Taking another look at Saturn in Libra (Sidereal): Building solid functional relationships

Glyph for the planet Saturn

Saturn in Libra 9 degrees (Sidereal) placement. Saturn is now direct! What does that mean in astrological talk? It means that the Planet Saturn is no longer in the mode of "going backwards and looking within."  Interestingly the rings represents marriage, commitment and definition of purpose. Many are not aware of it but this planet in matriarchial socieites was a feminine not masculine energy, representing the feminine devotion to evolution through hard work, industriousness, inventiveness, trading in the market place and vanquishing karma, keepin the family, a unit well fed, clothed, educated. If one looks further, Saturn is what the bible calls: The Virtouous wife.

You may be asking what in the world does this have to do with astrology? A lot. Saturn is a planet that many astrologers fear, therefore passing on the fear to their clients. Why the fear? Because Saturn represents having to work hard for what one desires. She is wrought with lessons, with tribulation and with hardship. However, the rewards that one reaps when paying attention to these lessons are priceless but getting there is often through difficulties and much trial and error.  Saturn intrincially, energetically represents trial and error, learning responsibility, growing up, evolving, gaining wisdom through each experience that one has tried to conquer, it is about vanquishing demons while IN THE experience, not vanquishing it once it's been experienced through "playback".  Being the planet of Time and Karma, Saturn calls for us to be mindful of what choices and decisions we make when making the choice to engage. Whatever it is we choose to engage or whom it is we choose to engage, we are in fact in "charge of" and therefore cosmically, spiritually held responsible for, not only our own souls but others as well.

Because Saturn is currently in the zodiac sign of Libra the focus is on relationships.   It seems as though this theme has been a constant in our universe for the entire year. Many planetary placements are encouraging much growth and development in this area, whether it be in romantic partnering, business relationships or even with our enemies. When Saturn (or any planet goes retrograde) it is an opportunity for one to look within ourselves, the relationships we've chosen and confront the lessons that are available in those interactions. Keep in mind, as painful as this may sound, most of the relationships that have been formed during the beginning of the year or the end of 2012 were not meant to last, in 2013 and this can also mean marriages. If your relationship is falling apart at the seems, it's a call for reassessment, to take a look at what the dynamics are that are causing you distress and then move forward.  Since, Saturn represents responsibility, this is a call for that to be heeded. Saturn going retrograde shows us where we are in need of true correction in relating.

I've had recent clients ask me when speaking about their relationships gone awry, their marriages under going constant stress, and some making the decision to end them, what do these questions look like that Saturn may be asking? During my sessions these are the common questions that often arose.

 What issues keep resurfacing? What "misunderstandings" keep making themselves known? What are your true desires when relating? Saturn asks us to assess whether or not we desire to be fully responsible for another's actions within a relationship, when really we can only be responsible for our own. We need to ask ourselves do we find ourselves trying to change our partners for any reason to fit our own dynamics of relating? Do we find ourselves desiring a different outcome in our relationships? All of these questions and more are all Saturn related. When confronted with them we find our lives in turmoil and pain. We often feel that love, something that should flow through us so freely becomes a burden and we feel chained. My clients often get "stuck" in the "why is this happening to me?" or "Why is this person put in my life." Well it's simple really, to provide you with lessons, that is why it's imperative that we pay attention to what the issues are so we can see what it is we truly NEED in relating for the long haul. Saturn retrograde in Libra was preparing you for the ONE that you can engage with on a long term basis.  Many of my clients have met other souls that they are desiring to connect with, having been surprised and inspired by the meeting of a twin flame and karma relationship that needs to be engaged. Shockingly enough the current partner is sharpening and honing your skill set. Saturn is taking you higher on the proverbial rung on the ladder of evolution as a soul, and what better way to get us there than by love? Plain and simple. Remember not all relationships are meant to be "forever", many are meant to be swift, teaching us what we need and then to be released, life a thief in the night, making way for the bigger lessons in love we must all eventually encounter.

Retrograde again offers one the ability to dissect something, take a deeper look at the REALITY of the relationship and therefore see where it's not working and either make the necessary adjustments to the needs of both individuals or release the relationship and move toward to a relationship one truly desires. It sounds simple enough right? Most often it is not. Saturn can bring with it a sense of burden. A cross to bare and a sense of confinement.  Saturn can make one feel like shutting down and not ever engaging another again. Don't be fooled, this is just a distraction from a bigger purpose. These emotions are red flags that something is not working and it's better to unlock the chains to live an authentic life then to keep investing time and energy into something that may not be meant to work.

With Saturn in Libra now moving direct the issues that one was able to discern and become consciously aware of during the retrograde period are now out in the open to be dealt with.  Now the issues stand in the harsh light of day and now it's time to come to a final decision. That is what Saturn urges. Authentic expression, integrity, fulfillment of one's destiny, proper union.  Now we no longer have to fight with ourselves over what isn't working, now it's time vanquish it.  To do this takes heart and a sense of self love that is unwavering. Most often when engaging with our hearts as human beings we find it difficult to truly "let go." We desire to cushion the blow unfortunately creating an environment of resentment out of enabling others when we should be empowering them by setting them free.  We also do ourselves a disservice because when we do this we are not living our truth and when this is done we find ourselves up against more and more conflict.  Saturn teaches us that pain is inevitable, but it also teaches us that when we connect with our higher selves, people and experiences we find stability, a reliability, a commitment and bond that no man can put asunder! A foundation is created which is strong, firm and honest. When we can gift ourselves this present is when we will truly understand Saturn in Libra and therefore find bliss in a true commitment.

Saturn in Libra will bring about many surprises in relationships this year. As Saturn moves forward and causes relationships to take that final look at either ending or moving forward, we can contemplate the many truths that we've encountered along the way. Understand that much change is needed for couples to continue to engage if Saturn in Libra brought any breakups, pain, or frustrations to light. These new found truths have provided us with authentic desires and the need for genuine expression. Expressions that are natural and that facilitate a joy within our souls that promise bliss and intrinsic joy.

Wherever Saturn in Libra falls by transit in your chart will determine the main focus of your issues.  Keep in mind that if you've brought issues to the forefront that you were unable to deal with during the retrograde period, those same issues will be further illuminated in the direct phase. 

I wish you all well on your journey of personal self discovery in what you need in relationships to live an authentic life of commitment and devotion in partnerships.


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