Aries is the element of Fire & the Boston Bombing~Prayers are being sent out!

The sun is officially into 1 degree of Aries! We are moving away from all of that oceanic Pisces energy into the realm of FIRE! Not that we don't like Pisces, it's just that we  need a break. Having muddled through an intense emotional period, many are feeling the  need to get spirited and creative. For many of you who are Aries you will embrace this time as it brings with it NEW BEGINNINGS. According to the Wheel of astrology Aries is the beginning OF ALL LIFE. It is spirited, Illuminating, a trail blazer, highly intuitive. Yep, Intuitive, yes, all fires signs sense things deeply, it's called the "gut instinct" and if heeded it never goes wrong. 

So what is Aries purpose?
Aries is here to lead the way out of FEAR. With all of the energetic shifts that are occurring lately it's always pertinent to keep in mind the what elements are influencing the masses, it will provide a clear indication of why we are RE-acting to one another in certain ways. Aries NEEDS TO LEARN COURAGE. When we are faced with fear, we need to push through it and don't stop until we reach our goal. The glyph or animal for Aries is the RAM. If you look closely at the RAM, it's eyes are set on each side of it's head, which means that it's focus is not only in the front but also the peripheral, never loosing sight of what it desires. We also have to look at the fact that the RAM has horns and if anything gets in it's way, they will get butted out of the way, so Aries has a single minded purpose, it's trail of fire blazes from point A to be point B. It does not waiver to the left or the right, it stays on course. Finally, the RAM is a 4 hoofed animal, which makes Aries PRIMAL.

It's form of action is INSTINCTUAL. There goes that "gut instinct" again, most often Aries will KNOW what is right to charge after and when not too. Now there are times when this impetuous sign can get so excited about something that it leaps or butts before it thinks about it or even looks, but that is the beauty of this sign, it seeks to learn things in life through experience and doesn't mind making mistakes. If you know an Aries, they tend to pick themselves up and try, try again! Fire is like that, it never gives up! 

If you have your Sun Sign in Aries, it is EXALTED. That means it's operating or CAN operate at it's highest positive expression. That is, if one chooses the high road. Aries is notorious for it's temper and it's need of fun, glam and fast paced activities and yes this can include sex! Remember as a Fire sign, the first fire sign of the Zodiac, Aries is here to learn life through experience and that means with PASSION.

Fire priestesses/Priest can wield the power of Aries by harnessing the primal energies within! By letting go of the contrived notion that we are "higher" than an animal and accepting the fact that we ARE animals she can bring with her/him and tap into ancient elemental energies. Creating a spell for love, tantric sex, even healing a cold by fire energies is a fantastic way to initiate passion, spirit and warmth of the body and soul. 

I would like to give a special mention to those who have experienced the negative impact of Arian energy at the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING. I must mention that Aries is ruled by the planet MARS. Mars is and can be about war, bloodshed, aggression, fighting and anger. Aries can exhibit these traits, as it is known for it's temper. However, with the sun at 1 degree of Aries on 4/15/2013 this bombing was done on the day Aries went into 1 degree.  With Mars and Venus still lingering in Aries this created a literal triple threat. Sun, Mars, Venus all in Aries. The  Sun= the West (USA); Mars= WAR; Venus=money. 

Lastly, with Mercury (communication) still residing in the sign of Pisces, this event crossed BOUNDARIES. These boundaries are currently unclear as there are conflicting media reports as to WHO planted these bombs. Along with that confusion, there are people questioning whether or not our government knew about it?  Of course we are being told that this was an act of TERROR (MARS/ARIES.) This kind of talk creates an excuse for another WAR and WAR(ARIES/MARS) makes our government RICH.  Are we being told the TRUTH or are we being told and SOLD ILLUSIONS? All PISCES energies when coupled with Mercury. I don't know all the answers but I DO know is that this occurrence at this time fits in with the sidereal timeline. I ask that each and everyone of you keep your ears, eyes, and senses open to this tragedy and the world, we can only benefit from staying alert and being of service to others!!



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