Full Super Moon in Sagittarius ~*Sidereal* July 22, 2013

The Super moon is back! 23 degrees of the sidereal placement of Sagittarius! Get ready for some powerful experiences bringing what we've been planting and cultivating during the previous  moon phases.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, it's energy is expressed using channels of higher modes of thought, spirited risk taking, intuition and a deep desire for freedom. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius and with it brings expansiveness, a need for travel to foreign lands, countries and even to cultivate relationships with people of foreign cultures, or to just engage with someone from an entirely different background than yours.  Jupiter offers the gifts of jubilation, optimistic thinking and luck. With Jupiter being the largest  planet in our solar system, it truly provides a break from all of the heavy hitting activity we've been experiencing in our cosmos this year. Where you will feel this energetic tug of expansiveness and risk taking nature depends on your personal chart and where Jupiter and Sagittarius falls. NO matter where ever it is, you will feel it's energy pulling you toward new experiences, expanding your thoughts, actions and increasing your desire to seek out new and exciting places, people and even things.

This super moon unlike the last one we experienced in the deeply psychological and emotional Scorpio, if you missed it, here is a link

 grants us the gift of fire. Fire is a motivating, altruistic force that calls for us to get things moving in our lives, to get active. Sagittarius being of a higher mind may encourage you to go back to school, seeking higher levels of education to secure your future. Keep in mind that not all forms of higher education have to take the traditional route, you may be called to seek metaphysical schools to expand your knowledge of spiritual studies that can assist you in truly finding your place in the universe.  Sagittarius is the Priest/Priestess, the judge, it is what governs our sense of where we are in the universe on a grander scale of experience, requiring a sense of service to humanity on some level. When coupled with the full moon we can expect our emotions to be directly linked to what ever it is Sagittarius is desiring to offer us. It is not uncommon to explore deeper knowledge or education in spiritual religions or non traditional practices during this time.

  Remember that the moon is about our needs, our unconscious reactions to the world as we experience it, it is also about how we respond to others when our needs are met or unmet. Lastly the moon is also about our hungers or desires, we should be mindful that Sagittarius is seeking new experiences, and again that is new people, (outside of your culture or race), places (foreign travel), seeking new adventures in a multitude of areas of our life that have become stagnant.  You may just find yourself meeting people of other races, thoughts, and lifestyles at this time, engaging in emotional relationships that bring a call to a need you have to explore, step outside the proverbial box and learn higher levels of interaction and relating.

This is basically moving OUTSIDE of your neighborhood (comfort zone) into the greater world.  While all of this energy is not only enlightening and life shaping, we have to take a look at one crucial factor. Sagittarius is notorious for it's deep intrinsic need for FREEDOM. This sign truly needs to EXPLORE and when it does, it takes no prisoners. If you are finding yourself emotionally restless with a need to break free from the routines you've established, in relationships, or in education, do so now!  The universe may be sending you a message that it's time to move on to higher horizons. You may need to break free of any self imposed confines you've placed on your soul due improper or uneventful relating. After all, Sagittarius like the other fire signs, Aries and Leo are about MOVEMENT, remember the word, ACTION.  I must encourage that we should always be mindful in HOW we detach, even if it's for a little while as we are all held responsible for our actions. The Super Full Moon in Sagittarius is giving you permission to be FREE, whether it's in the CHOICES that you make, or freedom in how you think (intellectually) and physically.  What ever form it takes, the idea is to get MOVING.

Look closely at this Fire Moon Goddesses tapestry! 

Right now Mercury is in Gemini @ 18 degrees opposing Sagittarius.  Gemini and Sagittarius  naturally oppose one another. When these two energies meet we've got one, Sagittarius who governs the greater world and Gemini who governs your immediate environment, your neighborhood. Gemini tends to be focused on all kinds of communication, no matter the nature, it's origin or it's validity, it just loves to share and talk about things. You may find you mind at this time FULL of thoughts, inner chatter and worries. Sagittarius enjoys higher minded forms of communication and thought, philosophy, theology, and facts are what Sag seeks.  When in opposition you may experience a double whammy of mundane everyday details that involve all forms of communication and relating, details, details, details are necessary to navigate in regards to things that must be taken care of on the home front. Paying attention to specifics, staying away from too much gossip, and always get the facts! On the other hand you will also experience the bigger picture, legal matters may make themselves present, as well as encounters with the law. It's imperative at this time to be mindful of the messages you are going to convey and where you are getting your information. Check, check and check again. An opposition always has two sides, like a coin, and the energies are expressed like a see-saw, what is required is balance.

Sag is seeking a  higher form of expression, taking the lower mind of Gemini to new heights and evolution, encouraging and incorporating higher levels of thought.  Gemini is content to stay in it's own back yard while Sag is content to explore the world and the many treasures it has to offer. It  must be duly noted that if this Super Full Moon in Sagittarius activates an area in your chart, you may find yourself engaging in a new relationship with someone outside of your race and maybe even desiring to learn how to cook foreign foods and to learn a foreign language! You may even shock yourself and take classes about foreign cultures! With this full moon Sagittarius is emotionally asking you to take the plunge, you are being supported by the universe, now is the time to explore.  Additionally you can even look forward to maybe even traveling abroad to another country, if you don't physically take the trip, you may find yourself planning one and or reading everything you can get your hands on about it, finding yourself feeling energized and excited about the possibilities of learning something new. Lastly, another possibility is you may find yourself encountering those of another culture in legal matters, recreational activities and even in school, just remember to sit back and let the energy of fire take you to places you've never been before so that you can experience your world on a whole new level.

If you were born with your Moon in Sagittarius you will feel the potency of this moon very strongly! I encourage you to embrace the opportunities that this vivacious sign provides you and seek new horizons as you continue to grow, that way you can share what you've learned with the rest of us, so we can be encouraged to grow and explore too!


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