Mercury Retrograde lesson of INTEGRITY

Mercury has now gone Direct.  I wasn't going to write a blog on that since I already provided the date Mercury is coming out of retrograde action. However, this retrograde period has been especially busy and prolific for me. I have experienced multiple interactions and a few hair pulling situations where a lack of integrity has been a major theme this retrograde period! Now when thinking of Mercury I never once ever gave a thought to it being a planet that demands INTEGRITY, however, after much reflection, I came to the conclusion that yes, Mercury is VERY much about integrity because it has to do with words in ACTION. Now you may be wondering what that means? "WORDS IN ACTION."  

Mercury is known to the Greek Gods as the "Winged Messenger",  that means that words, thoughts, ideas, communication are not stagnate, it MOVES and it moves with such intensity, that it actually has IMPACT on those it lands on, or flies by! When we utter words we are actually giving LIVING BREATH to each WORD, thereby giving it POWER. When we speak words we are giving them the right to exist and to become apart of our world.  I am sure you've heard of the saying: "Words have power?" Well yes the DO! I am a huge fan of the word INTEGRITY and I actually live by this energy. I am careful (most times) of the words I speak and what IMPACT they will have on others, whether it is a child, a colleague, a parent, a friend, myself, (smile). I intrinsically understand that when I open my mouth, whether it is through the expression of my vocal cords, or the tapping of my fingers on a key board, I have a spiritual and karmic obligation to speak TRUTHFULLY and with a INTENTION of power and IMPACT. I have come to realize that not everyone lives by that TRUTH. 

I have had some frustrating experiences with this Mercury Retrograde, the biggest "issues" have been with businesses and their lack of integrity when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have come across some severe lack of kindness, compassion, integrity, intelligence and willingness to truly assist the CUSTOMER.  They do know what a customer is right?  The one whose PAYING for your SERVICES. I just could not believe the sheer lack of professionalism from these companies! I won't put any of them on blast because hey, it's not worth it, but I know you've done business with at least 3 of them. I can not leave out privately owned businesses, they seemed to have the same issues. NO communication as to what, when, why or where. NO follow up or follow through. You pay your money and they just get to you when they can! Maybe my concept of integrity is a bit "old fashioned" for some? I don't know? I wasn't taught this, I AM THIS. The world needs to get the memo! 


AS a business owner I take so many factors into consideration when providing a SERVICE to the public. I am always truthful and I always take YOUR feelings, needs, into consideration. I always put myself in YOUR shoes and ask the question: "How would that decision make ME feel.", this keeps me humble, honest and forthright. If I have to make different plans, change something I have said, I am always quick to respond to my clients and customers to let them know what happened, why and most importantly, what am I going to do to get their needs met. Now understand I am not speaking of perfection here, I am speaking of having and living from the HEART center. When living from the HEART center we actively will put others before our own, and when in the business of SERVICE, for me this is essential. 

We must all be MINDFUL (MERCURY) of what we say, and do our best to deliver, if we can't deliver for any reason, we need to say why and communicate that to the client, customer, husband, child, lover, friend, etc. Provide another option and leave the exchange filled with COMPASSION and leaving the customer, client, person, feeling appreciated. To me that makes good business and meaningful LIVES.


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