Sensual, Sexual, Feminine Expression

The expression of sensuality, sexuality and life.  Many may not think of it but our spiritual lives are divinely connected to your sensual and sexual selves. Many don't want to see it, religion has numbed many women to the idea of experiencing sexual pleasure, bliss and satisfaction by labeling it as "bad", "sinful" or "dirty." Truth is that sexual expression is one of the healthiest forms of self expression, divine union and infinite healing, on psychological, physical and spiritual levels, I find it odd that even in 2013 women's rites to sexual expression are still be tampered with, judged or even questioned. How we choose to express our sexuality or rite of sensuality is always an individual not a collective process. We often are exposed to how our mothers danced the dance of sexual expression if we grew up in a two parent household, even so if your mom was single and dated different men, everyone seems to have a idea of what that SHOULD LOOK like, instead of teaching, guiding or instructing that truly we are alone in how we THINK about sexuality, our sensuality or expression. Sure, we can be molded early on but in the end it's our own depths of desires, wants, needs, and dirty deeds that are screaming to be led out of the dark room we've unconsciously held them in for years.

Getting right to it! Sacred.  I chose as a spiritual & sexuality coach to use the word sacred because for ME, sexual expression, on a personal level, IS sacred. Why? Our bodies, our temples are created for us to maneuver in this world, and because of that very real truth, it is divinely crafted for just that purpose. Assuming we only have one per life time or in THIS lifetime, whatever your beliefs, we should respect it, elevate it by watching how we take care of it, through health, diet, exercise and it's really no different when it comes to engaging in the act or acts of soul dripping, throat gripping, body thrashing sex!  I am a believer that being mindful about what we and who we engage in sexual expression and exploration is just as important as deciding, what to eat when we get up in the morning, both will determine how we will go about our day, how we will FEEL while doing it. So, what does SACRED mean anyway? Most will think it pertains to all things RELIGIOUS but in reality it doesn't.  Webster Dictionary says this about the word Sacred;

Definition of SACRED

a : dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity <a tree sacred to the gods>
b : devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose) <a fund sacred to charity>
a : worthy of religious veneration : holy
b : entitled to reverence and respect
: of or relating to religion : not secular or profane <sacred music>

b : highly valued and important <a sacred responsibility>
Please note the highlighted portions of these definitions, that is what I sense and mean when speaking about the sacredness of our bodies and sexual /sensual expression.  We are devoted to our bodies, we are set apart from everything else in how YOU choose to manifest this common but unique quality within YOU.  Your body is entitled to reverence and respect, therefore sending a sex positive message to others that they should respect it too. Lastly, your body and sexual expression in my opinion should be highly valued and devotional. This is apart of ourselves, no matter the age that seems to be "cut off" for many women, leaving us in confusion as we struggle to figure out why our lives don't fit the Hollywood mold of sexual heat and passion. Simply put, that's because the Hollywood version of what sex is for women is false, it doesn't fit our paradigm it fits men's. Think about it, what sex are most of the directors whose films we are watching through their lenses? Their sex sells, money grabbing interpretation?? MEN.  Therefore, it is imperative for women to honor our sexual urges, our passions and respectively, value this sacred expression. We need to rewrite the story, her-story, our story and put our sexual and sensual power back on the map! By doing so the very  act of sacredness becomes a mindset that we begin to LIVE what we feel about ourselves, HOW we feel about your bodies, vulva, vagina's etc. by doing so we begin to take the act of sacredness seriously we begin to heal any past hurts, pains, confusion and rejections and turn them into teachable moments, in our her-story, and rewrite the book to our satisfaction! After all we are supposed to be enjoying life aren't we? 
Sensual. Ah I will get right down to the nitty gritty on this one! Sensuality. Many are very much in touch with the buzz word SEXUALITY, why? Because we are inundated with the word, the act, the vision, the purpose, who it serves etc. in our society. We are socialized both men and women to look as sex as a means to an end.   NO! NO!  NO! The media in whatever form it takes has kept this lie for far too long and it's got to well stop!
Women's sensual expression is NEVER addressed in this media nightmare, it's all about SEX and because of this missing piece both men and women have silently suffered for far too long when it comes to our sexual and sensual satisfaction. Let me give you a brief definition of sensual, Webster's Dictionary defines it as;

Definition of SENSUAL

: relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite : fleshly
a : devoted to or preoccupied with the senses or appetites
b : voluptuous

The word sensual is one that if you can see identifies with the 5 senses. It's a process, a prelude, it's the icing on the cake so to speak. When we are attracted too someone, even ourselves, when we are "horny" we often are at this state of being first, this is what gets the fire's stoked to actually engage in sexual activity. Sometimes it's obvious and most often it's subtle and if done well can be deliciously advantageous to the mating dance. Sensual is what gets the juices flowing, it engages the mind, body, the soul, the flesh and prepares either sex for penetration in multiple forms.

I wanted to introduce this blog with a sense of my perceptions, and my views of sensuality, and sexual expression. I am committed to living an authentic life and encourage my sisters, women, to do the same. I offer to you years of self exploratory wisdom, education, and vision when it comes to all things sensual and sexual and give YOU permission to explore this blog till your hearts content. I will be adding astrological tidbits, spiritual tidbits, Goddess and Moon connections to sensual and sexual expression and posting different lifestyles for you to quietly or boldly explore. So, please join in and let's have some fun! 


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