The power of the Moon~Super Moon of June 2013~& YOU!

The super moon of 2013. Most people don't know about it, most don't even care. But to an astrologer who watches the ebb and flow of life, the moon is a very important star that needs to be paid particular attention too.

Many of you may be thinking what is the importance of the moon anyway?  I am so glad you asked! Please allow me to share basic information from an astrological perspective with you.

The moon in astrology is called  a "light", it's a star that influences much of life here on earth as we know it. It guides the ebb and flow of our tides in the ocean, the animal life and their natural mating rituals, birthing, egg laying synchronicity, it also controls our gravitational pull. Most significantly, the moon controls our emotions, our unconscious drives, hungers and reactions to the world we live in. Think about it, the human body contains well over 70% water, if the moon governs the tides on our planets oceans, then it also governs the emotional ebb and flow within you!

In astrological analysis the sign that occupies the moon at the time of your birth holds great importance! It signifies how you will respond to the world when your emotional nature is triggered. This "trigger" was created and formed with your mother, or care giver after your birth, truly is indicates how you were responded too by your mother or caregiver in times of need, however, and if those responses met your needs, you may be well adjusted in how you respond to your needs as an adult, if there were not responded too well, you may have some challenges in coping with how others make you feel. We don't THINK about this with the moon, we only tend to FEEL IT. Therefore what we feel we REACT too without thinking, call it a "knee jerk reaction."

The moon therefore has a lot to do with NURTURING.  A mother does nurture  her child, like the mother earth sustains her children. It's a symbiotic relationship between the emotional well being of a child and the attention/nurturing of the mother that will determine the likelihood of a healthy adult. If those wires are crossed, we've got work to do. :)

The Moon rules more than just nurturing, feelings, our unconscious actions to the world, it also rules hungers. These hungers are things that we NEED and most often crave in our energetic or emotional expression. If these hungers are not met, we become emotionally "unhappy."  The  hungers that any given soul will experience again, will be determined by the zodiac sign that your moon is placed with. This sign will paint a picture of what you need and how you will go about getting it.  The moon is what we NEED and it is imperative we look into those needs if we are going to be healthy, happy and satisfied adults.

Moon in Taurus

Allow me to provide an example: If you have your Moon in the sign of Taurus at the time of your birth you will need to express a deep value of the practical expression of emotions, endurance, patience and a value of the physical senses. This moon will approach most things in life with practicality, sensuality and diligence.

The needs of this moon will be to have their needs met by accommodating the 5 senses. When it's time to be fed, the Taurean needs to eat, good food, have comfortable surroundings, preferably with a love for nature and beautiful things. Tranquility is this moons hunger and when the 5 senses are catered too, a happy individual will emerge. Keep in mind that when one has the Moon in Taurus their emotions are stable, because of this, the moon with this sign, is exalted. No ups and downs or unpredictability will be found here, what can be found is a touch of stubbornness as it may be rather difficult to change any one's direction or feelings once they've committed to them. Nurturing again, needs to focus on the senses, warmth when it's cold, delicious food when their hungry, beautiful surroundings to foster peace, and soft and comfortable bedding when it's time to take a nap. Think sensuality because Taurus has a lot of it.
Taurus rules the nose, throat and ears. When the moon in Taurus is out of balance, these areas can be the most easily affected.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the Moon and how it operates in our lives, let's get to the  

The super Moon occurs a few times every year but apparently this year will be the closest it's ever been. With the understanding that moon rules our emotions, it's imperative that we truly check in with how we are feeling for the next few days. This moon will have an affect on everyone on planet and some of those affects may be not be "pretty." Now I gave an example of the moon in the sign of Taurus. This was only a birth example. The moon changes zodiac signs every 2 days and therefore, we are always in a state of flux, ebb and flow.  

This super Moon in sidereal time will be in the sign of Scorpio! Of course it's imperative to mention that the house in which this super moon falls is of great importance, why? because that is where all of this power and energy will play out. Mine for example falls into my 1st house, which means that this moon is influencing my very definition of who I am as a soul and how I will be seen by others. It will influence and transform my perceptions about how I express myself sexually, how I engage others in that process, how I view other people's finances in accordance to my own, how well I will work with partners in all Scorpio/8th house themes. I am undergoing a cosmic blast of renewal. The manner in which I handled these themes in my past are no longer worth holding onto. So, the area of sexuality, sensuality, partnerships (marriage happens after the 7th house), relationships, other peoples money, and death. I've had all of these themes escalating for me this year. Wow! It's real.

Humanity is currently in a strong undercurrent phase of cleansing, purging, dying and being reborn. This year, 2013, has had this theme of cleansing. We have been holding onto things for far too long, seeking to control others with our shadow and manipulating them into being what we NEED them to be, instead of allowing them to be themselves. When we find ourselves in that pattern for far too long, not being true to our own authentic needs and the authentic expression of others, we encounter resistance to change, and that resistance is what causes the reaction of anger, resentment, spite, manipulation and power struggles.
Scorpio  feels everything so deeply, riding the under currents of the subconscious mind, and digging deep into the shadow, far from the reach of light. The depth of feeling and emotions can be so powerful that Scorpio can find itself in a dark place, void of true understanding until we are ready to face our inner demons. In the moon this means getting in touch with what we are FEELING, processing those needs so that we can begin the process of transformation and regeneration. Relationships are feeling this the most as many are recognizing that the love they have chosen or thought was for their higher good was in fact just another stepping stone to something or someone else. This super moon has the power to usher in TWIN FLAME relationships! Be aware of the process and changes happening around you. When it hits, it hit HARD and the affects will take some time to clean up. Remember we are talking about emotions with the Moon.

On a collective level society has been undergoing this process at warp speed! Many are feeling duped and manipulated  by the "powers that be" have caused many to rethink  how they are viewing their live,s their choices and the outcomes. Purging the lies, deceit and manipulation, many are bringing their needs to the fore front of the issues they are confronted with and under going a process of death and rebirth. No longer desiring to be enslaved by media, politics, group think mind sets and religious dogma, many souls are perceiving, reaching for and engaging in different ways of living and BEing. This super moon is here to PUSH that process into something more tangible, where we all have the opportunity to become transformed by this energy to release what we no longer need, that could mean relationships, harmful desires, patterns etc into something more fulfilling, healthy and worthy of our attention. Personal growth and transformation to gain self MASTERY is the message and GIFT.

I won't get into all of the technical jargon of this super moon, here is a flyer that pretty much shares the Science.  From a spiritual perspective I've shared the gift of this super moon. Keep in mind that this process will not be embraced by all. People are cranky, down right mean, and others are defiant about the changes that are taking place within and without. In order to have this moon work for anyone, you have to be open to it's influence and recognize the need for deeper examination in your own life, when that can be done, you can fully reap and UNDERSTAND the reward that this super moon has for you. 

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