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It's that time again folks! The planet Mercury is going retrograde again. This time it will be in the sign of Gemini@ 28 degrees (sidereal) and depending on where this transit falls in your personal chart, it will dictate where your possible upsets may happen.

Mercury is a planet that rules communication. How we respond intellectually to stimuli, conversation, it's HOW we communicate when coupled with a particular zodiac sign. Mercury is the natural ruler of two zodiac signs: Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is very comfortable in either of these signs although it operates differently, one being air, Gemini and Virgo being an earth sign.

Symbol for Retrograde
This retrograde period will be in the sign of Gemini and that means that all things communication are going to be being looked at on an internal level before there is the possibility of it accurately being projected into language we can all understand. There can be transportation mishaps, delays, miscommunication with others, it is said that signing contracts should not be done at this time as things could be missed, over looked or just ignored. Mercury in Gemini may have a tendency to RUSH things. So, the goal here is to slow down, I mean way down so that you don't miss anything. Leave a bit earlier for the next two weeks when trying to get from point A to point B when traveling. Always THINK about what you want to say before you say it, that way you can minimize any misunderstandings when communicating. It's always good to ask what you just heard so that you can get past any misinterpretations and practice listening very well. If you do, it will minimize possible misunderstandings.

For those who were born with their Mercury in Gemini................

Symbol for the Planet Mercury
Mercury in Gemini
Mercury in Gemini people are generally quick-witted. They can come across as somewhat scattered, and this is mainly due to their eclectic interests. They seem to know a little about everything.
Turn to Mercury in Gemini men and women for lots of facts and figures as well as broad knowledge. Their learning is a little superficial -- they generally have too many interests to delve too deeply into any one.
These natives learn best in a stimulating environment. They get bored easily, but they are fast learners. Impressionable to a fault, Mercury in Gemini people pick up more from their environment than most, and they can process information at lightning speed! The restlessness of Gemini is especially obvious when Mercury is placed in the sign. There is a nervous energy here that is unmistakable.
Although Gemini is a rather open-minded sign, there is often a bias towards logic. Unless Mercury forms an aspect with the Moon in the birth chart, Mercury in Gemini natives don't always rely on intuition, nor do they take into account the world of emotion in their decision-making processes. In this sense, they can come across as a little too intellectual or just plain logical. The lack of heart behind what they say and think can be frustrating to more personal communicators.
Although Mercury in Gemini people are generally interested and interesting speakers, they can also be quite detached, easily discarding or ignoring more personal issues. They don't get attached to their opinions and ideas for too long, and the result is a changeability and coolness that can be frustrating to others. On the other hand, their curiosity and willingness to adapt to the environment around them often endears them to others. Because they possess versatile minds, you won't have much of a problem convincing them to change their minds.
Mercury in Gemini natives can be smooth talkers, even a little deceptive, although this is generally not with cruel intent. It's done, usually, with a sense of humor. In fact, it's more of a mental exercise than anything. They are able to quickly spot human weaknesses and then play around with them.
Decision-making is generally done quickly and well. They have fun with words, they are good on the phone, and they make engaging speakers. They communicate with a strong sense of fun, and they can "speak to" people from all walks of life with equal ease.
Mercury in Gemini natives often possess presence of mind and will generally impress you with their wit. For the most part, it is unlikely these people will bore you!

When Mercury in Gemini is retrograde this is what that expression looks like.....

Gemini is the sign of communication. It rules the 3rd house of the chart used in astrological interpretation. When Mercury goes retrograde in this sign, a sort of fluid situation is reached where hell breaks lose in matters of communication. All judgements made during this time would be vague and unclear. Frustrations creep in as all ambitions and plans are put to the back burner. Those more likely to suffer are those directly dealing with people like sales persons, lawyers, advisers and consultants. This is a good time to take a vacation or go in for a massage or a time to chill out with friends.

As with anything else, don't panic and try to have a sense of humor when things go awry. Gemini does  have a sense of humor, that's a good thing. Retrogrades are only a way for us to take a look at ourselves to see if we are effectively communicating our needs, wants, and sharing our ideas (don't be stingy) with whom ever we engage.  Although, it's retrograde, it's time to TALK. To tell people what your ideas are, what you want to do, a good time to do so if you are in school, contacting siblings and saying what's on your mind. Reflection on what needs to be said is also good. But just say it.  As I mentioned earlier in this blog, the house position that this retrograde falls in your chart is where all of this "potential" interference can occur AND if you've got any aspect (connections) between other planets with Mercury retrograde, You'll feel it THERE.

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