New Moon Goddess~Mother Earth

Gaia Earth: Tree of life

Earth, rock, mountain, sand, grains, oceans, lakes, rivers, seas, sky, wind, spirit, flora and fauna, human beings.. oh how she embraces us all in so many ways and in so many forms. We are not that different from Gaia or mother earth. As we evolve, she evolves too.  Mother earth comes in many depictions from many different cultures. She is usually depicted pregnant and full, bursting forth with life and abundance. She is birthing opportunities, the here, the now, and moving in directions that provide each soul that inhabits this planet a space to evolve in.

Whether it is East, West, North or South, we are all connected to the great energetic web of Gaia!  Many have come to know in these times, whether they believe or not, that Mother earth is a pulsating, breathing, living entity. It is within this entity that lies our destines and the destiny of our future, our children. There has been and is a great call to nourish Mother earth, to offer her and all of her inhabitants respect, fruition and abundance. This message has been increasing steadily as each soul chooses to increase their vibration and to release all of us that is not who we truly are. However, for many others, this truth is not their reality, some seem to want to stay in the lower energies and continue to rape, violate the many energies and living beings that occupy this planet, that is a call for more CHANGE!

Dolphin frequency love for the planet!

THIS New Moon Goddess energy if you haven't guessed is MOTHER EARTH. It is time that we honor her through vigilant work, a call for excellence in how we think and feel about keeping her resources free of hazardous materials, toxins and impurities. When we cleanse Mother Earth, we are therefore cleansing ourselves! It's a symbiotic relationship. Nothing is separate. 

New Moon Capricorn is about sustaining and supporting earth energies. This means every living thing in and on this earth is going through a vibration shift. This vibration shift is creating higher frequencies and many of the souls on earth are calibrating to the higher frequencies to aid in this shift.  Capricorn is about integrity, hard work, honesty, wisdom and most of all MATURATION.  From my humble perspective, it's frankly time man and woman grew up and realized that we are all connected and if feeling disconnected, find ways to plug back into that truth. We are apart of the earth while we inhabit it and as such we are doing nothing but bringing about our own demise if we continue to disrespect her presence and her form and function.

Ask yourself what you can do to help assist Mother Earth in her shifting, cleansing and releasing! 

Some things you can do are:
  • Recycle
  • Ritual work to ease her birthing
  • care for animals who have been abandoned or abused
  • Volunteer at homeless shelters and animal shelters
  • Become an advocate for Pro earth groups
  • Be conscious of how we use resources 
  • Be conscious of how we get rid of waste
  • Offer prayer to Mother earth of love and healing
  • Plant a tree and plants
  • Take some time, even if 5 minutes to connect to Mother earth through meditation
  • Walk barefoot and connect to Mother earth


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