A RARE Cosmic alignment the Grand Sextile. An astrologcial window ~ The Star of David

These energies are powerful! One's to celebrate and not fear. Here I offer you a general over view of the planetary energies provided to us at this amazing time! Enjoy and if led please share your experiences!! 
High Priestess Moon~
This energy that we are experiencing today will be to be preparing us for the Saturn-Pluto alignment at the end of this decade. 
We have all been experiencing many heavy energies this year, much karma has been brought to the fore front of our lives and forced us to take a look at our relationships, to end the ones that no longer serve us and to manifest those that do or will. This is no easy task as relationships are the glue that bring about the essence of LIFE for us mere mortals. It is the juice that keeps us going and the bliss that we seek when we truly connect on a deeper level with others.
The Bridge:  With the Grand sextile having a 22 degree Mercury which is an indicator of a MASTER BUILDER IN SACRED GEOMETRY we need to be mindful that when making a trine to Saturn we are creating our reality with our minds, and with our speech. So, if you speak it, it will be! Saturn rules reality, slow to progress because it takes nothing but a step by step process, it doesn't happen over night but the effort will be well worth it. Next we've got Saturn making a hit (trine) to mars and to Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter combined is the Spiritual warrior aspect and this implies that what it is we are manifesting, speaking truths, telling truths, solidifying relationships through right intention and mindful action, this particular connecting brings the outcome for our highest good!  This connection speaks of our initiation. What kind? one that will be for our highest good, this action will manifest when we are honest with others through right communication, by setting or creating solid ground for building, teaching, via leadership and if done with proper intention, will clear out some negative energies or karma. We are thus moving out with the old and making way for the NEW.  Again, Mercury at 22 degrees of the MASTER BUILDER is calling for speech and affirmations that provide prayers up to the cosmos in a way that speaks TRUTH, ALIGNMENT, PROGRESS, PROVIDES INFORMATION,  KNOWLEDGE AND PETITIONS. It's about moving from the dark into the light.  Jupiter and Mars also bring us higher awareness with the help of our ancestors! Our angels, our guides are in alignment with the planetary vision of peace, love and spiritual warrior energy.  

We've got Venus, Pluto, Moon working with the "hand of Solomon". It's about relating to those on a  higher plane of existence. Providing that our love for self and others manifests in a way that chooses to reveal our authentic nature. Power, control is not something to weld lightly as it will bring about an outcome one may regret.  Venus is about finances, but also love and our relating patterns, Pluto is about transformation and the desire to gain self mastery, it will do so with or without our approval. Neptune is offering us reprieve, giving us compassion, and a sense of unconditional aptitude. This process is about maintaining balance in all things concerning others and within yourself, as this shift happens it will be seen and felt on multiple levels and through the elements of: AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH AND SPIRIT. 
Perhaps we can view Monday’s grand sextile as one of those bridges, enabling us to get a glimpse of possibilities and options that lie before us.
The affects of the grand sextile are fairly short-lived, since the fast-moving Moon is a key player. The Moon aspects the first planet (Neptune) in the grand sextile at 6:45am PDT and aspects the last planet (Mars) at 7:09pm PDT. This gives us just about 12 hours to work with this energy and see what potentials it holds for us. Keep in mind that we will have what are called "shadow affects", this means that although the Moon may have moved past the Grand Sextile point of origin, it still carries the energy with it, and thus the power. Keep in mind that the more the Moon moves past this point, the weaker it becomes, but the affects are still very much felt.

As this portal energy becomes stronger and wider, providing us with the ability to access it, we must think about taking action toward all on this planet, not to mention our natural resources, the earth sustains us and it is her ability to do so that provides each of us with sustenance and therefore life. This day, today, July 29. 2013 that the Mayans wrote about it in history. It was a window of ascension to the Mayan astrologrs who long ago gave it the name of AHAU.  #3
The Star glyph AHAU is the most prestigious of all Mayan souls codes. It is associated with union, wholeness, awakening, enlightenment, unconditional love, solar (self) mastery, Christ or Buddha consciousness, the language of light, untapped and endless bliss, ecstasy, it also connects us to our higher selves, the crown chakra. Through synchronicity the number 3 in the Mayan code is the galactic 'HEART BEAT" of creativity, associated with action and movement, change, flow, integration, current and the holy and sacred trinity.  The intended message of AHAU #3 contains the healing waters, the fluid movement of birthing and thus ascension. Moving us to an elevated state. This is a form of sacred geometric magic, that is directly associated with the GRAND SEXTILE that are TWO OVER LAPPING TRIANGLES., one facing down (feminine; receptive) and one upward (masculine; penetrative).
Hand of Solomon or the Ring: "Hand of God"

Physical symptoms you may be experiencing! 
1. Headaches
2. Fatigue
3. Tired eyes, feeling as though they are burning
4. ears ringing
5. feeling out of "sorts"
6. Irritated
7. Moody
8. Emotional
9. Feeling as though something needs to be done about (?) NOW!
10. Feeling like you want to connect but pull back and then move forward
11. You may even have some spirit visitations.
12. mental fogginess
Blogger note: Myself and others have been feeling most of these symptoms, along with a sense of heightened irritability and "fogginess", I've been drinking plenty of water and will turn into bed early tonight!! Be mindful if you are experiencing any of these symptoms for the next  few days, give yourself and others some major love!! Try not to make any rash decisions as people will be "touchy" and feelings will be intense! Those who are clairsentient such as myself, drink plenty of water, get enough rest and allow yourself some time for reflection. Now off for that ritual I've got planned tonight. Peace and Moon's light!


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