Love!~ An Action Word!

Love.... a word that is used to all too often in our society, to sell merchandise, used just as indiscriminately as sex, to get consumers to buy an idea instead of the reality.  Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, Wedding days, Your 10th anniversary (buy diamonds), your birthday, the list goes on and on. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be celebrated for being love and having a love in my life, who doesn't like diamonds? But to me it goes so much deeper than trinkets, it touches the soul!

No matter the commercialism of love, it's message is literally everywhere, from TV, to movies, books, music, love is a popular topic, offering one passion, bliss and longing. Once in it we wallow in it's waxing and waning emotions, no matter what our age, breathing the essence of life as we go through the flow of it's power.

 Call it chemical reactions, call it bliss, or call it hell, love is here to stay. Primarily because it is what makes the world go round. Now that may sound cliche but actually love does actually do that. Love can motivate us to do and want so many things. It allows one to see a better future with someone new that we meet, it provides us with a fresh vision and renewed hope. Love can move mountains, as lovers kept apart by obstacles find a way to unite, to become one and rejoice in the journey.  Love when received can help you find liberation from lonely nights, empty relationships and love affairs gone bad. Love offers us LIFE, HOPE and the promise of better days to share with someone. Love is spiritual, it can assist one in transcendence of lower energies and lift one up to a higher rung on the evolutionary ladder, love is a miracle. Love can heal, mind, body, soul and spirit, love can cleanse you, heal you from illness and renew your body just by being in it's authentic presence.  Truth is once your heart catches on fire, it's difficult to put out the flame.

Recently I have begun to think about this word love more and more. What gift from Mercury retrograde,  (if you want to know more about this retrograde period you can visit the link to my blog here! which is in my 8th house of the "twin flame" or marriage partner, sex, psychology, death and rebirth, slowly making it's way from the 9th house cusp, taking another dive into the 8th house mysteries.  I digress, the power of this four letter word has me diving deeper into it's realm. So, often we use this powerful four letter word so loosely. Tossing it too and fro like it's common place. Recently I've counseled a number of clients on love, it's not odd to get a request for it during an astrology reading, no matter if married, single, engaged or if a couple are dating. More often however, I've been counseling and reading for women who are married, seeking an end to the relationship due to it having run it's course. With a woman such as myself who still believes in "happily ever after",  "till death do us part", I find this thought provoking. So, with that in mind, I started thinking what IS love anyway? Is it a noun or an action word? Does it facilitate doing nothing or does it welcome someone to do SOMETHING about it?

My thoughts manifested as this blog. Love runs such a wide range of feelings it's so important for one to truly understand the nature of the word. It can be infatuation, it can be misunderstood as lust, it can be embraced as a sweet promise with patience of glorious things yet to come! Love can take you up on highs and bring you crashing down to the lowest of lows, but one thing is for sure, love is needed and desired.  Love.

For me personally, I view and experience love as an action word. For me love has always been a pure expression of how I feel about someone, riding the waves high on the crest of passion and bliss.  I find it extremely difficult not to say it often and then show how much I mean it! I have literally pull back for fear of drowning someone in that expression of love. I am always true to how I feel, the more spiritually connected I am to someone, the feelings of love intensifies with every beat of my heart. Therefore, I have never used love as a noun except when expressing my feelings to someone else about how I feel about another. Love for me has foot prints, it moves in directions that facilitate the healthy expression of two people, seeking to make or create a foundation that can stand the tests of time. To me love is a personal and very unique testimony of that other person and how their energy dances with mine. Now mind you I don't feel deep love for just anyone! I reserve that kind of deep, riveting love for my twin flame. He is the one that gets to have all of me and because he's done the inner work on himself, he'll be ready for me too! With his love, I will be inspired to be all of my unique self just by his presence alone, the sound of his voice, by watching him reach his goals, again, see the picture I am painting? Love is an action word, it facilitates movement and reaction. So anyone that I personally say "I love you" too knows that I mean it, I don't use the word one on one lightly. For me, it carries cosmic power and with that power comes responsibility.

AS a society I would have to say that we are slowly awakening to what love truly is intrinsically. Doing away with all the "fancy" and false trappings that we were taught by Disney as children, we are moving more and more into an authentic desire for real love and a true expression of it. Now what that expressing will LOOK like will be different for everyone, but if two people can agree, energetically and physically what that can look like for THEM, then that is half the battle. Why did I use the word battle? Musician Pat Benetar was right when she came out in the 80's with a song called: " Love is a battlefield". Feeling the sensation, the emotion of love is easy, keeping the flame going is another thing all together. Stoking the flame of love once the passion has died down, once the two of you have explored one another's bodies in endless nights and days of erotic ecstasy once you settle into some kind of a routine, the reality of that love (or lust) will set in. Better yet, how about when you have your first argument? That is a test. How will you handle it? Will you want to end the relationship? Or will you keep the flame stoked because the VALUE of that love reigns over a slightly bruised ego?

See the thing about love is that it will test you! It will see whether or not you are truly what you say you ARE and that to me involves action. Again, going into the depths of the unknown and coming out renewed is what the gift of love can offer.  Let's be honest though, very few want to even go that deep. Many are happy to stay superficial laying on the surface of the word love, as a noun but not putting forth much effort to truly express what it means.

So what does or can love look like? Putting in the effort to keep positive communication open and on going, to be honest in that communication and to truly listen to your partner and come to some kind of understanding. When that occurs, in my opinion it increases the chances of the flame staying stoked.  Does love involve compromise? Again, compromising is about taking action, by truly changing a behavior or coming to a mutual agreement to do something a certain way!  With the national marriage rate and divorce rate well over 75% it's within my opinion that many couples should take a deeper look at their definition of the word love. It encompasses a wide range of expressions and a wide range of action. If one is not mature enough emotionally to handle the onslaught of love, then one should take a step back and reevaluate why they are using the word in the first place.

Love to me is constant, consistent and ever growing. It has a flame that is so hot it can burn you and so intense it can keep you warm. Love is allowing, without jealousy or prejudice, it has no dishonor it only seeks things that are honorable. Love is honest, it is full of integrity, love is never shy. Love seeks to uplift, to never destroy, Love is passion, love can evolve, love is about showing the other person how you FEEL about them in ways that make them happy and fulfilled. Love is selfless, it is kind and it can be overwhelmingly delicious if you are truly open for the experience.

With so many souls meeting their twin flame it's so important that we take a deeper look into what love means for us. To discuss with the one you have feelings for, or with whom you desire to begin a relationship with.  In Twin Flame relationships you both will feel assaulted by the feelings of love, they come crashing down on your when you least expect it. This is an opportunity for you to climb higher into the cosmos of love and I truly believe touch the realm of higher spirit! When and if you feel these sensations I encourage you to ride the current, relishing the friendship of love that you are creating, while manifesting something deeper within both your souls. If it's "meant to be " you will know it because you will feel it in your body, that person will live in your mind, your heart and dreams.

Next time you find your heart in a new place, ask yourself, are you living your truth with love as an action word?

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