So, what's a Libra man like anyway?

Libra, Libra, Libra! I was actually enticed to write this on the Libra man by a precious soul on FB. :) I got a message asking me what about the attributes of a Libra man. Hmm, very interesting indeed when someone we are interested in comes into our vision and we find out what sun sign he is. So, I got inspired. This is for all the ladies who want to know what the Libra man has to offer.

Before I get started, remember that I am a SIDEREAL astrologist, therefore I do not use the TROPICAL placements that so many are accustomed too. I did a reading for a client and she summed it up nicely for me what Tropical astrology is after I gave her the reading of her life! She called it: "The matrix." Now, I am not one to speak negatively of anything unless it's completely ratchet, which Tropical astrology is not. However, I thought her association with what I was teaching and sharing with her and how it applied to what she THOUGHT was her truth was viable. Although Tropical astrology can work up to a point, it keeps us in the matrix as it is NOT 100% accurate. But again that is a discussion for another day. You all came here to hear about Libra men not the difference between Sidereal or Tropical astrology! Having said that, always keep in mind that the sun sign you hear people say they are, is usually the one BEFORE IT.  Therefore you will unknowingly assign their sun sign attributes to the incorrect sun sign, and we all are walking around looking at others behaviors and attributes and thinking they are a particular sun sign when if fact they are another. Food for thought.

For example.

If someone tells you that they are a sun sign Libra ( meaning they were born in or around October) more than likely they are a VIRGO and may have Libra in another planet, maybe it's their rising sign or it's placed in their Mercury or Venus or both? What I know is that the SUN SIGN most think they are IS IN FACT THE SIGN BEFORE THE ONE THEY WERE BORN UNDER. So, to be 100% accurate if you can make sure by you get the "goods" on him to be sure. No not THOSE GOODS yet. What are the goods? Well very simply, his birth time am or pm; his birth location, city, state (country or province); his birth date and then of course contact me and we can have big fun! :)- Live your authentic self through sidereal astrology!

Libra man and the scales of balance
Oh wee the Libra man and all his deliciousness! Handsome, almost beautiful in his expression. Intelligent, refined, loving, warm, compassionate and most often a helpless romantic. Yes, this man is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, marriage, partnerships, yep that is the Goddess Venus and with that gift comes a man that could have you swooning after the first date and wanting to write home to mama!
Mr. Libra's finer attributes is that he loves life and will take beauty in all of its forms including you! He strives to be in balance cause it's so easy for him to get "off" balance. He's a hopeless romantic and strives to keep peace in his life and in his surroundings. Mr. Libra has a deep sense of fairness and just like those scales entail he has a deep seated sense of justice. Therefore he often takes up causes for his fellow man and expects diplomacy where ever he goes and with whom he chooses to interact with.

Libra man when dating and falling in love with the IDEA OF LOVE can be charming, romantic, choosing to pick dates that he can relish in your beauty, a back drop of a lush field with a gazebo, a picnic basket, a table laid out with the finest cloth, aged wines, cheeses, fruit, music playing with a live orchestra, and him! He may even read you some poetry and swoon over your perfume he brought you a week ago just for the occasion.

Once he's utterly intoxicated, he'll  lean in for the kill when he sees those beautiful eyes of yours glazed over from his charms, his unencumbered advances that feel more like tickles, or the flutter of angel's wings. When he leans in.. he kisses your neck and tells you he can't resist you! Oh yes! Mr. Libra is a sweet talker and the ladies beware sometimes those words can sometimes be empty because he would rather have peace than have to deal with confrontation.  But that is him in another mode.. back to the dream.  He kisses your neck and you think you hear him say: "You're the one. I've found you!" Boomp! That was you fainting! 

Reality Check!!!!

Remember that balance and harmony? Mr. Libra needs it, if he doesn't have it, he won't function very well.
Some of the challenging aspects of this lover is that he's not very good at stepping outside of his head. Don't get him all confused. Although he's ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus. He's very much a head guy! Libra is an Air sign, intellectually focused, very much into the mind and that means your ability to understand what he's speaking about on any topic of interest. Can you keep up? Are you interested? Are you intelligent enough to answer confidently? If not, you need to bone up!    If not, things like this can make your Libra man-------->
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Libra man with all of his charms can be hard to pin down after that dream date. See, don't take it personally, he finds it so hard to make a decision on any one thing at any given time. Those scales keep him riding the proverbial fence on many things and that just doesn't include what's for dinner. He can waffle or ride the fence on politics, religion, marriage and when to have that first sexual encounter. Yep, he can be pretty laid back with sex too, so unless you've got a nature that loves to be in charge, he may prove to be a bit daunting when it comes to making choices.
Although these very qualities are what can sometimes make him fickle in matters of the heart. He loves people, and they love him, so he's often viewed as somewhat of a flirt. He wants a perfect relationship, and if he doesn't have that with a partner, he's not above finding a more suitable mate. Once he falls in real love, however, Libra is faithful and devoted.

Over all have fun with your Libra man, truly enjoy his flirtatious heart, his love of peace and harmony and romantic nature and you'll have a lover for life!

Are you a Libra man? Have I left anything out? Please school the ladies! We'd love to hear from you!


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