Pre-Full Moon God and Goddess~Empowered through matters of one's HEART

Egyptian God Anubis & Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet

March 26, 2013~ Pre~Full moon 9 degrees in the sign of Leo (sidereal)

Over the past few weeks, I have been blessed by so many conversations with clients, FB friends and family, talking about the topic of relationships. Relationships in various forms, statuses and creation. Many, many changes are erupting right now. So many are connected to sacred centers, the sacral chakra and heart chakra. Energy pools overflowing with creativity, sexual union and love. Pulsating power of togetherness, connectedness and passion. Our planetary alignment is causing serious friction in the arena of life, forcing, coaxing, and demanding response and activity, most of all results. It seems that time is moving swiftly, things that were once solid yesterday are no longer solid today, structures are being broken down, people are stepping back and taking another look, a look at what we were, what we are and figuring out where we need to go. When we stop and resonate with what direction our souls need, sometimes bonds need to be broken and then reforged.

Leo astrological glyph

 The Zodiac sign of LEO the Lion. This is the symbol of the King or Queen, child like in spirit, but never childish, a strong creative force like the SUN, which is the planet or star that rules this Noble, regal and attention needing sign. Leo needs applause but most of all it needs an outlet for it's power. The heart is ruled by Leo. The physical heart and the spirit heart. The heart is so often spoken of in our language, often times in my opinion greatly taken advantage of, not truly understood or even respected. The heart when Leo enters the picture is passionate, steadfast, stubborn and seeks adoration from it's subjects. The subjects of course are those that Leo has allowed into it's inner circle, it's lovers, family, children and friends. This is a creative force that demands attention to it's will and will take no prisoners.

When Leo the lion is coupled with the feminine whiles of the full moon, it's difficult to tell whose energy will be on top!  It's a passion struggle that demands that both energies need to be present but whose will be focused on? Remember that the Moon represents our NEEDS and desires. So, in relationships what are our needs? Are they affection, devotion, worship, fun, creativity, play, or attention???  What do we desire? Is it more passion, a strong presence? More leadership? More passion? More sex? The moon is wanting us to focus on all of these things, pull them from our unconscious minds and bring them out on center stage to be played out in a dance of hearts and desires.

Relationships are waxing and waning, pushing and pulling, wrestling for control. Being mindful of what your needs and desires are can assist you in being able to make powerful choices regarding your heart. Remember that Leo rules children, and that means that babies can be made under this transit, babies could have been made prior to the shadow of this full moon and now bonds are breaking, babies can be made in the future. It's time to be mindful.

 The moon is an unconscious energy, we are not always aware of what it is we need and desire in relationships, in love, in sexual encounters or romance. Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper, ask yourself what it is you need and desire as a passionate being, a soul. Match it up with what you are currently receiving or not receiving in your present relationship or relating patterns. Make some changes. If coupled, ask your partner if they are willing to do the same, after all, it's about 2 not 1. Having your partner list their hearts desires and needs will allow them to tap into the pre~ full moon energy and discover their own treasures and maybe even share them with you.

Two hearts beating as one! Loving giving, receiving, sharing, seducing and yielding. It is all a dance of the soul, and the soul is yearning for deeper connections now that we are experiencing all of these shifts. Energy patterns are releasing the old and bringing in the new and sometimes that is not an easy task. This full moon is about nurturing your HEART. Nurturing your passion, your drive, your will and your desire. Join the dance of two souls finding their space within the space of the world together, full of joy and activity, it's only a dance that can be engaged in, while engaging life!


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