Moon Phases~ Purpose and Function

Moon Phases
I've been getting questions (in my email) about the importance of the Moon's phases. Because I tend to write only about 2 phases, I felt it would be of great importance to briefly explain the other phases that come before and after the 2 phases that I speak about here on the blog: Full and New Moon phases. 

Phases of the Moon last roughly 7 days at full culmination. The energies increase in power 3 days prior and the affects of the prior moon phase energy can be worked with 3 days after. So that provides us with almost 14 days of work of seeding, birthing, manifesting or banishing.  Now for those who follow my blog you know that with every New moon or Full Moon I am called to resonate a Goddess figure with the phase according to the Astrological sign the moon phase falls in. What this does is offer additional energy, illumination, connection and primal feminine power to work with.  Note that the moon changes moves FAST, so the astrological signs do not last 3 days to the 7th day. The astrological signs can change signs within 2 days, so if you want to truly use a specific astrological sign, it's important to do so quickly in order to amplify the energies you want to work with.  I won't get into the details of how this all works due to the great length of the information.  But the good news is I am offering a class online this year detailing all of this information, please visit my website for updates and much more!

Keep in mind looking at the diagram above that the phases will move in a counter~clockwise direction. There are the technical names of the phases and the Esoteric phase names I will include both as to avoid confusion. 

New Moon:  This moon phases is considered the energy "newness", birthing, planting, seeding and it offers one the ability to add the things we need in our lives.

Crescent Moon (Waxing Crescent): This is considered a manifestation and abundance. This moon phases brings about the work needed to grow what was previously seeded in the New Moon phase.

First Quarter Moon (Waxing Moon):  Here with this Moon we have a building up of energies happening, this moon is used it provides you with motivation and courage to speed things up that tend to be lagging in your life.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: This moon brings about the lesson of patience. Once we've seeded what we need, we've worked with manifestation and bringing in abundance and the energies have been building up, the Gibbous Moon asks us to be patient and clearly sense your feelings at this time, keeping in alignment with your needs and actions at this time. Now your full.

Full Moon: The full moon is the birthing of all of the other moon phase energies prior to it. Here we are full and ready to give birth and receive the "baby" of what we desire and need. Here is the time of reaping what we've sown. Keep in mind that this "reaping" may still take some time. What we want to do is choose this time of auspicious birthing to continue the flow of moon energies. I call this Moon Glow.

Waning Gibbous (Disseminating Moon): This Moon phases is a phase that requires us to look at what didn't work during our seeding phases up to the birthing ( or gestation), this moon phase is great for releasing energies that no longer serve us or that are harmful to our needs and protection.

Last Quarter Moon: Release of negativity and banishing. This moon phase continues the process, the evolution of releasing what no longer serves you.

Waning Crescent (Dark Moon): This is a moon phase that allows one to release and banish enemies, those that would do you or others harm. This moon phase can work in one's life when they feel a sense of danger or lack of self protection.  Although all moon phases are especially powerful, especially where the blood is concerned, this moon phase is especially linked to perform protection rituals.

Keep in mind that all of the moon's phases are associated with the power and reverence of our blood moon days.  I have found that your emotions will strongly co-exist with whatever moon phase we are getting ready to bleed in, are in or leaving. Keeping a Moon journal can highlight this truth and allow you to see what things you have brought into your life or gotten rid of just by your emotions and blood alone! Give it a try and post your experiences. Namaste~


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