ForePlay is it really THAT important?

FOREPLAY so what is the big deal anyway?  Some of you may be asking the question: "Is it really as important as they say it is?!"


Please allow me to be honest with you, over 48% of women NEED foreplay, come kind of stimulation before sexual penetration. That is the way our bodies work. Women's bodies are made to be RESPONSIVE.  IN that responding we are fine tuned to stimuli that gets not only our bodies aroused but also our MINDS.  The smell, the sound, the feel, the taste of sex turn our bodies on full ignite and sends our senses soaring through the roof. When just the right touch, kiss, or spoken word is uttered our bodies respond with a resounding YES by getting wet and lubricated, and when that happens, the more foreplay we receive (non sexual stimulation) the hornier we get! When that doesn't happen, well, the outcome not only will be disappointing but also painful!

Not only is foreplay important for the journey of sex to be a pleasurable one but also for the sustained activity that leads to orgasm.  Making a woman juicy allows her uterus to open up further making more room for sexual intercourse to occur. Yeah, there is a name for it. "Vaginal tenting." Go figure! Anyway, vaginal tenting is needed for a woman to be able to receive the love offering her man has to give her and make way for a wild and yes, wet ride.

So, not only is foreplay important for our bodies to be able to receive or be open to sexual activity, yeah I had a pun there, but also it gives women far more pleasure in being able to prepare for that activity.  To me that is a win-win situation.  With over 48% of women not getting enough foreplay before sexual penetration it's important that we focus more on the prelude to sex than the actual sex itself. Men are obviously made and wired differently but men can benefit from foreplay as well.  Foreplay for men teaches him how to be a better and more in-tuned lover, which means he will be more responsive in nature to his partners needs, wants and desires, thereby increased his sexual appetites. Foreplay can also assist men who may experience ED or Premature ejaculation challenges. Foreplay can teach him to hold off, measure his desire levels and therefore relax and not rush penetration. For me with ED challenges, it can give him time to fully relax, engage and then fully allow an erection to happen, without feeling pressure to perform. Lastly, it creates a path to intimacy that is not SEX focused, or shall I say PENETRATION focused. This can assist with those who face life style changes, menopause, illness or who are taking medications. Foreplay in my opinion leads to deeper sexual bonding and intimacy for couples  no matter the reason and has nothing but benefits!!

So, the next time you and your partner get in the mood focus a little bit more on foreplay each time and watch you turn an ordinary sex night into a night of serious passion and desire!


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