Is your relationship Dysfunctional? Moving toward the light and leaving the darkness behind

Dysfunctional relationships seem to be the pattern in 2013. With the planet Saturn in Libra (sidereal), there seems to be a HUGE focus on break-ups, ending marriages, heaviness to romantic relationships where they are feeling like a burden instead of a gift, and forcing one to take a hard look at their future with another who may not be a good match but suffering through it until it reaches it's culmination.  Seems as though I keep being led to write about stuffy ol Saturn and the turmoil that he's creating, but truly after having ventured here myself in my past, I do recognize the value in sharing this as often as I am led. As long as I get emails, texts, phone calls from clients or individuals who read my blogs that this information helps them, I will keep speaking on it. Saturn.  That is what Saturn will do, make us experience the drudgery of the relationship so that we can recognize what a benefit it would be for both parties to go their separate ways. This is hard to look at, it's not easy to take a look at something you thought at one point was the answer to your loneliness, your pain, or your fear of not having the love you so strongly desire. It's hard to look at someone you thought you loved with all you've got and now, you seem to want to leave them more than be with them due to the constant drama that weighs you down.  Many of my clients partners are "not willing to move forward or do the work necessary to evolve, grow or change. Haphazard at best, there is no consistancy or even a true desire to engage honestly in the act, while the partner whose waiting is moving forward without quesiton.  It's a painful process to watch and to be in.

As with most of my blogging, this energy has been intense for many of my clients over these past 8 months. It's something I've done astrology reading after astrology reading over and it's sad to see how many are just fed up with this lack of healthy relating that they crave. But on the other hand I must add that when this is realized, when the dysfunction, the root of the manipulation, limitations and fear are discovered by each client, it's beautiful to see an epiphany occur and for them to dig down deep and move on toward something or someone that makes their souls light up and dance to a higher octave! But I digress, I must note that it takes courage to be able to dig that deep and realise that you leaving a relationship is healthier for the both of you than to stay and force it to fit into some preconceived notion of what we think it OUGHT to be like. Or from what I've been hearing from my clients, the POTENTIAL of what it can be like. *cringing* how many of us have "been there done that?"

This kind of expereince lately is especially true for "light workers", evolved souls, and highly sensitive individuals. It's so easy to "fall in love " with someones potential than to accept their reality in the NOW, and realize that they may not have the same desire, courage or need to raise their vibration up to their fullest potential and may be quite happy being right where they are at, even if you see differently, it doesn't really matter does it? It's truly about them, not about you.  In a situation like that what do you do?  Realistically, unless you can spiritually prove it's KARMA that you need to engage in, and it's causing both you and your partner pain and discomfort, drama, and sadness, it may be Saturn telling you it's time to move on. If you don't Saturn will bring about consequences and those are never any good.

This energy, Saturn's energy, is more about our relationships creating a portal for us to look deeper within ourselves and finding our own truth in relating. Most often if the karma (Saturn) of a relationship is rearing it's "ugly" head and is more pain than happiness, feels more heavy than light, has more rain than sunshine, this relationship is dysfunctional.  If one partner is constantly pushing while the other is pulling or running, that is an indication of dysfunction.  Relationships that work as a team, mutural energies of togetherness, with mutual respect and mututal adoration is what we want. Not the push/pull affect.  I am not implying that these relationships don't have their own growth or challenges,  they do, but when morals, ethics and the love nature is vibrating on the same frequency, it makes a huge difference when engaging in love relationships.

Let's recall again that the energy of Saturn is about maturation. Yep. Growing up.  If you are being affected by these kinds of issues, then I am to surmise that you may be immature in this area of life and your soul's desire is to evolve and express and experience love on a higher octave, a higher plane of expression.  What Saturn is expressing is that many souls simply need to learn the lesson of  LETTING GO!    Self mastery is the name of the game and if we are to vibrate higher, it's imperative that we LET GO of past patterns in relationships that no longer serve us. Did I say patterns? Yes. Patterns.  We create patterns often unconsciously and many have asked me, if patterns can be created and experienced from other lives. The answer is YES, YES, YES. We often will gravitate toward people (soul energy) that we are the most comfortable with and the newness of experiencing a healthy relationship (some are calling it a twin flame or one that is almost like a "dream come true.")  can be too much for some, thus humans tend to turn BACK to what's more comforting and familiar, which are negative energy exchanges. What's the straw that breaks the camel's back is anyones guess but until we get fed up and either succumb to the false idea that we are not meant for love (which goes against everything we were created for) or rise to the occasion, breaking these chains and moving toward the light is the BEST move we can make so we can begin to mature and experience what we incarnated for. The light? Yes! The light and the light my friends, is CONSCIOUSNESS.

