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Pre-Full Moon God and Goddess~Empowered through matters of one's HEART

March 26, 2013~ Pre~Full moon 9 degrees in the sign of Leo (sidereal)

Over the past few weeks, I have been blessed by so many conversations with clients, FB friends and family, talking about the topic of relationships. Relationships in various forms, statuses and creation. Many, many changes are erupting right now. So many are connected to sacred centers, the sacral chakra and heart chakra. Energy pools overflowing with creativity, sexual union and love. Pulsating power of togetherness, connectedness and passion. Our planetary alignment is causing serious friction in the arena of life, forcing, coaxing, and demanding response and activity, most of all results. It seems that time is moving swiftly, things that were once solid yesterday are no longer solid today, structures are being broken down, people are stepping back and taking another look, a look at what we were, what we are and figuring out where we need to go. When we stop and resonate with what direction our souls need, sometim…

I have been accepted to write for OM TIME MAGAZINE

I am so excited to announce that I am an official member of the OM magazine online writers community! Yes, those are the fire works that are going off. I am grateful for the opportunity to hone my writing skills, to provide you with the information you need, to grow, evolve or just be in the "know."

I ask you to support me on OM! I go under the pen name: MOON PRIESTESS. 

Here is a link to my first submission!

Here is a link to OM magazine online! Here you can access as many articles to your hearts content!

Love you for all of your support!

Mercury Retrograde lesson of INTEGRITY

Mercury has now gone Direct.  I wasn't going to write a blog on that since I already provided the date Mercury is coming out of retrograde action. However, this retrograde period has been especially busy and prolific for me. I have experienced multiple interactions and a few hair pulling situations where a lack of integrity has been a major theme this retrograde period! Now when thinking of Mercury I never once ever gave a thought to it being a planet that demands INTEGRITY, however, after much reflection, I came to the conclusion that yes, Mercury is VERY much about integrity because it has to do with words in ACTION. Now you may be wondering what that means? "WORDS IN ACTION."  

Mercury is known to the Greek Gods as the "Winged Messenger",  that means that words, thoughts, ideas, communication are not stagnate, it MOVES and it moves with such intensity, that it actually has IMPACT on those it lands on, or flies by! When we utter words we are actually giving L…

New Moon Goddess~Mother Earth

Earth, rock, mountain, sand, grains, oceans, lakes, rivers, seas, sky, wind, spirit, flora and fauna, human beings.. oh how she embraces us all in so many ways and in so many forms. We are not that different from Gaia or mother earth. As we evolve, she evolves too.  Mother earth comes in many depictions from many different cultures. She is usually depicted pregnant and full, bursting forth with life and abundance. She is birthing opportunities, the here, the now, and moving in directions that provide each soul that inhabits this planet a space to evolve in.

Whether it is East, West, North or South, we are all connected to the great energetic web of Gaia!  Many have come to know in these times, whether they believe or not, that Mother earth is a pulsating, breathing, living entity. It is within this entity that lies our destines and the destiny of our future, our children. There has been and is a great call to nourish Mother earth, to offer her and all of her inhabitants respect, frui…

New Moon in Capricorn~ 3/11/12 (Sidereal)

The New Moon is upon us!  I am grateful for the opportunity from Mother Moon to offer another seeding phase!  The Dark Moon  phase that we are currently coming out of tomorrow will be a blessing indeed. I don't know about you, but his particular Dark Phase has been an intense one. Capricorn calls for nothing less but integrity, excellence and honesty in everything it touches. The moon is no exception to that rule. When we are dealing with a planetary energy that holds space as an archetype of emotions, needs, security, and nourish/nurturing, and one which governs the earth's oceans and our bodies, we have to understand and truly embrace the truth that we are held within her grasp. Being mindful of who, what, why, and how things and people are engaging your life is so important to understanding how energies work, not only in the cosmos, which we are apart of energetically but also within YOU.  I truly believe that pin pointing how the Moon, sign and phase works within each of …

Moon Phases~ Purpose and Function

I've been getting questions (in my email) about the importance of the Moon's phases. Because I tend to write only about 2 phases, I felt it would be of great importance to briefly explain the other phases that come before and after the 2 phases that I speak about here on the blog: Full and New Moon phases. 

Phases of the Moon last roughly 7 days at full culmination. The energies increase in power 3 days prior and the affects of the prior moon phase energy can be worked with 3 days after. So that provides us with almost 14 days of work of seeding, birthing, manifesting or banishing.  Now for those who follow my blog you know that with every New moon or Full Moon I am called to resonate a Goddess figure with the phase according to the Astrological sign the moon phase falls in. What this does is offer additional energy, illumination, connection and primal feminine power to work with.  Note that the moon changes moves FAST, so the astrological signs do not last 3 days to the 7th…