April 25, 2013~ Shallow Lunar Eclipse USING SABIAN SYMBOLS

 As an astrology and teacher, I believe it is my duty to take you down the worm hole of astrological interpretation. Expose you to different facets, that means sometimes off the beaten path of astrological analysis.

I am introducing in this blog what are called Sabian Symbols. The Sabian symbols were brought into existence by Marc Edward Jones in the 1920's who intuitively sat down with Elise Wheeler and pieced together what highly acclaimed intuitive and spiritual astrologer Dane Rudhyar calls the "Western I-CHING."  The Sabian Symbols are in fact a complete 360 degree interpretation through each zodiac sign. It allows one to dig deeper into the meaning of each degree of a sign to gain a personal understanding of what that degree in that sign is saying to you. Sabian symbols are a fascinating, powerful and useful set of images for the astrologer and non astrologer alike. The images, themselves have been the subject of quite a number of new commentaries. Indeed, Marc himself wrote "the Sabian symbols are a fact and they may be examined or employed by anybody who wishes. They have entered the realm of common reality and become subject to the universal logic of man's mind." What should be is.

 When looking at the the "Shallow Lunar Eclipse" on April 25, 2013 ( Shallow means it will not be that powerful of an eclipse for the naked eyes to see) Just to make sure we are on the same page, the word Lunar is in reference to the Moon. I was led to look at the degree of the Lunar eclipse rather than choose a "Goddess" like I normally do with Full Moons. Yes, this eclipse will be happening during a full moon phases. If you've been following my blogs you know that the full moon phases is about BIRTHING. Whatever we've seeding, meditated on, nurtured through the phases after the new moon, will be brought into fruition or be given birth too. Now many of you know that I use the SIDEREAL format of astrological interpretation, for me it's a better fit. Therefore, the Full Moon on April 25th in sidereal placement will be 28 degrees of Virgo (not 5 degrees of Scorpio in Tropical). 

Although I am NOT a proponent of political rhetoric, I do believe in lieu of the recent events with the Boston Marathon bombing that THIS particular sabian symbol speaks LOUDLY during this full moon Eclipse.  Now let me add briefly that Lunar eclipses in astrology tend to have a much more intimate and PERSONAL meaning, individual meaning, than it's opposite SOLAR ECLIPSE which we will be experiencing on May 9, 2013.  Solar eclipses can be more of a COLLECTIVE experience, sometimes signalling physical events that hit world news. However, when looking at THIS lunar eclipse, after watching the TRENDING on Twitter, Face book, and other social media networks, this has hit many on a personal & collective level. Remember that the moon is a STAR that is concerned with our NEEDS. These needs are unconscious most of the time unless we truly dig deep to pull them out and assess them. On a collective level this Sabian Symbol is speaking of a need for each of us to "do the math" and dig deeper into what we collectively sense is happening in the world around us, assess whether or not we like it and most importantly, how are we going to get our NEEDS MET as citizens here on the home front?

of all zodiac signs.  28 degrees of VIRGO states:

According to Dane Rudhyar's The astrological Mandala
Phase 178:
Key note:
" The Sheer Power of personality in times that call for decision."
Whether at the religious or at the social-political and cultural level there comes a time when obsolescent patterns of ORDER and CULTURAL REFINEMENT have to be RADICALLY and RELENTLESSLY CHALLENGED. Catabolic ( a breakdown) personages emerge to SEIZE POWER and to DICTATE decisions that ALTER the structures of SOCIETY;or within an individuals life, an INTENSE urge for cathartic changes mobilizes the WILL, and TRAUMATIC decisions are made. At such times, the issue has to be met and ruthless as the power may APPEAR, it must be accepted.
This is about the "necessity for decision and transformation.  Existence is motion, no static formation, however beautiful and inspiriting will remain long UNCHALLENGED. Everything bows to the power of the WILL-divine excecutively hUMAN or satanic.

Now you may read this and go "what the hell does this all mean?" It basically means that there are forces within our world that are holding the strings of our existence. We are not FREE we are deceived into believing we are FREE. This is a call to WAKE UP and see societies structures as they really ARE with no more ILLUSIONS. This is the call for the RED PILL OR THE BLUE PILL. You know? The MATRIX.  Being a divine will, executively human gives us the power and the right to CHALLENGE what is not morally right within our society, anything and everything affects EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. If we sit back and do NOTHING we will be under satanic control. I urge you to look up the word Satanic, it does not historically relate to just the concept of "heaven or hell", it deals with a way of being, and energy. Would we not argue that Earth is also called a living hell? This is about seizing power! Taking it back. Right now we are the ones who are being "SEIZED."

Mind you, this is not a blog that is promoting senseless or needless fighting or protesting. What this blog and the use of the Sabian Symbols is pointing out is the fact that we are in an immense and powerful transformation globally and the "powers that be" are manipulating and enforcing laws, ways of life that are going to change the world we live in.

This sabian symbol is a warning! We all can remain within the structure and make small changes everyday. What might you ask? By being divine will-transforming light we can take up causes. Causes that responsibly and ethically bring a focus to a particular issue. For example: I am a High Priestess. As such I am connected to the EARTH. Her elements. Waters are in need of cleaning, keeping wildlife that dwell within safe and danger free. Take up a cause to support ocean life, whales, dolphins, all of sea life!! Join a cause for a greener earth. Clean up earths highways for instance, keeping trash where it belongs! You can support birds etc. You get my jist. Although we don't have ultimate control over our environment, we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE if we all stop existing, following the grind, being focused on nothing else but surviving and moving toward a common goal, a common purpose to save our selves and our environment.

 Click the link to delve deeper into Sabain Symbology! http://sabian.org/sabian_symbols.php


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