our patterns though keep us locked in a space that does not allow any room for us to grow, to experience new adventures, to feel the right love, to embrace something NEW that lay before us. WE get caught up in FEAR, resisting, afraid of the outcome because we do not want to fail, we do not want to hurt, we don't want to feel pain. I have learned that part of the human experience is to feel disappointment, pain, hurt, negativity, however, it's what I decide to do with it that makes a huge difference. If I choose to wallow in all of the places, I can never move forward, BUT, when I decide (choose again!) to move beyond it, see the bigger picture and transform it into something beneficial both on a physical level and a spiritual one, I create a pattern of success and self love. When I do this I am CONSCIOUSLY moving toward my higher self's true purpose and begin to again, live authentically and to consciously exercise my own personal power!  Releasing patterns that no longer serve you moves you away from your PAST and anything that may have caused you FEAR can now be seen for what it was, a stepping stone to growth! When we begin to embrace our past, it allows us to experience and seek our future, honing our skills and stepping fully into the expression of our power, when we give ourselves permission to do that, we are a gift not only unto ourselves but also to others.

Feelings & Emotions:  Another gift and curse (just kidding) for us spiritual beings having a human experience! Feelings and emotions within and of themselves are not a negative experience. We need them to raise our consciousness to the next level. Having a healthy dose of love for oneself is always a must in order for us to express our personal power! Having love for others, our planet, any living creature is a must if we are going to truly embrace unity!  The challenge is when those experiences we've had, patterns we have set, relationships we engage in cause us pain, hurt or disappointment. Sometimes this pain is only emotional but unfortunately it can be physical pain as well. These kinds of experiences can cause us to loose our connection to self, our needs and our ability to truly give and receive love. We can not use logic here as it has no place, form or function. WE must tap into the heart chakra for this to be cleansed.  How do we do this? By taking the time to take care of ourselves, by loving ourselves and giving ourselves permission to heal. Once we engage our healing, we can be on alert when engaging others, no matter what capacity, to ensure that we are being treated the way we deserve to be and need to be. When we do this our personal power is in full affect as we begin to access portals within our bodies that support our highest good!

So what happens when we make the choice to take a look at ourselves on a deeper level? When we choose to truly understand who we are and tap into our own personal power?

We experience something not unlike the butterfly:
METAMORPHOSIS. WE change, we transform into our authentic selves and therein lies our PERSONAL POWER.

For me it's all about TRANSFORMATION. In order for the Butterfly to know it needs to break from the cocoon to spread it's wings and to show off it's beautiful and radiant colors it must be aware of it's prison. Although this "prison" is a process of growth and development, it needs to have the strength and desire to break free! This is how we tap into the essence of our personal power. We often experience is as a build up of internal pressures, this pressure becomes so great that we either break or we assist it in finding it's release! With the butterfly, it's being reborn that releases this pressure, so it can FLY!

This process is not for the faint hearted but for those who truly wish to tap into the authentic essence! It takes diligent effort, a conscious mindset and the willingness to go deep into the dark places of our psyche and subconscious minds. Although it can be a bit frightening, it's a process that is well worth the effort and journey as it will provide each of us, the light on this planet, the ability to not only heal ourselves but also the earth, our communities and our loved ones!

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