No get quick fix on acquiring true Spiritual Ascension! So what's the rush?!

You are right where you NEED to be! What resonating words that strike straight to the core of any ones soul. It's still a choice as to whether or not we LISTEN and BELIEVE that truth though.  The spiritual world has me at a personal space where I am stepping out in the world and providing others with the permission, information they need to gain clarity, grow, heal and BE all that they came here to BE! Evolving higher and higher into my position and mission here on earth, I have moved into a position of value to OTHERS. However, it didn't happen "over night." This process or rather shall I say journey took me about 13 years of cleansing, learning, clearing, seeking, clowning, rejecting, initiating, accepting, studying, releasing, and correcting thought patterns, behaviors, getting rid of other peoples expectations, ideas and desires of ME, of recognizing who I AM and not who others THOUGHT I needed to be, of releasing habits that crippled my growth, through a lack of self understanding, awareness through fear, pain, the fear of pain or hurt, rejection, clowning when I didn't want to listen or when it was too painful for me to take a hard look into that proverbial closet and pull out my SHADOW.  I had to release people, places, things from my presence, go deep into my inner darkness and reach deep into my core. I ventured there by recognizing my guides, my will, my resolve, my deep desire FOR CHANGE, angels, elders who encouraged me to move, dig it up and seek MY LIGHT. 

I am compelled to say that this journey takes time, community assistance, a willingness to see the reality of one's soul, it takes courage, heart, determination, dedication and resolve. Why? Because often we have to look at things we don't want to see. The reality of how we are apart of the reason we are where we are. It's within us. Not always outside of us.

I have been astonished at the number of souls I've encountered that I've shared a lil bit of my story with, needless to say they are in "awe", that is not my goal however, my goal is to encourage and to support, however, when I get to the years of MY journey I get utter shock and surprise! I hear messages and tones of retreat, rejection, denial and just blatant refusal to invest in that process or journey because "THAT IS TOO LONG."  I must say that although this is MY journey of awakening, coming into consciousness from unconsciousness, each soul's journey is different, I am still in the process of awakening, of evolving and it won't end until the day I draw my last breath!  I personally wouldn't have it any other way. In my opinion, evolution does not go by linear time. It is beyond time and it moves within us and all around us everyday. To want to see an END result such as becoming or being an "ascended master", good luck, that is not the goal or purpose! *I've come across some who believe this and I find it frightening to slap that label on oneself when your life doesn't directly reflect that way of BE-ing. I caution you to be concerned when or if you hear someone say that to you, usually they are delusional and lower ego driven...RUN!*  I digress, evolution, personal evolution does not happen "overnight" it is not something that is going to be a get quick fix nor is it something that we can MASTER quickly. This is a process that unfolds as time evolves.

Man & woman's ascension
There is also some confusion or is it rejection?! The natural gifts we all possess are being confused with ascension. I believe that as human beings we possess many gifts: Telepathy, Intuition, Empathy, "Knowing",  what the world calls physic gifts.  Once we have what is usually considered a life changing experience where our frequencies can shift to a higher vibration, we are able to find ourselves in a space where we are awakening these gifts and discovering another facet of our reality.  Before when our reality was limited, now it's growing. It's a wonderful experience and not to be down played but kept into perspective. What can cause these shifts so that the door can open? Many things, such as traumatic events, a birth, a death, an accident, a moment when we've died and come back, an illness, an addiction, a soul mate encounter with a soul mate, a transcending sexual experience, so many things can be the initiation process. Again, although this is a wonderful experience we must keep in mind that we ALL have these gifts to lesser or greater degree and this awakening is not to be confused with ascension. Or the idea that one has "arrived" Why?
We have to do the personal work for these gifts to be used with clarity. Being spiritual beings in a human vessel, we've more than likely encountered moments, experiences in our lives where we've encountered pain, trauma, abuse, neglect, disappointment, anger etc. All of those experiences, feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, confusion, negative influence within you will show in how you present yourself to the world and can lay that imprint of experiences onto another. We do it unconsciously everyday, stepping in and out of each others auras, affecting our frequencies, thought patterns, emotions, etc. It's imperative to do the inner work vigilantly so that we can lessen this influence when providing others with what they need to heal, shed, learn, grow, ascend.  The Shadow is our personal darkness, it needs to be exposed to the light, our behavior needs to reflect that new awareness, we have to have a desire, a passion even for change, our words, conversations, actions, our genuine needs will be reflected by our actions, our thoughts, we are in fact regularly taking out the garbage, lessons that were hard for us to learn in our past will be dissolved and no longer engaged in, our lives will REFLECT our ascension or evolution. Does this mean we are seeking or striving for perfection? No, what it does mean as this is not a get quick fix process. 

The Great Buddha
 Dear ones, just because you've got gifts, doesn't mean you're in a space to use them, to skip the entire PROCESS of internal CHANGE is folly. True Self awareness, healing, cleansing, clearing needs to happen on a regular basis, growth and development, through study, initiation, reading, application needs to be something you SEEK constantly. It acts like a burning fire within the pit of your belly. It's always there and the more you are fed the spiritual essence of your truth, the universes consciousness and love, the deeper your journey will go. The great Guru's Gandhi, Dali Lama, Jesus, Buddha, and many more lived, ate, slept, breathed, thought, felt, Knew, melted into the PROCESS of knowledge they shared, that is why they became and were welcomed as teachers, great masters of all time. I truly believe it is because of their deep desire and infallible ability to keep tapping deeper on ALL LEVELS of their existence and see the world transform around them!! They weren't concerned with the AMOUNT OF TIME IT TOOK to get THERE, because there was NO "THERE", there was only TODAY.


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