In honor of the Scorpio 29 degree SUPER MOON~ FEELINGS....

FEELINGS...heart beating as one, minds connected, linked without time and space, my heart skips a beat when you cross my consciousness, my breath gets caught in my throat as it seeks release, volcano's erupt at my core, your rhythm in between my sacred center that heeds your call, your love essence, your mind vibrates mine, releasing cob webs, tearful eyes, unsettled, misty eyes, desiring to see myself clearly, through your voice I can see, all of me,  my heart, my soul, my truth, how do I speak it clearly? Will I ever find it? Will I soar in your arms, my head laid against your heart as it beats to the rhythm of my love? Your body relaxed at my devotion, wrapped in the erotic vibration of my loyalty and integrity, you find peace finally, as my body vibrates to the intensity of YOU. Knowing you without truly knowing you, smelling you without laying my nose next to your skin, to be free with you, The rivers of life flow, turbulent waters that rock my boat to and fro. The river wants me to be free with you, taking me down paths that I have never traveled but only dreamed of, rocking, crashing, threatening to throw me from the boat, brave enough to stay...
I want to feel this feeling of love forever with you, forever with you, although I have yet to meet you, never been close to you, I feel as though I know you. I want to bathe in the essence of you, washing away all that is not me. To truly find freedom in love that ascends and transcends the false reality of this world. To seek this love that has been written in the stars, something forgotten, something desired, something needed and something heaven sent, something new, I am tossed in, cold, dark,

the river waters run deep in my soul, no longer desiring to be on the surface, but delving deep into the depths of my being, trusting the process of cleansing, releasing and re birthing. Turbulent, unrelenting, forceful, unforgiving, I feel as though I am drowning as I slowly climb from the bottom to the surface, I can see a small light, Breaking the surface of the waters as my new eyes see life, love, me as if for the very first time. I take my first breath and see the face of the one that has been with me from the moment of conception. She is radiant, smiling down at me with a mixture of pure love and mirth, she's asking me what took me so long? I am not from here, but everywhere and she is loving me, giving you permission to love me. 

When my eyes gain focus I then see the sun as it radiates upon me, a smile, a glimmer to the eye and the voice that speaks to my very core, my DNA knows you. Rain as gentle as the sweetest kiss on soft lips that promise bliss, continues to wash away all things that no longer serve me, releasing the demons that have bound me, I step from the waters, cleansed, free, and lighter than ever before and wonder, what did  take me so long? Fear. No more. My heart grows stronger as I realize it's time for the next level of transcendence, all I have to do is wait for you, to offer me your extended hand, Inspiration moves into my very being, admiration for you drives me into your space and your honor keeps me there. Never wanting to leave it, terrified if it ever does. A tear slips down my face and I realize this must be what they call love, although you still don't know me, you are still  only just a dream, for now.

*I give thanks.. to my ancestors, Oshun and to the universe for all that IS. *

 This string of verses came from my soul today, the FEELING was so strong that I had to write out how I felt. I thought I would share it with you! So much turbulence right now within my body and heart as I work through an abundance of FEELINGS. I smile as I write this due to me not having truly paid attention to how I FEEL but most often to the feelings of others. I am both overwhelmed and excited, erotically stimulated, mind flashing with insights and images, as I continue to explore the very potent themes of this Scorpio Super moon. Oddly it seems my body is awakening in so many ways, reminding me, after all I AM human.  
Please share how this super moon is making you feel, if so inclined.
This song and lyrics are by eclectic artist Me'shelanglo and it moves me.. because it reminds of Oshun's promise

la la, la la la so happy i'm here la la, la la la la la, la la la
born on a black star i've come so far to give you Love  
beautiful, beautiful Love beyond the stars is where i'm from come with me we can live in Love
i come from a world made of Love i wanna take you there i come from a world made of Love i, i wanna take you there we can fly, butterflies
don't leave stay stay with me say you Love me  
look in my eyes "i Love you" yeah, i just wanna Love you with beautiful, beautiful Love
i'm made of Love i wanna take you there   
i come from a world made of Love i wanna take you there we can fly, butterflies
we can fly butterflies come with me we can fly butterflies we can fly
come to me we are the sun...


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