Mercury is finally on the move again! But we're not out of the woods just yet!

Mercury the messenger of the Roman Gods (Hermes Greek)

In astrology no other many phenomenons are considered important but one of the most revered and watched occurrences are retrograde periods of the planets. The planets are one of the most significant factors of astrological interpretation, they are in fact the energies that coherse and influence man and woman on earth, coupled with zodiac signs, they provide us with the platform of form and function here on earth while in a physical body. It's no wonder that Mercury the planet of communication, intellect and knowledge is often looked at when it goes retrograde.  It's also important to note that all forms of travel and all forms of technology that governs communication can be affected during a retrograde period. It's often noted not to travel long distance during a retrograde period, lots of delays are expected and for those to be aware of computers, cell phones, contracts, orders etc to fall pray to this backward moving energy. Let's face it, we all need this messenger, it provides us with the ability to come together, form ideas, communicate them and analyse situations, people and places. The messenger keeps things moving, fresh and innovative, nothing is left unturned and it's about that mental movement, that facilities and provides us the ability to understand our world and our place within it.

Mercury goes retrograde about 3 to 4 times a year, offering each us opportunities to reflect, re-direct and retract prior commitments, thoughts and to reassess our position, our situations etc. If you want to read what this Mercury retrograde period brought to us over the past 3 weeks check it out here in this blog:  see if you experienced any of what was shared. Mercury was focused on relationships this time around and it has been significantly challenging for many.

It's been three weeks now! Mercury is now in Direct Station. What does this mean? Although Mercury is not moving "backwards" any longer, it is station which means it's getting ready to move direct (forward) and when this happens we must be clear in understanding that we are still in what's called a Shadow phase. The shadow lasts for about 10-11 days with the first to second day out of retrograde motion being the most intense. During this phase what does the energy bring?  It's us moving toward that outward expression of what thoughts, re directions, conversations we've had over the past three weeks.
Towards the end of the retrograde period, Mercury has reached a place in its orbit where it begins to move in the same direction as the earth around the sun. The moment Mercury appears to stop moving backwards and is about to move forewords is called the Mercury Direct Station. As much as the Mercury Retrograde Station, tends to be a focus of errors, false assumptions, lack of clarity and proper execution, the Mercury Direct Station tends to be a focus for revealing the consequences. *This lasts about 5 days after the retrograde period is over with.* Here we are called to pay attention to what it is we've learned over the pat 3 weeks. It's important to ask questions to gain clarity and to be willing to be open when communicating.  Focusing on errors tends to be simply looking at all that is "wrong" with something you discovered during the retrograde phase.  Although there is truth during these revelations, it's again important to face them head on instead of pushing them under the rug, if this is done, regrets will be felt later on, it could be an opportunity missed. Proper execution is simply tied into what was just previously shared, being mindful of what needs to be corrected now that the issue has been revealed to the "light."

Mercury in Post Shadow phase

As Mercury appears to move forward again, it passes through the part of the sky where it had previously gone backwards. This phase is referred to as the Post-Shadow.  During the early part of this phase, Mercury is still moving slowly, and thus the effects are more intense. People often experience this phase of the cycle as a time when the consequences for not paying attention to details or asking the right questions become apparent. * This lasts for 6 days*  This cycle tends to be bumpy as we thought that although things are out in the open that they are resolved.  The right words and intentions were spoken, however when it come to putting them into action, we find that it's not evolving as we originally wanted, why? The right questions were not asked, therefore the information imparted was not what we truly needed to hear. Lastly, details were important to pick up on, if these were missed, the revelation of things not moving forward happens. 
Mercury rules the mind
Although it seems like this process is tedious and depressing, it can certainly feel like this if one is not mindful of what gifts the process entails. This is a gift that we are awarded 3 to 4 times a year to "check in" with our higher selves, intentions, our destiny, purpose and goals. This can cover a multitude of avenues. From relationships, to business partnerships, friends, family, co-workers, personal goals on a personal and spiritual level.  This is a time of wonderful contemplation and realizations, so that if something wasn't working in our past, we can certainly fix it and get it working in our future, that is if it's conducive for our higher good or just make a necessary shift and move forward leaving that dysfunctional energy behind us. Moving forward to a better and more spiritually/ soul conducive future. 

Right now Mercury is in the sign of Gemini *(sidereal) and this provides us with wonderful opportunity to hone our communication skills!  Many cultures recognize the importance of this messenger of the Gods. Without it, we would be lost in our ability to relate.

Egpytian God Thoth~Messenger of the Gods
Yoruba~Ifa Esu Elegba Messenger of the Gods and people


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