So often when meeting, we find that our bodies become connected before our minds and our hearts. Yes! Even our souls function and purpose as a couple (or team). We have become so familiar with engaging this energy that we've been socialized to think is real and good for us that we gravitate toward these individuals, relating patterns, and energies without a second thought. It's familiar, so much so we tend to fall right into sync with its essence. After time goes by, we find that what we fooled ourselves into believing was something "new" is the same ol push and pull we've experienced in other relating patterns or relationships.  When we hit this level of consciousness, because we've invested so much thought, desire, sexual energy, money, communication, we begin to see what we want to see, what we emotionally and psychologically need to see in order to justify keeping the relationship moving in the direction we want to, so we can CLING to the familiar.  It is at this stage where we actively begin the process of molding, coaxing, nudging someone into the version of who we either want or need them to be.  We will often "lift them up" so that we are always underneath them, assisting them in climbing the ladder that their soul came here to climb alone. Again the "knee jerk" response of making impossible demands, accusations, projected desires onto another to again justify the demand for them to meet the expectations for our desired outcome is well enforced. This spells disaster.

Is that fair? Is that okay to do? The answer is NO, it's not.  This just deepens the pain and resentment that begins to grow as we continue to process the reality that it's not something that we truly needed but more often than not wanted. But out of fear we hang on. Out of ego and pride we cling and continue to push our own agenda's, creating a dynamic flow of negative energy that causes nothing but heartache and stress.  So, what should one in this kind of predicament focus on? I am not going to tell you that "letting go" will ever be easy, for some it's down right unimaginable, why? Because again the patterns are so ingrained that we chose those instead of the new path we've yet to walk down.  In assisting souls for over 10 years I have seen that many, especially those who are spiritually awakening, when it comes to choosing the "right" partner (love interest) many of us fall flat and have a hard time trying to figure out why it all goes south so fast!

 Most have lessons we have to learn first, and most of those relationships are KARMIC indeed. Yes, they hurt very much but these karmic relationships are markers on our path to evolution and growth. Lets face it, if we didn't have the painful relationships, how can we recognize the relationship that will be the "right" one for us??? Many get stuck in the process of realizing that the current relationships, marriage, long term commitment etc. are moving toward the "over phase", and desire to UNDERSTAND WHY they have chosen this particular partner? I believe that it is important to understand but not something that any one should get "stuck" on, most often these sudden revelations of truth come when we are ready to receive them, but are not to be used as concrete blocks which can impede our growth or forward movement.

Lets face it, relationships take work, however, there is a difference between "healthy work" and "dysfunctional work".  I believe as we move toward an essence of clearer relating and conscious living we can begin to see the "right" partner before us. We can feel their power, their energy, their intentions and know that they have only our highest good in mind and at heart. When you experience something that energetically strong, I've been told by elders that this is coming from the power of the creator, it's coming to you as a gift and should not be ignored. When we meet or encounter our (twin flame for some) the one that makes our souls shake, our mind stay tuned into their frequency and our hearts quicken with a thought or when connected, it's time to stand up and take notice. Of course the most powerful piece of this message from the elders is that they've never had a moment "to experience one anothers "flesh" and still feel the intensity of the connectivity, when THAT happens, one should take heed because just as they were blessed with that encounter, it can just as easily be taken away.  The reality of the situation is that  many are married and are experiencing these kinds of relating patterns, however, CONSCIOUS decisions can be made to move forward and not backward, and for those who are not married in dysfunctional relationships, you hold the greatest opportunity due to you not being bond by Saturn's Rings.
Saturn represents the wedding rings of marriage: bonding eternally

Realistically speaking I have found that many WILL not heed the call of the creator to move toward these healthier (soul growth) relationships as easily as our elders previously thought, there will be upset, turmoil, pain, and emotional breakthroughs that will cause suffering before or IF that shift is ever to be made. Unfortunately, for the soul that was the gift and is left behind, they will have to move on. To watch this process is painful at best but at least we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to our elders that is all that matters. AWAKEN!!! 

Here is a song by Jay Z featuring Justin Timberlake (not a fan of Jay Z or this song but I felt it fit perfectly with the energy of a dysfunctional relationship pattern).


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