What can you expect during a Last Quarter Moon phase?

So now that I've blogged about The Goddess of the Last Quarter Moon phase in Feb. 2013 and I've blogged about the transiting moon sign in Virgo but another important question is:  HOW does this particular moon phase affect us? 

Below is a small chart showing what to expect during a Last quarter moon phase cycle. 

  • This is a Harvest moon: What we release we harvest as "goods"
  • This phase brings us the gift of the PROCESS
  • Since the moon rules hungers or appetites you may experience minor weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Give a prayer of "thanksgiving" to the Goddess of release so that you can show her homage
  • Your energy may be a bit slow during this phase; tired, may need to nap, rest is important
  • You may feel like you want to nurture, be taken care of or be cared for
  • Family issues can come up here, health concerns may show up, "fathering and "mothering"
  • Your dreams are/can offer you answers to your real life challenges or questions! Dream journal.  

Remember to rest!!

These may seem like minor things to watch out for but always remember the moon governs our physical bodies. We are over 90% water! Watch for these "symptoms" and if you feel them be kind to yourself by RESTING and letting GO of any emotion that does not serve you!

Love to you Stars

~Moon Child~


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