Venus in LUST Pt 3

*Keep in mind these are brief descriptions of Venus in lust via the signs. A chart reading covers much more!* Classes will be made available coming soon in 2013!~Moon Child

Venus in Sagittarius
"The Courtesan"
This can be a flighty combination and enjoys lusty sexual adventures. Never one to sit in one place for very long, this combination needs to have engaging partners for this to have any longevity.  Ironically this placement seeks partners who are more engaging and less cautious. Venus in Sagittarius' lust factor is raised due to the unique qualities or expression of the partner. It would behove Venus in Sagittarius to try and focus on concrete interactions instead of frivolous encounters, that way both involved can feel as though the encounter had true meaning instead of being an empty conquest.

Sexual needs:  Adventure, travel, foreign people and relationships (other than their own race) and spontaneity.

Venus in Capricorn
"The Fox" 
The lusty expression is controlled here with Venus in Capricorn. There is a lot of confusion about this placement, as some will say it is "cold." However, there is a vortex of powerful sexual libido here in this placement. What Venus in Capricorn needs to unleash all of that sexy lust is to know that the partner will accept them even when their tastes are austere, simple and even disciplined. Here Venus in Capricorn is more lusty with partners that will stick around for the long haul. Once this is proven, the expression of feelings will flow more easily. It would behove Venus in Capricorn to work on a project with a lover, showing common interests. This will allow you to relax into the relating patterns that you will set.

Sexual Needs: Partners who are a bit older than them or wiser. Sex that is both primal and discreet.

Venus in Aquarius 
"The Progressive Goddess"
This is an unpredictable Goddess who is run by the whims of her mind rather than taken by bodily expressions of lust. This is not to say that Venus in Aquarius can not be lusty, sure she can, once she gets out of her head.  Here the kinky and unusual can be expressed in and out of the bedroom. Venus in Aquarius can like a lot of mental stimulation when it comes to sexual encounters and may even desire other partners or people to be present when expressing herself sexually! It would behove the Venus in Aquarius to be mindful of checking in with partners to let them know you are still available in the relationship.

Sexual needs: Kink, lack of routine, individuation and confident partners, the unusual

Venus in Pisces
"The Goddess of Imagination"
This is the Goddess of pure love and devotion. Here Venus in Pisces is exalted. Here is provides not only romantic love but also agape love. This express is available to her at any moment she chooses to express it. Lust for Venus in Pisces begins with the heart and the innate desire for romance, love returned and a bonding that melts each individual into the other. This is by far a "light" placement, both intriguing, delicious when felt, for the partner, it can also be maddening as they seem to love everyone. It wold behove Venus in Pisces to keep it's feet planted firmly on the ground, to seek balance and clarity when engaging a lover. Unleashing all of that passion, devotion and love can create a whirlwind of feelings and therefore be overwhelming to those who are not used to this pure expression of love. By doing this,Venus in Pisces can protect themselves from being taken advantage of as mere mortals tend to think they are weak, when actually their love is their STRENGTH!

Sexual  needs: Partners who are flexible sexually, devoted and gives love to you and holds nothing back.  A partner who understands and shares your desire and need to mix your spiritual life with your sexual expression. Here is the perfect placement for Tantra, the sacred sexual arts!

This is the conclusion of Venus in Lust! Stay tuned for Mars in Lust! Whew! It's gettin hot in here! ~Moon Child


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