Full Moon in Aquarius~ Sidereal~ BLUE MOON

I wasn't going to speak about this BLUE MOON which is FULL in Aquarius, but feel led since I had friends/clients email me, text me, and even call me to ask me "Moon! What's up with this energy right now!" "I feel like a wreck and I've been having confrontations like crazy." Well, I can attest to that because the situations I've encountered today have been a bit on the eccentric side, deeply emotionally triggering, quirky, which is some of the energy that Aquarius can give off, I decided to go ahead and release some of that tension with a short blog. ~With love Moon

Astrological mumbo jumbo~We've got a Blue Moon which is not "special" in and of it's self but the alignment IS.  We've got the Full Moon opposing Leo the Sun. We've got our needs, emotions at "odds" with one another, forcing us to take a look our self identity. Many will project their WILL, their sense of self identity, EGO onto others here, and COMMUNICATE it. Why? Mercury is sitting (conjunct) next to the Leo Sun, in the sign of Cancer, which again highlights our emotions, our NEEDS, our unconscious drives and desires, these are often going to be sudden emotional explosions that shake us up. We NEED something that we are not getting and the energy is demanding, even confrontational. Now, what's even more so illuminating in a very strong way is that Leo sun is opposing the Moon yes, but the Moon is also sitting (conjunct) next to Neptune. This means that our emotions are/can skewed. We can't see things or feel things too clearly now. It's not "cut and dry", it's all mixed up with things we need to let go of. Here we go again with THAT theme. But there have been ways that others have VIEWED us based on their own NEEDS, that we are not communicating clearly. Neptune is never clear, it is highly compassionate, however, it is often difficult to understand and it's not about intellect, it's about DEEP, PSYCHIC FEELING, opposing that Cancer in Mercury has things all meshed up into Neptune's net.  If we are not careful we can project what WE need to get rid of onto others
and call it GENIUS when in fact it's OUR EGO talking. 

No wonder we are all having these experiences, it's almost been comical today, how the energies are extremely present, even if we didn't want to look. We need to be mindful that we do not come to rash decisions in the next few days, but attempt to get in touch with our deeper emotions and what it is we are needing that we are not getting. Something deep within is calling for release, and the temptation will be to LET GO OF PEOPLE, instead of SELF insecurities.  

Energies are high right now and we need to be careful in how we handle all that pent up energy inside us. Irritations are rife and conflicts are rearing their ugly heads. I've been mentioning the energy of "us", humanity, feeling as though we are under pressure from within, needing to release our "shadow" that needs to come out and be expressed.  The theme is about the energies literally pushing us, filling us up, as though we are a pressure cooker, needing to be released and if not we will explode, either emotionally, intellectually and psychologically.
This year we have been pushed time and time again to face ourselves, warts and all, in order to take ownership of all that we are and decide how to go about shifting and healing those parts of us which we have ignored, avoided and denied for way too long. This process requires searing honesty and an unflinching willingness to acknowledge who and what we are.  This means more often than not, letting go of what comforts us, and letting go of the ego. The sword of truth has been wielded throughout this past month, and it's flaming hot! The more desperately we’ve tried to avoid its cutting edge the more likely we are going to regret it, it welds healing energy!!

We've all heard the cliche term that the truth can set us free, but it’s so easy to focus on the truth about other people and not ourselves. We may see in others what we cannot perceive in our own behaviour, or distract our inner gaze by focusing on their problems.  At the time of this Blue Moon our spirit guides and higher energies urge us to look within not without, and to recognise that whatever we find in there is our responsibility, no one else’s. Yes, we may have been subject to unfairness and individuals not truly understanding who we are in our past, but what is happening now is a time, a "God/Goddess" given right for each and everyone of us to stand in our own truth, in our own light! To acknowledge how we are all unique, (AQUARIUS) not special but unique souls that deserve to be validated (LEO) and celebrated (LEO) and intensely LOVED (LEO).  To have someone, anyone, even ourselves deny that gift, is to deny us our own use of our power. (LEO)  Our higher EGO needs to be cultivated. If  no one else acknowledges it, that is fine, as long as YOU do. 

So, this Blue Moon in the zodiac sign most resonant with the equality of all living beings, urges us to make this choice now. Calling on the Moon as our witness to this choice can energise our intent, focusing our minds and hearts in ways not ordinarily available to us. This is a moment of power, a moment of potential and it is up to each one of us whether we use that power to take ownership of our lives or to reinforce ourselves as victims in a wider web of forces which serve only to oppress us.
Let's keep in mind that the Aquarius~Leo polarity has to do with having a passion for humanity instead of getting love for ourselves on a personal level. The moon is pushing for balance in our desires to be loved, to be accepted, to express our gifts with accolades. Leo needs that. Aquarius is offering the gift of detachment and the ability to find that within ourselves if others choose not to acknowledge our uniqueness, our genius, our availability to allow our hearts to become full with inner and outer love. In short it's a NEED for many that our voice is heard, that we can shine and validate who we are in the scheme of others. It truly has nothing to do with selfishness, or an insecurity, it's about LOVE. Receiving LOVE after LEO energies so willingly love so deeply, with devotion, loyalty, praise, confidence and shines so brightly.
This is the potential if we are willing to see ourselves clearly and the part we play. This like most of this year is an opportunity for growth and transformation, a chance to release the chains that keep us constricted and bound. 
I wish you all well through this blue Moon (Full) in Aquarius!  I am going to listen to my music to relax. Be mindful when speaking, make sure it's not your "stuff" you're projecting. Communicate with love and compassion, not EGO, love is the key.


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