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A RARE Cosmic alignment the Grand Sextile. An astrologcial window ~ The Star of David

These energies are powerful! One's to celebrate and not fear. Here I offer you a general over view of the planetary energies provided to us at this amazing time! Enjoy and if led please share your experiences!!  High Priestess Moon~ This energy that we are experiencing today will be to be preparing us for the Saturn-Pluto alignment at the end of this decade.  We have all been experiencing many heavy energies this year, much karma has been brought to the fore front of our lives and forced us to take a look at our relationships, to end the ones that no longer serve us and to manifest those that do or will. This is no easy task as relationships are the glue that bring about the essence of LIFE for us mere mortals. It is the juice that keeps us going and the bliss that we seek when we truly connect on a deeper level with others. The Bridge:  With the Grand sextile having a 22 degree Mercury which is an indicator of a MASTER BUILDER IN SACRED GEOMETRY we need to be mindful that when makin…

Full Super Moon in Sagittarius ~*Sidereal* July 22, 2013

The Super moon is back! 23 degrees of the sidereal placement of Sagittarius! Get ready for some powerful experiences bringing what we've been planting and cultivating during the previous  moon phases.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, it's energy is expressed using channels of higher modes of thought, spirited risk taking, intuition and a deep desire for freedom. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius and with it brings expansiveness, a need for travel to foreign lands, countries and even to cultivate relationships with people of foreign cultures, or to just engage with someone from an entirely different background than yours.  Jupiter offers the gifts of jubilation, optimistic thinking and luck. With Jupiter being the largest  planet in our solar system, it truly provides a break from all of the heavy hitting activity we've been experiencing in our cosmos this year. Where you will feel this energetic tug of expansiveness and risk taking nature depends on your personal char…

Mercury is finally on the move again! But we're not out of the woods just yet!

In astrology no other many phenomenons are considered important but one of the most revered and watched occurrences are retrograde periods of the planets. The planets are one of the most significant factors of astrological interpretation, they are in fact the energies that coherse and influence man and woman on earth, coupled with zodiac signs, they provide us with the platform of form and function here on earth while in a physical body. It's no wonder that Mercury the planet of communication, intellect and knowledge is often looked at when it goes retrograde.  It's also important to note that all forms of travel and all forms of technology that governs communication can be affected during a retrograde period. It's often noted not to travel long distance during a retrograde period, lots of delays are expected and for those to be aware of computers, cell phones, contracts, orders etc to fall pray to this backward moving energy. Let's face it, we all need this messenger…

Taking another look at Saturn in Libra (Sidereal): Building solid functional relationships

Saturn in Libra 9 degrees (Sidereal) placement. Saturn is now direct! What does that mean in astrological talk? It means that the Planet Saturn is no longer in the mode of "going backwards and looking within."  Interestingly the rings represents marriage, commitment and definition of purpose. Many are not aware of it but this planet in matriarchial socieites was a feminine not masculine energy, representing the feminine devotion to evolution through hard work, industriousness, inventiveness, trading in the market place and vanquishing karma, keepin the family, a unit well fed, clothed, educated. If one looks further, Saturn is what the bible calls: The Virtouous wife.

You may be asking what in the world does this have to do with astrology? A lot. Saturn is a planet that many astrologers fear, therefore passing on the fear to their clients. Why the fear? Because Saturn represents having to work hard for what one desires. She is wrought with lessons, with tribulation and with …

New Moon in Gemini (sidereal) a gift of communication & illumination

The  new moon is here in Gemini! Sidereal placement at 17 degrees.  Many of you may already have seen my blog on Mercury (the planet that rules Gemini) being retrograde, if not you can access it here:!

It still has a ways to go before we are out it and this is what makes this new moon so fascinating. This new moon is bringing the promise and the illumination to communication within (retrograde) and without! Being offered a gift of illumination is something that none of us can afford to turn down. Illumination brings foresight and allows one to be able to see things clearing. Using both the heart (moon-intuition) and the mind (Mercury-Gemini).

Clarity is to me a gift. A gift that offers opportunity (new moon) for new beginnings but also new phases of growth. Not unlike the moon and her many phases of expressions when coupled with a sign and planet that can push thing…

Twin Flames~Spiritual Transcendence with your "Other Half"

Twin flames; Soul mates; Twin rays; cosmic children born of these sacred unions, spiritually prepared couples; cosmic sex; all of these things are possible more than ever with the changing,shifting, re birthing energies that are ever so present within our very cosmos. Our galactic center. Please don't allow me to freak you out. It's called by a number of names: Heaven, The cosmos, The universe, the great all, whatever you CHOOSE to call this power house of organic energy that lives within us and around us, it still means the same thing. So, what do these terms mean and why are they being used now with such abundance and frequency?  2013 has ushered in a time where we are seeing unprecedented changes in our bodies, our thoughts, our emotional responses, our emotions, our  self expression. Gone are the days of fitting into the worlds expectation of what and who you should be based on some elses preconceived notions. Now we are seeing more and more souls awakening to a process of…