New Moon in Gemini (sidereal) a gift of communication & illumination

New Moon

The  new moon is here in Gemini! Sidereal placement at 17 degrees.  Many of you may already have seen my blog on Mercury (the planet that rules Gemini) being retrograde, if not you can access it here:! 

It still has a ways to go before we are out it and this is what makes this new moon so fascinating. This new moon is bringing the promise and the illumination to communication within (retrograde) and without! Being offered a gift of illumination is something that none of us can afford to turn down. Illumination brings foresight and allows one to be able to see things clearing. Using both the heart (moon-intuition) and the mind (Mercury-Gemini).

Clarity is to me a gift. A gift that offers opportunity (new moon) for new beginnings but also new phases of growth. Not unlike the moon and her many phases of expressions when coupled with a sign and planet that can push things out from our unconscious minds and hearts we are offered an opportunity by spirit (universal energies of both masculine and feminine persuasion) to acknowledge them, accept them and heal them. In this new moon phases we see this process being active, not stagnant. Gemini offers one the ability through this process of casting light onto a shadow, the gift for right decision making, creating plans for success and a merging of the heart so that we can embody that which we desire to achieve.

Communication is the KEY to this process. By picking apart those things we need to make plans for, by writing them down, contemplating them, mulling over them, Mercury retrograde is offering us the insights to dig deeper into our psyche, to pull out those things that we want to change, to redo and then to implement with active participation. When Mercury was direct, we were moving forward with plans, ideas, projects that may have needed to be tweaked. We were missing opportunities for growth and development that would support our highest good. With Mercury retrograde we are now sitting in the space of re-doing, re-accessing, re-analyzing what are goals, desires, our next direction and our next plan of action should be.

This process when Mercury is retrograde again is internal, there is no sharing, not desire for communication with others. It provides one with personal insights into where they are at, where they want to go and where they do not want to be. This is the process and the form and function of a retrograde period.

With the new moon however,  in Gemini we have an opportunity if you will to test the waters a bit. The moon being about nurturing, self care, our emotions and unconscious drives we are driven by Mercurial energies to share a bit of where we were and where it is we would like to go. Keep in mind that the success that you have the opportunity to experience can be in many areas of your life as it is determined by what house Mercury falls into (by transit) and what aspects ( planetary connections) it makes in your natal chart.   None the less communication in order for it to occur typically needs to involve another person. New Moon beginnings is a call for you to speak your truth as it involves the direction (the new direction) that you are wanting to go in. No longer having to keep it all bottled up, stumble over words and risk not being understood (Mercury retrograde) you now have an opportunity to "get it out" and share it with a group of people, or with just one person who needs to hear what it is you need to say. When this is done you will be providing yourself with healing, self care and self love. This is why this new moon is a gift. If you keep what needs to be said inside, you will not only continue to stagnate your energies but also deny you and others the opportunity for clear understanding that effective communication can bring.


We've been on a wild ride thus far in 2013. Now in the 7th month of our year, more than half the year has passed us by. We have been hit with planetary energies that have brought illumination to not only our personal lives but also the world. Energies are changing, souls are shifting, either hiding, or ascending, during this process we have under gone changes that have been frightening, unexpected and  painful. We have also experienced exciting changes and new growth opportunities from the rubble and now are being shown a new way of being,  on a personal level and on a collective one.  Saturn turns direct on July 10, 2013 ( sidereal) in Libra, many relationships have ended, new ones are being formed and souls are reuniting in love for more powerful and transcendent experiences.  This new moon is a catalyst for those opportunities.  COMMUNICATION is key to understanding where you are in the scheme of things, and allows others to gain access to understanding that position. 

Here is a link to my Mercury retrograde blog... check it out and please tell us how the Mercury new moon is speaking to you!!

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