New Moon in Capricorn~ 3/11/12 (Sidereal)

New Moon
The New Moon is upon us!  I am grateful for the opportunity from Mother Moon to offer another seeding phase!  The Dark Moon  phase that we are currently coming out of tomorrow will be a blessing indeed. I don't know about you, but his particular Dark Phase has been an intense one. Capricorn calls for nothing less but integrity, excellence and honesty in everything it touches. The moon is no exception to that rule. When we are dealing with a planetary energy that holds space as an archetype of emotions, needs, security, and nourish/nurturing, and one which governs the earth's oceans and our bodies, we have to understand and truly embrace the truth that we are held within her grasp. Being mindful of who, what, why, and how things and people are engaging your life is so important to understanding how energies work, not only in the cosmos, which we are apart of energetically but also within YOU.  I truly believe that pin pointing how the Moon, sign and phase works within each of us can bring about a more focused awareness to who we are as divine women. It also will provide us with the tools necessary to nourish what we need and to honor that. I have being speaking to many women during my social networking over this Dark Moon phase,  I have given spiritual counsel to some who are struggling with letting go of pain and those that no longer serve them. Because of this, I wanted  to offer respect and space to connect a great Goddess to this blogs energy, she is fitting for this abundant releasing that is occurring on our planet at this time, both on a personal and collective level.

Asian Goddess of Compassion and Forgiveness: Kuan Yin

I offer at this time for every woman the Goddess of compassion, mercy and forgiveness: Kuan Yin. She is also called the: " Fragrant Mountain"  "For all those who have exited my life and other women's lives through the doorway of Dark moon energies, I bid you farewell, compassion, I offer you mercy and I forgive any transgressions you have made against me. I ask the universe to hold you in it's divine light and bless you and offer you healing! I say this prayer for all! Wrapping you in this Goddess' embrace, giving you permission to offer the very same prayer to your HEART. Releasing and letting go is not always easy, however, it is something we can benefit from, when we do we create space for positive things, opportunities and people to enter. Namaste~

Onto the New Moon! 

The new moon is in the auspicious sign of Capricorn! Capricorn is one of my favorite signs because it is ruled by the planet Saturn and Saturn is all about BUSINESS. Not just a physical business but the business of INTEGRITY, FORM, FUNCTION, HARD WORK, EXCELLENCE AND DILIGENCE. Capricorn is about DISCIPLINE, SECURITY, SAFETY AND WISDOM. When Saturn and Capricorn show up with the New Moon, we are being asked to seed things that will last, to usher in people, opportunities, abundance in the element of earth.

Mountains and the spiritual path
Capricorn holds the archetype of the MOUNTAIN. It is where we must look at the bottom of the mountain to see where we need to climb to become that pillar of excellence that others can aspire too. More specifically Capricorn New Moon is a call to sit down, write down and focus on what it is when need in regards to improving our lives.  
  • Where are we needing to bring discipline? 
  • Form and Function? 
  • What do we need to gain in order to prosper? 
  • What area of my life do I need to work  harder to achieve my goals? 
  • Where is the wisdom that I am using to actually live in integrity and honesty? 
  • What am I excellent at? How can it bring me lasting success and appreciation from myself and my peers?  
 This new moon phase is an important one. We are in a time on earth where energies are moving and changing rapidly. This is a time to seriously buckle down and find our space within and without, and we will know what, who and where that is and with whom it will be with soon! Why not take the opportunity to align your energies with the universe to make the path a bit smoother, lessen the rocks and boulders caused by emotional anger, fear, and a lack of inner knowing.
Open your heart and emotions to the healing of this moon phase by planting needs, things, desires, that will have a lasting affect on your life in the here and NOW.  Doing this in my opinion can only provide solid structure in our lives and for our purpose!


  1. Acck. The new moon is always in the sign of the sign we are currently in. Pisces new moon would be it. Not a Capricorn moon...that's a waning moon when we are in Pisces. It is always this way. Just as the full moon is always in the sign six signs away, its opposite. So when the moon is full in Pisces, long past, it was in Virgo. The next full moon on the 27th of March will be in Libra. And the new moon will come later in Aries in the sign of Aries. This is just how the universe works.

    1. Drag you if you had read my blog you would have seen I said the sign is in SIDEREAL astrology NOT TROPICAL. So, you are in fact incorrect according to the astrological system I practice.

      Next time I would recommend that you READ the entire blog FIRST before jumping to conclusions. Frankly, the universe works in a myriad of ways. :)-

      Thank you.



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