Twin Flames~Spiritual Transcendence with your "Other Half"

Twin flames; Soul mates; Twin rays; cosmic children born of these sacred unions, spiritually prepared couples; cosmic sex; all of these things are possible more than ever with the changing,shifting, re birthing energies that are ever so present within our very cosmos. Our galactic center. Please don't allow me to freak you out. It's called by a number of names: Heaven, The cosmos, The universe, the great all, whatever you CHOOSE to call this power house of organic energy that lives within us and around us, it still means the same thing. So, what do these terms mean and why are they being used now with such abundance and frequency?  2013 has ushered in a time where we are seeing unprecedented changes in our bodies, our thoughts, our emotional responses, our emotions, our  self expression. Gone are the days of fitting into the worlds expectation of what and who you should be based on some elses preconceived notions. Now we are seeing more and more souls awakening to a process of authentic living. Souls which are seeking to live and draw each breath into the light, the light of the universe and all of creation. With this awakening is a surge of light and love energy from the very essence from whence we came, and it is infusing our motivations, our desires, our passions, our very destinies with cosmic creative forces. We as humans, are seeking divine union through relationships. Relating. It seems when said a simple behavior, after all we are a species that thrives on touch, affection, and sex. We enjoy sex for the pleasure it provides and as a means to extend ourselves through the gifts of children, however, we are mindful of this very act, and that separates us from the "other" animals, making our process one that includes both mind, heart and soul. Soul mates, those who incarnate to learn lessons with us as we embody an experience of being human, these individuals can be apart of our families, friends, animals, relatives. They can become lovers, but simply, they are here to teach us lessons, to find balance in the experience of being human. These experiences can range from a multitude of levels, some that feel good and others that bring us pain. All in all the experience is like graduation, it provides us with an opportunity to grow and to conquer the demons of fear, lack of progress or even stagnation.  Soul mates within the spiritual community is not a new phenomenon, it's actually something that many of us are familiar with as we have had soul mate experiences often and in many lives if you believe in reincarnation. 

Twin flames or Twin rays serve a different purpose, these unions are becoming more of a "buzz" word in the spiritual communities due to them becoming so frequent now. In the past these kinds of unions were unheard of and very rare, simply I believe because humanity has not been ready to receive this kind of energy. This energy can be overwhelming both emotionally and psychically and must be prepared for by both individuals prior to them meeting. In other words, both would need to have been embedded in a spiritual practice, lifestyle and energy to understand, and maintain this kind of connection. After all it's about returning to the source at warp speed here. We're talking Mock 5 in Star Trek where you leaping through worm holes and experiencing the divine right here on earth with the two of you! Twin Flames are supposed to be the most beautiful of these relationships if the two people involved recognize them as such, desire them, are ready for them and have a common goal, usually a goal would be to create a spiritual business and work as a team bringing about balance and healing to a world that desperately needs it.  Practicing and expressing unconditional love with themselves and each other, this means recognizing and devouring fear and the EGO when it rears it's ugly head. Twin Flames have the ability to get back to the source a warp speed simply because they've put in the work prior to their meeting, whether it's been through life times, or even in this one. Leaving behind partners that do not share the same frequency, although painful is a common experience to make room for the other half, the twin flame, this often happens suddenly, one minute you have a relationship, the next minute you don't. Of course there are always exceptions to this, it's not a rule, but the more clients I work with, the more and more this is happening. Individuals who are married for other reasons than love, meeting their twin flame and feeling such a connection, that divorce is imminent, upsetting the whole foundation of what they THOUGHT to be a lifetime commitment. Understand that when the Twin Flame is met, there is not going back if you are ready, sure some run, some will not get a divorce although strongly connected too and attracted too the other but those are choices by souls who have not done the preparation for the twin soul and therefore will more than likely  have to wait other life times until they are consciously aware of who they are, apart of divine consciousness seeking to get home.

Twin Flames hold a gift of experiencing cosmic sexual union. Sex no longer ONLY holds the pleasure of release through orgasm, it also needs to seek the presence and face of the divine source. Whether this source is through a spiritual tradition or the face of "god" him/herself (both), the couple are driven to create this energy from WITHIN their bodies, not just withOUT. The position in the picture above provides an example of how the meridian centers (the chakra) are all awakened and aligned during this process, once aligned and awakened I believe that it acts as a radio frequency contacting our divine source, when we do this, we are in fact making a call to the source and connecting our higher selves back from whence we came. When you continually do this with your partner, focusing not only on their breathing, pleasure and bodies unselfishly we are in fact continuing the divine flow of unconditional love and ecstasy.  It is imperative to note that children can be brought forth from these kinds of unions in such a way that they are considered of a "higher vibration" as they were not brought into this realm by mundane means. Don't misinterpret what that means, it means that when Twin Flames focus this intense sexual desire toward one another, and channel that intensity and pleasure toward meeting the divine essence of themselves, when creating another soul, they too will carry this higher vibratory octave. Furthermore, these children will show these characteristics in the womb! These children can be born from couples who are unique in age, race and spiritual backgrounds, they are not held to the old paradigms that we see breaking down all around us now, they are here to usher in the new dimension as we were already chosen to show them the way. 

This is my take on Twin Flame relationships vs Soul Mates. I have lived long enough to know that the relationships I have had were karmic. Soul mates. They were powerful and transforming and they provided me with many lessons about myself that I have paid much attention too. I am very much looking forward to engaging with what I've been told by more than a few gifted souls, my twin flame love. It's been something I've yearned for since childhood, literally!!!  I am ready to experience the divine through him and he through me in ways that could only been imagined. I have done the preparation and still am in the midst of that dance, when this happens, I will heed the call! Will you? 

Lastly, I have not spoken about the concept of Twin Rays! I have found a blog that I think is superb in explaining this entire concept! Please give it a thorough read! It's truly full of information that I found to be very good!  Some of the concepts that I believe are spoken about here as well.

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Giving you Love and much illumination from the light of the MOON.


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