Exploring the spiritual concept of love & Inter-racial relationships

Contemplating the possibilities
Love. We often speak of it in spiritual circles, touting it's necessity in life, for the globe, a necessary component that we need to heal not only ourselves but our planet. However, I have been taken down a path of deeper understanding about the word love and it's true meaning. It's no secret that this word truly derives it's power from individual interpretation, and that interpretation most often than not for many is widespread. The debate of is love an action word or is it a noun is a big question. However, I am not here to go into those particular dynamics about love. I do agree that love is a necessity and that we need love to negate a lot of what it is we experience in life, we need it like the air we breathe. Love is a universal concept that ranges many emotions and set of actions. It governs the very walk we each take on this earth. Love for me is transcendent! 

Now keep in mind I can only truly speak from my perspective as a Black woman, Upon my journey as a if you will, Spiritualist, I have found this word again and again being spoken, screamed and deemed the cure all. Yet, as of late I have run across some pretty hard dynamics and opinions when it comes to being able to love 'OTHER'. You know? "other", that means someone who is not of your race. Yes, even in 2013 we are bombarded with the idea or the notion that loving someone of than the race we were born into is a shocking or even down right despicable behavior. Some beliefs go as far as to bash you and "other", trying to emotionally and psychologically change your mind. This post is very dear and close to me as I am a strong proponent of love crossing all racial and cultural barriers. I do not find the bigotry not the ignorance tolerable any longer.  So, I am here to expose a bit of what I consider to be love in this blog. I am by no means saying that this should be every one's truth, but I do believe that certain souls on this planet came here to break up preconceived notions, ill thoughts, and misconceptions about loving another outside of your race. Not every soul of a particular race holds the "truth" that we should stay with our "own" for any number or specific reasons. It's time to end the hate, the murders, the FEAR that is based on someone elses experiences or even upbringing, dare I say socialization?  LOVE has no color, culture nor boundaries, only the ones we place upon them. Nothing more and nothing less.

In the spiritual community I do have a set of expectations. I can't apologize for that, but I am a true believer of walk the walk and talk the talk! Period. I have heard some relay this message but then turn around and place a limitation of what that LOVE means on a personal level. Now don't get me wrong, again, we all must make our own choices, but to me, how can one speak about this universal love and not apply it to personal love. I am a firm believer that love starts within and not without. Sure, being loved is a wonderful and exhilarating thing, but if I don't love myself FIRST, then how can I truly appreciate the love that someone else has for me? I would be constantly questioning, "what DO they LOVE about ME?"  Instead of rejoicing in the fact that they "get me" and therefore we celebrate me through that love.  Love has no boundaries, I expressed that a bit earlier in the blog, to me it doesn't. When I go out and meet someone of Japanese or Irish decent, it has nothing to do with their culture that attracts me or the the color of their eyes or skin, it has everything to do with their character. Nothing more and nothing less. LOVE for me allows me to see that persons soul, instead of the color of their skin, therefore allowing love to wash over me and to find joy and bliss in their individual expression. When truly connecting to someone of another culture, I seek the exchange of differences and likenesses and find ecstasy within that experience. I love to learn about them, their beliefs, experiences, languages and spiritual faith. It all moves my blood to the point of boiling and my mind races with well.. possibilities. That for me is LOVE. Love is divine connection. Devotion to that connection that makes all the fear of "other" melt away and keep me whole. Love to me is allowing those experiences to come into my life either as friends, lovers, husband or even child, so that I can truly create and mold a global community. That to me is authentic living. Please understand that by me having the heart and desire to do so doesn't strip me of my black woman's power either, I love my culture and will continue to do so while loving "other." In fact it increases my awareness.  How many other black women who love "other" feel the same?

Actress Taraji & Adam Rodriguez.
No matter if you're a black woman seeking to have different experiences in love with "other", or a white woman who is desiring the same. No matter if a Puerto-Rican/Cuban man (like actor Adam Rodriguez~shown to the left) that has a passionate love for and of black women or an Italian man such as Actor Robert DeNiro who loves only black women crosses your path. It's time to open up and explore the true essence of love and global community.  No more fear, or excuses. Just embracing life to the fullest and seeking your sunshine where ever the rays fall. This to me again is being authentic.

Lastly, when creating relationships with others of other races, or even cultural backgrounds, it is always imperative that we respect that which we don't know. What do I mean? Languages, traditions, cultural celebrations, family celebrations and ancestral beliefs all need to be learned, approached and explored with humility. I have seen so many take this for granted. When stepping into another persons' culture, whether you're loving them from an intimate perspective or a friendship, it's always important to clarify what you don't understand, and to respect their beliefs and traditions. With that said, it's important that they offer the same to you! Communication, positive communication is key and in order for one to explore "other" vastly and appropriately, abundant communication is needed. Hey, you can go as far as asking your friend or lover to teach you their language so that you can communicate with them in their native tongue, now that to me is both sexy and fun!

I love to love. I can never get enough and I love to give it, so for me this is a no brainer. It's imperative that as we increase our vibration during this time on earth that we truly think about LOVE and it's global concept on ALL LEVELS. While doing so, even if you don't personally wish to delve into the Rainbow pot of love, respect those who do and try not to impress your dogma onto them because of your fear or denial of it.

Get ya love on in PEACE.


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